Choosing your seat is an integral part of flying with Aeromexico, and it's a little more involved than just choosing in advance which seat you like best. Passengers who are flying Aeromexico are given seven different seat classes to choose from. This article will walk you through some of the specifics of Aeromexico seat selection, including things like selection criteria and the choices available to you. There are so many different types of tickets that it can be hard to decide which one to purchase. But don't worry! Aeromexico has made it easy for you by giving you the option to choose where you want to sit on your flight.

What is Aeromexico Seat Selection and Types of Seats?

Aeromexico offers a range of seating options, including first class, business class, economy, and coach. You can choose the Aeromexico select seats process and find one of the seats in the following cabins.

  • First-class seats are the most comfortable and spacious, with extra legroom and larger seats. Business class seats offer more comfort than the economy and access to complimentary amenities such as food and drinks.
  • Economy seats may be offered on connecting flights if there needs to be more space for an entire plane to fit in first class.
  • Aeromexico also offers a premium economy option that is essentially an upgrade from the coach but without the same amenities.
  • Premium economy passengers receive access to the same amenities as first-class passengers, including meals, drinks, and snacks.
  • Aeromexico will select your seat based on how far ahead you book your flight compared to when you fly — so if you buy a ticket last minute, chances are you'll get a middle seat or even less desirable seats on the plane.

After booking your flights, you can complete the Aeromexico seat selection process in one of the seats. But, remember that you can not choose a business seat if you have an economy section booking.

What are The Rules for Selecting a Seat on Aeromexico Flights?

Aeromexico has a seat selection policy which states that all seats are assigned by the carrier at check-in, and that no changes will be allowed for any reason. However, there are some exceptions to this rule:

  • When booking on, you can select your seat at the time of purchase. However, it is not possible to change your seat once your flight date has been set.
  • If you are booking a flight on Aeromexico with a partner airline (such as American Airlines), Aeromexico may be able to change seats for you if there is an available seat in the same cabin type and class.
  • This is dependent on availability and subject to change without notice.
  • The policy states that you must select your seat 24 hours before your flight departs.
  • However, at least one traveler has reported being moved to the last row of the coach during boarding without being able to select a seat first.

Your seat selection will depend on the number of passengers and baggage you're carrying. The more people and bags you have, the more comfortable your seat will be. For more details,, you can call Aeromexico customer service.

How Do I Select a Seat on Aeromexico? (Step-by-step Process)

If you want to select seat Aeromexico flights, you can follow a simple series of steps below and comfort, the process. The airline will give you a seat according to your choice. Step 1: Open the Aeromexico website Step 2: Log in to your account Step 3: Enter manage booking Step 4: Choose your seats Step 5: Pay for them if there is a fee Step 6: Confirm your booking The new seat will be yours, and Aeromexico will confirm the seat selection for you via mail or text. You can also call the Aeromexico booking team for more details about the seat booking.

How to Call Aeromexico for Flight Seat Selection?

Open the Aeromexico website and find their official phone number and follow an IVR menu. Then request to select your seats:

  1. Call 1 (800) 237-6639 with the code listed on their website.
  2. Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, or 3 for a reservation agent.
  3. After that, connect to a live agent on the phone.
  4. Ask him about your Aeromexico Seat Selection request.
  5. He will give you a list of available seats.
  6. You can choose your seats and pay if there is a fee.
  7. Finally, the airline will confirm your seats.

You can only confirm some seats after paying the Aeromexico Seat Selection charge. After that, the airline will fix that seat for that particular time under your name.

How Much Does Aeromexico Charge for Seats?

The seat selection on Aeromexico is a bit different from the other carriers. The company charges an Aeromexico seat selection cost and then additional fees for each leg of your trip that you purchase. The cost of Aeromexico seats depends on the type of ticket purchased, the date of travel, and the number of passengers in your party. Aeromexico offers a range of fares for most of its flights, but there are some exceptions. For example, Aeromexico does not offer a discount for purchasing tickets for babies under two years old or for infants between two and three months old. The Aeromexico seat selection fee is based on a number of factors: how many people are traveling together, the date they want to travel, and whether they will be a flying coach or business class. It's not clear how much these fees are, but we're guessing it's somewhere between $100 and $300 per ticket.

Can I Make a Free Seat Selection on Aeromexico?

Yes, you can make a free seat selections on Aeromexico. You can select your seat when you book a flight with them. The only thing you have to do is: 1. Go to the booking site Aeromexico and select the desired dates for your trip. 2. Click the "BOOK NOW" button, then fill in all the information about your trip. 3. Once done, click the "CHECK IN" button and confirm your booking with them. After that, leave the rest to the airline. You can get Aeromexico free seat selection on a randomly assigned seat. But, the only catch here is that you may not sit together with your companions.


Seat selection with Aeromexico is easy. You can choose your seat number five to twenty-one days before departure. There are four seat types, EZEres, PEQres, EZFres and PE-Res. Simply go online and book your flight in the "Buy or change a service or fare" option. This will take you to a new page where you should select "Seat selection". Now you´re ready to choose your favorite seat even if we are still far from the date of your trip. Contact our expert for more details or get in touch with a live agent at Aeromexico. 

With Aeromexico Cancellation Policy, your flight cancellation becomes smooth, and you can even ask for a ticket refund. The airline helps you make ticket cancellations without burdening your wallets with high cancellation fees.