Are you looking for air travel bookings for your group of 10 or more passengers? With Aermoexico group travel, you can easily book a group and get the best help. Everyone loves to travel with their loved ones. When it is just 4 or 5 people traveling together, booking Aeromexico flights is simple. You can head to the website, start the booking process, enter the number of travelers, and you are ready to go. But, the situation changes when the count becomes more than ten(mostly in cases of family travel, study groups, weddings, etc.). In that case, you can not just go and book the flights, but you need to book Aeromexico Group Travel instead. The airline has a simple requirement for groups to be more than 10 in number.

How Can I Book a Group on Aeromexico Airlines? (10+ Passengers)

Aeromexico allows you to book a group of less than ten online using the usual Aeromexico Airlines booking method. However, when you are more than 10 in number., you can not use this option. Hence, when you look forward to booking a flight for your group, you need to connect to someone at Aeromexico customer service over the phone. After that, follow his instructions to confirm your group flights.

Booking Group Travel with Aeromexico Air(Steps)

  • Booking group travel with Aeromexico is simple; first, head to the website of the carrier.
  • Then, you can find the “Booking a Group?” section at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Here, you will find the contact option to find the email and send a mail to the airline.
  • You need to mention the size of your group, your destination and departure, the number of travelers in your group, etc.
  • Once you send the email, you will receive a group travel quote from Aeromexico soon enough.
  • There is even an online form that the passengers must fulfill to request a group travel booking.
  • You can find all the related instructions with the group quote they provided.
  • Verify all the details and confirm your group booking on Aeromexico.

How Does Group Travel on Aeromexico Work Online?

Planning a group trip with Aeromexico? Follow these steps for a hassle-free group reservation process.

  • Contact Aeromexico: Reach out via phone to request a quote.
  • Confirm Seats: If the quote is satisfactory, ask to reserve the seats for your group.
  • Pay Guarantee: Secure your reservation by paying a 25% booking total as a guarantee.
  • Enter Group Details: Provide names of all group members and balance the booking.

Booking group reservations with Aeromexico is as simple as making a call, confirming seats, paying a guarantee, and entering group details. Enjoy a seamless travel experience with your group!

What is Aeromexico Group Booking Policy?

  • With Aeromexico Group travel booking, you get a chance to pay the amount partially.
  • In other words, you can pay 40% of the group fare in advance at the time of booking, and the remaining 60% can be paid about 21 days before the scheduled flight.
  • You can change the passenger's name up to 10 days before the flight’s departure.
  • The overall group booking prices can be slightly higher or lower than the individual bookings.
  • You will get a copy of the group confirmation online. Besides you can even see it under the Manage Trips section.
  • To cancel or change your flight, you need to access the Manage Booking section and use any process accordingly.

If a passenger carefully follows these steps, he/she can book his group flight Aeromexico successfully.

Booking Aeromexico Groups over The Phone

The airline also provides an alternative to the passengers regarding the group booking process through online channels. Suppose you need a quote immediately, and the email takes up more time. In this case, you’d be late for your bookings if you go forward with the online process. Therefore, you may choose another option, i.e., booking group travel over the phone. Follow these steps below to book your group flights via call:

  • Open Aeromexico’s official website and log in to your account.
  • You can also enter the Contact Us section directly to locate the phone number for the airline.
  • Now, make a call to the Aeromexico Customer service number: 1 800 800 9999 and connect to a live representative.
  • The airline agents will assist you with your group bookings of over 10 passengers.
  • Contact the agents, and tell them your group details and travel preferences.
  • After that, get a quote and confirm your booking.

Also, you can understand every detail about the Aeromexico Group booking once you connect with the airline experts for this purpose.

In a Nutshell,

You can book your groups online, offline, or via email. The Aeromexico experts will offer you a group booking quote; you need to verify it in order to confirm your flight booking. Also, you can book your Aeromexico group flights using third-party websites and other possible methods. Simply connect to an agent by dialing the Aeromexico group travel number and confirm your group flights.