Officially known as the City of Boston, this is the state capital of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Also, Boston is the cultural and financial center of the New England region of the United States. Owing to its rich heritage and contemporary attractions, people frequent this city. No wonder, there are numerous cheap flights from Boston that connect it to major cities around.

Boston is fondly called "Beantown" because of the much-loved Boston baked beans (a culinary treat from the colonial era). Also, it is among the oldest American cities that have witnessed the American Revolution. And today, it is home to a host of historical sites that speak about its past.

So, are you planning to explore this historically, culturally, and contemporarily rich city; choose from several flights to Boston.

How to Get Cheap Flights from Boston?

If you are looking for flights from Boston at pocket-friendly rates, you are at the correct place. Here, you will get to know how can you grab cheap flights from Boston to your destination.

  • To get the lowest airfare, book your flight ticket at least 3 weeks before departure.
  • January is the cheapest month to fly from Boston.
  • On average, flight fares become cheaper by almost 5% if you take off in the morning.
  • You can fly at a considerably low flight fare from Boston to destinations such as Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando.

So, keep the above tip in mind, while trying to get a flight from Boston on a budget.

What’s at the Boston International Airport?

Since Boston is looked upon as the site of the majority of historical events in the U.S, it receives a huge influx of visitors. To make your visit easy, several flights to Boston operate regularly for vacationers from domestic as well as global destinations.

However, the first place that receives travelers is the Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). Apart from facilitating easy movement of visitors to and from Boston, the airport treats them with numerous amenities and facilities.

Restaurants, shopping zones, artworks, the 9/11 Memorial, and a public art program are among the attractions that manifold your Boston visit as soon as you land here.

A Glance at Boston

Boston has been an important participant in the American Revolution. The city has experienced a lot of turbulence, struggle, and establishments. And today, it stands as a witness to its glorious past, ready to join hands with the future.

Apart from the very famous attractions such as Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Common and Public Garden, and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum; there are many more tourist hotspots in Boston that await your visit.

In addition to history buffs, there are attractions for elders, kids, the romantics, and nature enthusiasts. To marvel at these hotspots, you can fly to Boston from your city. And there are many cheap flights from Boston that will take you back home at low flight fares.

So, scroll down to get a glimpse of some of those tourist places that welcome you.

1. Old North Church and Boston's North End - Where the History Echoes

Holding huge historical importance, Old North Church is an unmissable attraction in Boston. It was at this church where people have hung lanterns in 1775 as a signal to Paul Revere that the British were proceeding to Lexington to detain the patriots. Additionally, its wonderful white interior overwhelms you.

Another attraction is also dedicated to Paul Revere, which is the incredible Italian neighborhood of Boston, famous as North End. It is among the oldest quarters of the city that was home to activist leader Paul Revere during the American Revolution. Also, it is the only home on the Freedom Trail, which is open to tourists.

Can’t wait to visit these significant places of the American Revolution? Choose from several

Boston flights and explore these.

2. New England Aquarium - An Introduction to a Vast Marine Life

Showcasing more than a whopping 20,000 marine life, the New England Aquarium is no less than the natural habitat of aquatic animals. With the number of its inhabitants, the aquarium represents more than 550 species. It is also home to an artificial Caribbean coral reef where myriad tropical fish and underwater life such as sharks, turtles, and moray eels are kept.

You can touch small invertebrates such as starfish, urchins, and crabs at the Edge of the Sea touch tank.

Watch the antics of harbor seals in their habitat enclosed outside the aquarium. The Aquarium sponsors educational programs and whale-watching tours outside of Boston Harbor. 40-minute films are also shown on nature at the IMAX Theater nearby.

Sounds incredible! Isn’t it? So, catch a flight to Boston and dive into this vast underwater life.

3. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - Artworks, Sculptures, and More

The museum has a colossal collection of -

  • Sculptures
  • Tapestries
  • Books
  • Furniture
  • Paintings
  • Manuscripts
  • Decorative arts

All these exhibits speak highly of the taste and prowess of Mrs. Gardner. She showcases all these in rooms, which have a four-story central courtyard around with fountains and blooming plants.

Behind this palatial edifice, you get new sights through a 70,000 square foot building of glass. An Italian architect Renzo Piano designed it. You can marvel at the gardens and palace through the glass walls where contemporary works and artists are displayed as items of visual arts and music.

Once you are done with the museum’s tour, walk through the Fens. It is a green space where a rose garden mesmerizes people between June and October. Want to take a round trip? There are many flights from Boston to your city and vice-versa. Hop on one and fly!

4. Museum of Science - Interactive Learning

An extensive science museum, it has exhibits that inspire learning by doing in the domains of science and technology. The museum is, however, not only for kids but also for adults. Subjects like biology, zoology, ecology, computers, chemistry, physics, and astronomy are explored here. Over 700 hands-on interactive exhibits keep you engaged here.

Some of the highlights of the museum are -

  • A 65-million-year-old fossil discovered in the Dakota Badlands
  • Planetarium shows
  • Omni Films
  • 4-D Films
  • Live Presentations
  • A Butterfly Garden (to walk among free-flying butterflies in a conservatory having exotic plants)
  • Joining meteorologists and learning about the forecast of weather
  • A Computer Place to operate a robot and know the way a computer stores information

Too fascinating to resist! So, fly to this amazing attraction at the earliest. To return home, you can choose from several cheap flights from Boston to your hometown.

5. Harvard Square and Harvard Art Museums - Education, Art, & Fun

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. It is also among the leading academic centers of the world and commands your visit when you are in Boston. Visit the university for a guided walking tour of the campus. A university student will be your guide and share Harvard lore, history, and personal viewpoints.

Harvard Yard is the historic heart of Harvard University and a commercial hub for students, locals, and tourists. It also attracts residents of western Cambridge as well as the western and northern neighborhoods and inner suburbs of Boston. Catch Boston flights to explore these marvels.

To add to your delight Harvard Yard is lined with bookstores, shops, and a lot of ice cream shops, more than any other U.S. city. Adjacent to Harvard Yard is Harvard Square. It is an intellectual and offbeat area that is a melting pot of languages, ages, and cultures.

Don’t miss out on Harvard Art Museums that give you a deeper insight into the art of different regions. These museums are -

Fogg Art Museum

It focuses on Italian early-Renaissance art.

The Busch-Reisinger Museum

Its artworks highlight the Expressionist art of central and northern Europe. Bauhaus objects and paintings by Kandinsky and Klee are also displayed here.

Arthur M. Sackler Museum

Opened in 1985, this museum houses the History of Art and Architecture Department as well as the Media Slide Library.

Therefore, zoom to Boston and partake in its myriad wondrous hotspots for tourists. To return, there is no dearth of cheap flights from Boston. Board the one that best suits your time, budget, and seat availability. But before returning home, don’t forget to treat your taste buds with its local delicacies. Buy home souvenirs from the local markets.

So, it’s time to visit Boston - the historical ground where centuries have left their mark. And the current era is leaving its trails while preparing it for fantastic futurism.

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