Having your preferred seats onboard adds to your travel delight. Understanding this, Ryanair facilitates you to pick yours on its flights. So, count on Ryanair seat selection for a hassle-free experience. The airline has designed its policy in the best interest of travelers.

Thereby enabling you to pick seats at your convenience on a Ryanair flight. Grab your favorite spot onboard, whether a window seat or one in the aisle. Also, make sure that you are seated with your travel companion and/ or get your special seating requirements fulfilled.

Now, go through the following account and learn more about seating with Ryanair and methods to pick seats. Also know how much it costs to select seats on Ryanair with more details.

Can I Select Seats on Ryanair?

Yes, Ryanair allows you to pick seats of your choice on its flights. However, make sure that you follow the seat selection policy and the correct process to book your favorite seats onboard.

You can opt to purchase seats on a Ryanair flight or get it for free. But Ryanair usually makes a free seat assignment randomly. So, it doesn’t ensure your seating with your travel companion. So, see what works well for you with choosing seats on Ryanair flights.

What is the Ryanair Seat Selection Policy?

When you are flying with Ryanair, it is important to learn about its rules and guidelines. So, here is the Ryanair seat selection policy for your reference-

General Seat Selection Approach

  • With Ryanair, you have the option to get free or reserved seats (paid). Free seats are randomly assigned at check-in.
  • If you opt for the ‘random seat allocation’, you can check in between 24 hours and 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • You can get a preferred seat if you buy it while booking, during check-in, or at any point up to your flight.
  • If you buy a seat assigned, know that the online check-in begins 60 days before your flight’s scheduled departure.

Ryanair Family Seat Policy

  • When flying with a family, kids (below 12 years old) must sit with an adult.
  • Infants (8 days to 23 months old) must sit on an adult’s lap.
  • As per Ryanair seat selection policy, if you are traveling with kids under 12 years, it is mandatory to book a seat. However, infants are excluded from this mandate.
  • Ryanair provides a free seat to up to 4 kids traveling with one adult on the same reservation.
  • Thereby, parents having young kids can be seated together on a flight. In this case, you can also check in 60 days before your flight’s departure.

How to Book Seats on Ryanair?

So, if you have made up your mind to choose your favorite seats with the airline, follow the simple steps mentioned below -

  • Open the homepage of the Ryanair website.
  • Click the My Bookings tab on the menu bar.
  • A new page opens.
  • Either log in through your preferred mode or use your Reservation number to proceed.
  • Select your flight.
  • Go through the Seat Selection Map.
  • Choose and tap on your preferred seat.
  • Make the payment, if required.

To know more, call the Ryanair seat selection phone number and talk to a live representative.

Can I Buy an Extra Seat at Ryanair?

Yes, you can go for enhanced comfort with an extra seat. Here’s how -

  • Buy two full-fare flight tickets.
  • Purchase the first ticket in your name.
  • For the second ticket, enter -
    • 'EXTRA' as the first name
    • 'COMFORT SEAT' as the last name
  • Thereafter, your booking will get an 'EXTRA COMFORT SEAT’. 
  • When you check in online, the same travel details are added to your extra seat.
  • If you want to change your seats, go to the My Booking section and proceed to your upcoming trip. Here, select the change seats option.

What is the Ryanair Seat Selection Fee?

The cost of your seat is determined by where you want to sit in the flight. Let’s take a look at the table below to have a better idea of the Ryanair seat selection fee that you have to pay.

Seat TypesDuring Booking (per flight)After Booking/At the Airport  (per flight)

Standard Seats

Rows 6-15 & 18-33

€/£4.50 - €/£15.50€/£4.50 - €/£15.50
Mandatory Family Seat€/£6 - €/£10€/£6 - €/£10

Front Seats

Rows 2 (A,B,C) - 5

€/£7 - €/£21€/£7 - €/£21

Extra legroom seats

Row 1, 2 (D,E,F) & 16-17

€/£11- €/£33€/£11- €/£33

Source - https://www.ryanair.com/ie/en/useful-info/help-centre/fees

Please note

  • Your seat’s location on the aircraft determines the cost of a reserved seat.
  • The charges vary as per your travel dates and routes chosen.
  • Depending on aircraft type, seat maps, and row numbers may vary.

Can I Choose Free Seats on Ryanair Flights?

Yes, when traveling on a Ryanair flight, you can choose your seats for free easily. Go for the random seat allocation of the airline. In this seat allotment, Ryanair assigns you seats without any charges when you check in from 24 hours to 2 hours before the departure of your flight.

Do You Get Ryanair Seat Assignments Together?

Of course, yes. Select your most preferred seats when you are booking a trip with Ryanair. Alternatively, you can book your seats during the check-in. This ensures that you will be sitting with travel companions during the journey.

If you don’t choose a seat, the airline allocates you a free random seat during the check-in. However, with such a Ryanair seat assignment, it is not guaranteed that you will be seated with your travel companion.

Do You Get to Choose Your Seat with Priority on Ryanair?

Before knowing about priority seat selection, let’s see what Ryanair means by priority. Travelers who have purchased priority boarding can board the flight with the priority boarding group. Other passengers are in the general boarding group.

You can buy priority boarding on its own or through a package. The packages include -

  • The Priority + 2 Cabin Bags
  • Regular and Flexi Plus packages

So, if you are buying it for boarding your flight on priority, Ryanair allows you to grab a seat with it.  For more information, call Ryanair customer service number - +44 113 868 4151.

Who Can Sit in an Emergency Exit Row?

Ryanair allows only some travelers to sit in emergency exit row seats. Passengers sit in these rows for safety reasons, who -

  • Are ready and capable to help the crew members in an emergency (when quick evacuation is required)
  • Don’t need a seat belt extender
  • Are 16 years or older
  • Do not need any airport special assistance
  • Have not booked an extra comfort seat
  • Are you flying without an infant

In Conclusion

Therefore, fly on your favorite seats and enjoy your trip to the fullest. With Ryanair seat selection, you can pick your most preferred seats easily. Thanks to its customer-friendly approach and flexibility, that helps you travel according to your convenience.

So, wait no more. A great trip awaits you. Choose your favorite seats on a Ryanair flight today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you choose seats on Ryanair after booking?

Yes, once you have booked your trip, you can change seats. Go to My Booking and select 'change seats' on your booking.

What happens if I don't buy a seat on Ryanair?

If you skip the Ryanair seat selection, the airline assigns you random free seats at check-in. However, you might not get seats with your travel companion.

When can I check in if I book a seat with Ryanair?

Check-in between 60 days and 2 hours before departure when you have booked a seat.