Travel at Ease with Lufthansa Airlines Group Booking

Do you want to go for a friends’ adventure trip or have to attend an event? In both the cases and many more, a group flight booking is needed. And with Lufthansa group booking, you can go for a trip together easily. Moreover, it is cost-effective. The airline understands how challenging it is to make booking for a group. That’s why the airline has made it convenient with its support team and partners. So, if you have a group of 10 or more people, contact Lufthansa. Now, let’s begin with gaining insight about group travel with Lufthansa Airline.

Important Things to Know About Lufthansa Airlines Group Travel

For making a booking for a group trip with the airline, you must consider some important points. As you abide by these Lufthansa Airlines rules for group bookings, your process becomes streamlined and simpler. Take a look -

  • Your group must comprise at least 10 people on the same departure and return flights.
  • Kids below 12 years of age may travel only with adults. Pay with credit card or transfer the amount through the bank within seven days of booking. Additional fees might be charged on payments with a foreign credit card in Germany.
  • Provide names of the members in your group within 14 days of the flight’s scheduled departure. However, failing to provide names within this window cancels your booking.
  • Get your travel documents or tickets issued 14 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Flight connections of this airline can be combined with Austrian Airlines or Swiss.
  • Till the time of issuing the documents, you can cancel 20% of the group for free. However, a group size of at least 10 people must remain.
  • With a Lufthansa group booking, you get an individual, no-obligation quote.
  • You can take off only from airports in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. For departure from all other countries, contact your travel agency.
  • Email the airline  an individual group quotation. You can expect a revert within 28 days.
  • As per the payment method that you have selected, sales in Switzerland have an OPC applicable along with the amount displayed.

Please note If you cancel your trip, the OPC cannot be refunded.

How to Make a Lufthansa Group Booking?

For making a reservation for traveling in a group with the airline, follow the steps mentioned below. Please note The steps mentioned here are to book a group trip on Lufthansa from Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

  • Visit
  • Scroll down to find an online form.
  • Fill the details required -
    • Your complete name
    • Email address
    • Area and country codes
    • Contact number
    • Complete address
  • Also, enter the travel destinations and dates.
  • Mark the checkbox if you have travel flexibility and provide details.
  • Select the airfare type with which you are booking.
  • Choose the transport category (cabin classes) and provide the details required.
  • If you need special baggage assistance, fill in the details as shown below.
  • Once you have duly filled out the details, review those, and check the box.
  • Thereafter, click on the Send button.

If you are traveling from any other country than Germany, Austria or Switzerland, book your group trip through a travel agency. The respective agency must get in touch with the service team of Lufthansa to proceed.

How Much in Advance Can You Book a Lufthansa Group Trip?

You can book a Lufthansa Airlines group travel up to 344 days before your scheduled flight. However, this Lufthansa advance booking where Austrian Airlines and SWISS are involved is possible if the return is within the same timeline.

In Conclusion

So, with Lufthansa, you can enjoy a group trip in a hassle-free way. And if you want to enjoy a trip together with your friends, family, or colleagues, the airline allows you with flight and hotel. Thereby, you can get an all-in package for group traveling with Lufthansa. Therefore why the wait? Go ahead for a Lufthansa group booking and garner experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lufthansa Groups Check-in Online?

Yes, Lufthansa allows groups to check-in online and also choose seats.