Yes, Aeromexico allows you to change your flight booking. No matter how well you have planned your trip, emergency situations can come up any time, causing you to modify your travel plans. So, if you are flying with Aeromexico and an unannounced situation arises, don’t worry. Count on the Aeromexico change flight approach that helps you.

The airline understands that travelers might undergo such situations, that’s why it has come up with a customer-friendly policy to change flight booking when required. Now, let’s learn more about changing a flight with Aeromexico. Know the process of flight change, the fees to pay when changing flight, and more.

So, go through the account that follows and obtain necessary information on the same.

Can I Change My Flight Date with Aeromexico?

Yes, Aeromexico allows you to change your flight date in a few clicks. Remember that you can change the date of your flight 24 hours before your scheduled departure. Moreover, Aeromexico doesn’t charge any change of flight date cost.

Now, let’s see the flight date change process -

How to Change the Aeromexico Flight Date?

  • Visit the official website of Aeromexico.
  • Go to the Manage your Trip option.
  • Enter your booking code and last name.
  • Select the option of Customize.
  • Select and enter a new date as required.
  • Pick a suitable flight available.
  • Make the payment

For more information, contact the customer service representative of the airline at 1 800 237- 6639.

What is Aeromexico Change Flight Policy?

If you have to modify your booking, Aeromexico allows you to change as per its policy. Here are Aeromexico flight change policy highlights for your reference -

  • A flight change within 24 hours of booking is free and gives a refund on all ticket types. You have to pay only the fare difference.
  • However, the airline forfeits the ticket balance if the difference in fare is less than $50.
  • Changing your booking after this risk-free period charges a flight change fee as per your fare type.
  • Refundable tickets get a refund to their original payment form.
  • Non-refundable tickets are given travel vouchers or flight credits for bookings with Aeromexico in future.
  • You can hold your booking up to one year from the reservation date.
  • Rebook the unused portion of your ticket.
  • The policy applies to restricted and non-restricted fares.
  • If the airline marks you a no-show while rebooking, you must pay extra along with the Aeromexico change flight fee.

Please note

The policy might evolve and undergo changes. Contact the customer service representatives of Aeromexico to get the flight change policy updates.

How Can I Change an Aeromexico Flight?

If you are looking forward to an Aeromexico flight change, here are online and offline methods to help you. Let’s see each one by one.

Online Flight Change Methods

Through the Official Website
  • Visit the official website of Aeromexico Airlines.
  • On the Aeromexico homepage, click  the Manage Trip option to change your booking.
  • Enter the following information in the spaces -
    • Your last name
    • Your confirmation code
  • Hit the Find Trip option.
  • View your booking.
  • Select the flight you want to change.
  • Choose the new travel date.
  • Find a new flight for the new date selected.
  • Make the payment as required.

The airline will send you the new flight confirmation.

Via Mobile App
  • Install the official mobile app on your smart device through App Store or Play Store.
  • Log in to My Trips.
  • Follow the instructions.

Offline Flight Change Methods

By Phone Call
  • Dial 1 800 237- 6639.
  • Carefully listen to and follow the IVR prompts.
  • Wait for a live customer service representative to get connected.
  • Request flight change.
  • Share the travel details as required.
  • Make the Aeromexico change flight payment.
At the Airport
  • Visit the airport to change your Aeromexico flight.
  • Go to the Aeromexico counter.
  • Provide your booking details to the agent there.
  • Ask the staff to change your flight to your desired flight.

However, if you need any further assistance in changing your Aeromexico flight, count on the customer service representatives, available at different phone numbers. Some of the official contact numbers of the airline are -

  • Mexico - (55) 5133 4000
  • United Kingdom - 0800 9775 533
  • Argentina - 0 800 2667 102
  • Spain - 900 995 282
  • Netherlands - 0800 0224 008
  • Japan - 0 570 783 057
  • China  - 86 32 6247 6281
  • Colombia - 1 800 0114 687
  • Costa Rica - 0 800 052 1447
  • France - 0800 916 754
  • Guatemala - 1 800 835 0269
  • Honduras - 800 2791 9025
  • Nicaragua - 001 800 2260294
  • Peru - 0 800 745 36
  • Dominican Republic - 1 888 7600 141

What to do If Aeromexico Changes Your Flight?

If Aeromexico has changed your flight, go through its booking cancellation and change guidelines and policies. Check the circumstances when the airline finds you eligible to -

  • Give you a full refund
  • Rebook the next flight available for you without any extra charges

How Much Does Aeromexico Charge to Change Flight?

When making changes to your flight reservation, it is good to know Aeromexico change flight fee so that you can proceed accordingly.

The fee varies depending on the ticket fare and your flight’s date of departure.

Fare TypesChange Fee 
Basic Free



AM Plus




Please note

  • The fee might be subject to change. Contact the customer service representative of the airline to know the updated fee.
  • Change your flight within 24 hours of the reservation to avoid the change fee.

What is Aeromexico Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

If you want to change your flight on the same travel day, Aeromexico does it for you. However, this service is only available up to one hour before the originally scheduled flight departure.

  • The new flight chosen must be on the same routes and between the same airports as the original reservation.
  • If you have just completed the check-in process, Aeromexico doesn’t allow a flight change to an earlier one than your scheduled booking.

Please note

This service is not applicable for long-haul flights.

Final Words

In a nutshell, with Aeromexico change flight policy, you can easily switch your travel plans. Also, the airline doesn’t charge you with a flight change fee if you do it within 24 hours of booking. Thanks to the customer-friendly and flexible policy, you can make your booking modifications as per your convenience.

Moreover, you can choose from online and offline methods for flight changes. Even if you have to modify your travel plans on the day of travel, Aeromexico allows you with same day flight changes. So, travel worry-free with Aeromexico.

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