Do you have a trip with WestJet on your cards? You are done with booking but have you chosen seats? So, count on the WestJet seat selection approach and fly on your favorite seats.

Select from front, back, window, or aisle. Additionally go for optional seat selection on flights with WestJet, WestJet Vacations,  WestJet Encore. Unless specified otherwise, you can also go for group booking seating.

If you are flying with its airline partners, know the seating choices well to avoid any confusion. Now, go through the account that follows and learn more about picking seats with WestJet.

How Can I Select Seats on WestJet?

To select your favorite seats on flights operated by WestJet, pick yours during online booking. Alternatively, you can choose seats at check-in. Here’s how -

  • Visit the WestJet official website.
  • Go to its Manage Trips option.
  • Enter your last name and booking code.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed.

Now, let’s see how to grab seats in different scenarios.

Connecting to a partner airline

Does your WestJet itinerary include any of its partners’ operated flights? Seat selection is not allowed for its partner-operated trip segment. To know more, contact the airline partners’ website.

On a charter flight

The airline verifies travel documents and collects your important details at check-in. That’s why you can choose seats only at the airport.

What is the WestJet Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Before choosing seats with WestJet, know about its guidelines for the same. So, here are the WestJet airlines seat selection policy highlights for your reference -

  • Select your most preferred seats in advance.
  • You can choose seats while booking or visit the Manage Trips section to pick seats up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • Your ticket fare and the seat location in the aircraft determines the seat selection cost.
  • Select a Standard seat for free at check-in if you haven’t chosen seats beforehand.
  • You must pay a seat selection fee at check-in for Basic fares.
  • Preferred and Exit row seat selection fees apply at check-in for Econo and EconoFlex fares.

Is there a WestJet Seat Selection Fee?

Yes, WestJet charges you for choosing seats onboard. So, if you are wondering how much the WestJet seat selection fee is, scroll down.

In the table below, you will go through the WestJet seat selection fee for advanced seat selection. You can pick seats whenever you want, but it will cost you the following in accordance to your fare -

Fare TypesPreferred seatsStandard seatsExit row seats
Basic5-250 CAD5-250 CAD5-250 CAD
Econo5-250 CAD5-250 CAD5-250 CAD
EconoFlex5-236 CADIncluded in the ticket fare5-250 CAD
Premium/BusinessIncluded in the ticket fareIncluded in the ticket fareIncluded in ticket fare 


Please note

WestJet charges you for every flight segment on connecting flights. This is applicable to both ways of your chosen destination.

Does WestJet Have Free Seat Selection?

To skip paying the WestJet seat selection cost, go through the following points -

  • If you want to know how I get free seat selection on WestJet, redeem complimentary advance seat selection vouchers. The vouchers are available for WestJet Rewards Silver, Gold or Platinum members.
  • Make the most of the benefits that come with the fare bundle. It offers you -
    • Advance seat selection for standard seats in EconoFlex, or
    • Preferred seats in Premium and Business

Please note

If you don't want to pay the fee and still get seats on WestJet, avoid choosing seats. Then, WestJet automatically assigns you free seats. However, you won’t be sitting with your travel companion or in your preferred seat.

What are the Different Seat Types on WestJet Flights?

When you are planning to go for a WestJet seat selection, know the seating options you can choose from -

Business seats

  • Available on WestJet’s 787 Dreamliner with:

    • Private pod
    • Lie-flat seats
    • Direct aisle access
    • Custom-designed pillows and blankets
    • 46 inch seat pitch for extra legroom and a 22-inch wide seat

Premium seats

  • Available on its 787 Dreamliner aircraft with:
  • Extra leg room 38-inch pitch, wider seat, greater recline
  • Footrest
  • No middle seats

Premium on WestJet Encore's Q400 aircraft

  • Priority boarding
  • Early access to overhead bins
  • Quicker disembarking facility

Exit-row seats

  • Additional legroom
  • Fulfill the exit row seating restrictions for safety reasons

Extra legroom seats

  • Rows after our Premium seats, before our exit-row seats
  • Offer more legroom,
  • Earlier disembark facility upon landing

Standard seats

  • The remaining part of the aircraft comprises Standard seats.
  • Unparalleled customer service by WestJet

Can I Change or Add a Seat on an Existing WestJet Reservation?

Yes, WestJet gives you flexibility to modify your seat selection. If you have already chosen seats with the airline but now want to select other seats with WestJet, it is easy.

If you have an existing booking with any fare type except Basic fare -

  • Go to Manage trips on the website of WestJet.
  • Change or select a seat as required.
  • Mention your reservation code and last name.
  • Proceed as per the on-screen instructions.

Please note

You might have to pay the fees for choosing seats as per the ticket.

Does WestJet Allow Family Seating?

When you are flying with your family, the airline understands the importance of sitting together. That’s why WestJet helps you sit together onboard. So, if you are wondering if you can select seats on WestJet with your family, go through the points mentioned below -

For Kids Below 14 years

  • The airline helps you sit with or near your kids under 14 for no extra charge.
  • Provide the date of birth proof for kids who are less than 14 years old.
  • Choose seats together while booking your trip.
  • You can also call WestJet to book seats.

For Infants

  • If you will carry your infant (kid under 2) on your lap or a traveler who is more than 16 years of age, you need not pick seats.
  • Alternatively, you must keep the infant in a car seat throughout the flight.
  • Infants are not allowed in the emergency exit row.
  • Each adult can have only one infant. Simply put, if there are 2 infants, 2 adults must travel to take care of them.

With a WestJet partner

Different airlines have different policies for family seating. So, when flying with any other air carrier than WestJet, check its website for guidelines.

Please note

The above mentioned are the major points only. For more details, call WestJet or 1-860-200-8850.

In Conclusion

Therefore, fly on your most preferred seats on westJet flights. Thanks to the WestJet seat selection approach. You can grab seats just as you want. Select from a window, aisle, or an exit row seat. Book much in advance to be sure that you will be seated on your favorite seats and with your travel companion. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your seat on a WestJet flight today!

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