How Do I Choose Seats on Avianca Flights?

When you can’t compromise your comfort even in the skies, you need to upgrade your air travel routine. No, we don’t mean to upgrade your cabins but to let you choose a seat you like to sit in. When flying Avianca, seat selection is the best way to ensure extreme comfort throughout your journey. You can book a preferred seat of your choice on Avianca and get the best chances, and enjoy yourself throughout your journey. But to actually select a seat using the Avianca seat selection option, you need the exact steps and policies. In this blog below, you may find complete details on choosing the seats on Avianca Airlines flights, the rules for selection, and your total cost of purchase.

What are The Types of Seats Offered by Avianca?

Avianca Airlines offers several types of seats for passengers to choose from when booking their flights, depending on the route and fare type. Here are the different types of seats you can choose on Avianca:

Standard Economy Seats

These are the standard seats offered in the economy class cabin. They vary in size and legroom depending on the aircraft type and the seat's location in the cabin. Passengers can choose their preferred seat at the time of booking or during check-in.

Emergency Exit Seats

These seats offer more legroom than standard economy seats and are located near the emergency exits. They are available for an additional fee and can only be assigned to passengers who meet specific safety requirements, such as being physically able to assist in an emergency.

Flatbed Seats

Avianca also has a type of seat-bed that allows you to recline it up to 180 degrees. You also get an onboard entertainment system and an individual space for a more private experience. This seat is available on Avianca’s twin-bed aircraft, and passengers can make Avianca seat selection on all American routes.

Plus Seats

These offer even more legroom and are located in the first few rows of the economy-class cabin. You can pay an additional fee to book Avianca plus seats. They include priority boarding with a complimentary snack or meal, depending on the flight duration.

Premium Seats

These seats are available in the business class cabin on long-haul international flights and offer a fully flat bed, direct aisle access, and additional amenities such as an entertainment screen and in-flight dining. You can make premium seat selections on Avianca while booking tickets for an additional fee. It's important to note that seat availability and fees vary depending on the route, aircraft type, and fare type. Passengers can view the available seat options and fees when booking their tickets online or by contacting the Avianca customer service team. Additionally, Avianca's frequent flyer program, LifeMiles, offers additional benefits, such as free seat selection and upgrades for its members.

How to Select Seats on Avianca Flights?

You can make Avianca seat selections online or offline depending on your requirements and how much do you know about the process. There are many options given to you by the airline that help you buy your seats onboard. In simple words, Avianca offers several options for passengers to purchase their seats, depending on their preference and convenience. Here are the different ways you can buy your seat on Avianca:

Avianca Online Seat Selection

Passengers can purchase their seats online while booking their tickets on Avianca's website. During the booking process, passengers can select their preferred seat from the available options and pay any applicable fees. Alternatively, passengers can log in to their account and access the "Manage your reservation" section to purchase their seats after booking their tickets. Additionally, passengers can also select their seats during the online check-in process. Purchasing your seat online is a convenient option that allows you to avoid lines at the airport and save time. But still, you have other options available; let’s take a closer look!

At The Airport

Passengers who prefer to purchase their seats in person can do so at the airport counter. It's recommended to arrive in advance at the airport and ask the check-in agent to include your preferred seat. The availability of seats may be limited, so it's recommended to purchase your seat in advance whenever possible.

Sales Offices, Contact Centers, or Travel Agencies

Passengers can also purchase their seat by contacting Avianca's sales offices, contact centers, or travel agencies. These options are particularly useful for passengers who prefer to speak with a representative or who need assistance in selecting their seat. Regardless of the method chosen, it's important to keep in mind that seat availability and fees may vary depending on the route, aircraft type, and fare type. Therefore, it's recommended to purchase your seat as soon as possible to ensure availability and avoid any last-minute fees or complications.

How Much Does Avianca Charge for Seat Selection?

Avianca Airlines, one of the largest airlines in Latin America, offers a range of fare options for travelers flying to and from various destinations. There are many locations, including the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Great Britain, Mexico, and Central and South America. As part of its fare structure, Avianca charges different fees for seat selection depending on the fare selected. To help travelers better understand these fees, Avianca has provided a breakdown of its seat selection fees by fare type. Here is a table summarizing the information:

Avianca Airlines Seat Selection Cost



Emergency Exit



CaribbeanFrom USD 10From USD 33From USD 43From USD 65
Colombia (domestic)From COP 6,000From COP 28,000From COP 33,000From COP 70,000
Ecuador (domestic)From USD 5From USD 12From USD 15From USD 20
SpainFrom EUR 19From EUR 53From EUR 68N/A
Great BritainFrom 18 GBPFrom 49 GBPFrom 62 GBPN/A
Mexico (excluding Cancún)From USD 10From USD 30From USD 35From USD 45
North AmericaFrom USD 10From USD 30From USD 40From USD 80
South America to Central AmericaFrom USD 10From USD 30From USD 35From USD 40
South America to South AmericaFrom USD 10From USD 30From USD 35From USD 50
Central American countriesFrom USD 4From USD 18From USD 20From USD 20

It's important to note that these fees are in addition to the base fare for the ticket and can vary depending on the route, time of booking, and availability. Avianca recommends that travelers check the seat selection fees when booking their tickets to avoid any surprises and ensure they get the seat they want.

Final Words

Overall, Avianca Airlines offers a range of fare options for travelers, each with different seat selection fees. By understanding these fees, travelers can easily select proper seats while booking their flights and ensure a more comfortable travel experience. You can learn more about Avianca seat selection through their customer service number or connect with our expert team for more assistance.