Traveling can be a stressful experience, particularly when it comes to planning and preparing for a flight. One of the headaches that come with flying is the potential for flight changes, which can leave passengers feeling frustrated and confused. United Airlines, one of the world's largest airlines, is no exception. This blog will explore the ins and outs of United Airlines change flight policies and how they can help get you to your destination with as little stress as possible.

What is United Airlines Change Flight Policy?

These days, anything may benefit from flexibility. It's important to keep your options open, even when traveling. Travel arrangements may alter at any time, and you cannot anticipate these occurrences. However, if you are familiar with United Airlines flight Change policy regarding changing flights, you are free to do so and can take comfortable trips. Here are a few instances under which a flight change could occur, along with certain words you should be aware of (with or without penalty). With the exception of basic economy tickets, you will no longer be charged a United Airlines change flight fee for domestic travel. You may also be mindful of the following:

  • For fares in economy, economy plus, first class, business, and united premium plus, there are no change costs.
  • Tickets for travel inside the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) as well as between the United States and Mexico or the Caribbean are covered by the policy.
  • Furthermore, there are no change costs for overseas trips starting in the US.
  • You can change your United Airlines booking with ease if you know about all the details for each of your fares.

United Airlines Flight Change for Basic Economy Fares

Except in limited circumstances, basic economy tickets may be subject to a change fee.

  • Tickets for international travel in basic economy purchased by July 31, 2021, are changeable without cost.
  • Tickets for the basic economy are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Under the United Airlines basic economy change flight policy, you can not change them. But same-day standby is an option for passengers.

United Airlines Coronavirus Flight Change Policy (New)

All tickets issued by January 31, 2022, are eligible for the coronavirus-related change charge waiver, according to United Airlines' new flight change policy. Basic economy tickets, as well as all locations, are included. You also have the choice to change your travel plans and receive a flight credit that is valid for 12 months from the original ticket's issuing date.

What is United Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy?

You need to know the United Airlines 24-Hour Flight Change Policy to benefit from the flight change for basic economy fares. Here are the details:

  • Within 24 hours of booking, United Airlines allows you to change your flight without incurring any additional fees.
  • A fee that starts at $125 and varies depending on the type of ticket must be paid if you request a flight change within 24 hours of the scheduled departure. I
  • f your United Airlines flight is delayed or canceled for any reason. You can also change your flight for free.

What is The United Airlines Flight Change Procedure?

When you are all set to make changes to your flights, you can use the United Airlines Change Flight Date Service online. Below, you may find the clear process to change your flights and plan a journey when you are available later.

  • First, open your browser and navigate to the official United Airlines website.
  • Select "Manage Booking" from the menu.
  • Your booking reference number and last name must be typed into the designated boxes.
  • You can select the tab marked "Continue."
  • Select your reservation now, and then click on the Change flight button.
  • Choose a different date for your flight if desired.
  • Pay the price difference, if any, and then follow the directions on the screen to switch to a different United Airlines trip.
  • You can use the instructions listed above to learn how to easily change your flight on United. However, if you are still having trouble changing your United trip, you should get in touch with customer service for dependable support.

Can I Change My Name on The United Airlines Ticket?

When booking a flight with United Airlines, did you accidentally enter the wrong name on your ticket? When you fail to present the ticket bearing the right name, you cannot board your flight. On a ticket for United Airlines, you can modify the name under the United Airlines Name Change Policy.

Simple Name Changes

Simple adjustments are those that are accepted without providing accompanying documentation. Those are

  • Correcting the initial name's basic typographical problem. Layla to Laila, as an example.
  • Changing the surname name's spelling to reflect the simple typo. Kumar to Kumaar, for instance.
  • Changing the name on the ticket from a nickname to the actual name. Elizabeth, for instance, to Liz
  • Changing a prefix or title, such as Miss to Ms or Ms to Dr., on the ticket.
  • Changing a passenger's middle name, such as Harry Richard Payne becoming Harry R. Payne, to another name.

Significant Name Changes

Significant name changes are those that require the traveler to provide a copy of official documents in order to be made. To protect the privacy and security of users' Mileage Plus accounts, certain measures have been taken. The following list of legal documents is possible for a name change.

  • License for Marriage and Divorce
  • If your name has changed, you must present official paperwork from the government listing both your old and new names.
  • a name change document of any kind

Note: The airline requests a Name Affidavit that specifically states your name change if a passenger is unable to produce a copy of any of the legal documents listed above. Additionally needed is a copy of the identity from the government.

What is United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy?

All MileagePlus Premier members can confirm a seat on a number of other flights at no additional cost, according to the new United Airlines same-day flight change policy. The only prerequisite is that your flight occurs within 24 hours of the originally scheduled travel and has the same origin and destination. While basic economy ticket holders cannot change their flights, they may be put on standby for other flights that depart within 24 hours of their original travel time. The majority of tickets in the basic economy cannot be changed. The individual might be put on standby for an earlier flight, though. You can alter your basic economy tickets issued through March 31 using the airline's new travel waiver.

Same-Day Flight Change

United Airlines' 24-hour flexible booking policy allows you to modify your reservation up to 24 hours after making it, provided you bought your ticket at least one week in advance of your travel. By calling your local United Customer Contact Center, visiting, using the United app, etc., you can use United Airlines Change Flight Time service for the same day. Below you may find who can flexibly make same-day changes.

United Premier Members Same-Day Flight Change

For flight adjustments submitted less than 24 hours before departure, Premier members enjoy additional latitude. Within 24 hours of your original departure time, Premier members might be able to confirm a seat on another flight without incurring any additional fees. A cost difference may be charged if a Premier member's original ticketed fare class is not offered on the new trip. If your initial fare class on your ticket.

Final Say

If all the above options are not enough for you, you can call United Airlines to change flights for customer service. The expert agents will connect with you and offer you a proper way to solve your troubles and help you change your tickets easily.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are name changes permitted on United Airlines?

For any requests for name changes, United and MileagePlus reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to demand proper legal documentation (including marital status, military titles, titles, and suffixes, nicknames, names with hyphens, or any of their permutations, names flipped, misspelled names, etc.).

Can I change my United Airlines Economy flight?

For flights inside the United States or for foreign travel departing from the United States, you may amend your travel arrangements without incurring any change fees, including for award tickets. All premium cabin tickets and the majority of United Economy® tickets are affected. If your new flight is more expensive, you will only need to pay the fare difference.

Can you make a same-day change to your United flight?

Yes. If you want to make a free modification to your ticket, it has to comply with the same-day confirmation policy and the new flight has to leave within 24 hours of your original departure time (earlier or later).