Everyone loves to sit in the company of their loved ones during a flight trip. That’s why Copa Airlines allows you to pick your favorite seats onboard. With Copa Airlines seat selection approach, delight in your choicest window, or aisle seat.

Moreover, you can preselect your seats for added convenience. Thereby, you can be assured of world-class features and efficient services while flying to your dream destination with Copa Airlines.

Now, go through the following account and know the seat selection policy by Copa Airlines, how much is the seat selection fee, and much more. 

How Can I Pre-Select Seats on a Copa Flight?

When flying with Copa Airlines, if you want to select seats in advance, use any of the following methods -

During booking

  • Visit the official website of Copa Airlines.
  • Alternatively, install its mobile app on your smart device.
  • Click the Book Your Trip tab.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to select your seats.
  • Pay the amount as required.

After completing your booking

  • Go to the Copa Airlines website or its mobile app.
  • Click the “My Trips” section.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Complete your seat selection method.

Web Check-In

  • Access the airline’s “Web CheckIn” platform on the Copa Airlines website or its mobile app.
  • Proceed as per the instructions shown on the screen.

Please note

Make sure that you make a seat selection on Copa Airlines up to 24 hours before your flight’s departure.

What is Copa Airlines Seats Selection Policy?

Are you looking forward to choosing your favorite seats on Copa Airlines flights? Go through the seat selection policy of the airline before you proceed.

For your reference, here are the major points of the  Copa Airlines seat selection policy -

  • The airline allows you an Advanced Seat Assignment. It facilitates you to grab a preferred seat inside the economic cabin.
  • If you can’t select a seat beforehand, the airline assigns you seats.
  • Once you have paid for your seat selection, the airline doesn’t allow you to transfer it or give any refund on it.
  • You can pre-select your seat through the airline’s website, its Call Center, and its Sales offices.
  • Check-in at least 60 minutes before your flight’s scheduled departure. Reach the gate 45 minutes before departure; otherwise, you may lose your seat assignment. Moreover, there will not be any chance to request a refund.

How Much is the Copa Airlines Seat Selection Cost?

The Copa Airlines seat selection price ranges from $5 to $20. The costs of choosing seats vary according to the fare type selected.

However, the charges are determined by various factors that include:

  • The time you choose a seat
  • Seat selection method
  • The selected route
  • Your flight duration
  • Seat type

Please note

  • The seat selection cost of the airline might be subject to change. Contact the customer service team at 217 COPA (2672) or 309-1313 ConnectMiles.
  • You can also call your country-specific number for details. The numbers are available on the airline’s official website.

Can I Select Free Seats in Advance with Copa Airlines?

Yes, with Copa Airlines' advanced seat selection, you can get free seats. The following travelers can avail of seats without any charges with the airline -

  • Those having reduced mobility or a physical/ motor disability as well as one travel companion.
  • Travelers who are 12 years old are given free seats adjacent to a parent or guardian.
  • ConnectMiles members who have a Prefer status.
  • Those who are flying with service animals.
  • Prefer passenger travel companions on the same Prefer member booking. There can be up to 7 companions.

How to get Copa Airlines Free Seats?

Do you fulfill any of the above eligibility criteria to get free seats? Follow the steps mentioned below to proceed -

  • Enter in to “My Trips”.
  • Get in touch with the Reservation Center.
  • Alternatively, you can visit any of the Sales Offices of Copa Airlines.

Terms and Conditions - Advanced seat assignment

On all the flights that Copa Airlines operate, travelers can grab an Advanced seat assignment. This is provided -

  • While making a reservation through the “Book Your Trip” feature.
  • After the booking via the "My Trips" section. This is allowed up to 24 hours before departure.
  • On a phone call to its Reservation Center or a visit to its sales offices.
  • By its "Web Check-In" on the website (available between 24 hours to 1 hour before the flight’s scheduled departure).

Please note

If you don’t choose any seat during the Web Check-In, the airline assigns random seats to help you proceed with Web Check-In.

Can I Get Advance Seats for Economy Cabins with Copa?

Yes, Copa Airlines allows you to get an advanced seat assignment for Economy Class. Make sure to check the Copa Airlines seat selection cost for your specific choice of seating.

For a clear idea, go through the following points -

Economy Extra

  • Get 3 inches extra legroom than regular seats in Economy Extra Seats that are on the front of the economy cabin.
  • As per the aircraft type, Economy Extra travelers get reserved overhead bin space and personal touch screen.

Emergency Exit

Relax with up to 4 inches of extra legroom that you get on Emergency Exit Seats.

Convenient Seats

Enjoy a convenient location in the front part of the cabin.

Regular Seats

Located from the middle to the back of the main cabin, regular seats offer up to 31 inches of legroom!

Does Copa Airlines Allow Family Seating?

Yes, if you are flying with your family on a Copa Airlines’ flight, be assured to be seated together. In addition to selecting your preferred seats onboard, Copa Airlines facilitates travelers of 12 years of age with a parent or a guardian.

Allotted seats are assigned randomly to make travelers sit together when the reservation is made with one PNR.

What are the Seat Types of Copa Airlines Flights?

Before making a seat selection with Copa Airlines, know the seat types that it offers. This helps you grab the most favorable seats onboard -

  • Economy Extra - Reclining seats, reserved bin space for carry ons, extra legroom
  • Convenient - Standard legroom and recline, front part of the economy cabin
  • Emergency Exit: In the middle section of the flight, extra legroom; some are reclined
  • Regular: Located at the aircraft’s back, regular leg and recline space

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, enjoy comfortable seating and an enhanced flight trip on Copa Airlines flights. Thanks to the  Copa Airlines seat selection approach that is designed in the best interest of its travelers.

Providing you maximum flexibility and ease, seating on Copa Airlines flights adds to the convenience and overall experience of your trips with the airline. So, the time to book your Copa Airlines seats is now!

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