Yes, you can make changes to your travel date with Turkish Airlines. Thanks to Turkish Airlines change flight policy that allows you to modify your travel plans as required. Since the airline understands how unpredictable travel can be. And travelers might have to face a situation where they have to change plans.

That’s why Turkish Airlines has come up with the customer-friendly approaches that help them fly at their ease. No wonder, travelers from across the continents look upon the airline for trips. Now, without further ado, let’s go through the flight date and related changes in the account that follows.

Can I Change My Flight Date on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines allows you to change the date of your flight on a flight. However, you have to follow the Turkish Airlines policy to change a travel date. The major points of Turkish Airlines flight date change policy are mentioned below:

  • You can’t change your flight date on the same day of departure.
  • Change of date is allowed if your cabin and routes are the same as in the original booking.
  • The flight change is broken into small segments. So, if a traveler changes a departure date, the airline will charge $200 to $350 as a change fee for international flights. However, it varies as per your chosen destination.

Please note

To know more about the flight date change policy, connect with the airline’s customer service team.

What is Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy?

While flying on a Turkish Airlines flight, there might be some situations when you have to change your travel plans. That’s why the airline has come up with the policy to help you change your bookings easily. For your reference, here are the Turkish Airlines flight change policy highlights:

  • You can change your flight within 24 hours of booking without any charges and get a full refund. This is applied to all ticket types.
  • Refundable ticket holders are at benefit with the zero-change-fee scheme of the airline. However, those having non-refundable tickets have to pay the change fee.
  • As per Turkish Airlines flight change policy, you can proceed with changing of your flight up to 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure.
  • For booking changes made on the departure day, the airline charges the entire value of ticket as the change fee.
  • Pay the entire ticket price as change fee if you have not purchased tickets directly from the Turkish Airlines such as its website, mobile app, ticket counter, or any other source. And purchase tickets from any of these centers of Turkish Airlines.
  • To change an international flight with Turkish Airlines, pay the tax difference. However, if you are traveling between Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the airline will not consider it as an international trip.

Please note

To know more about the airline’s flight change rules, contact its customer service executive at 080005 01565.

How to Change a Flight Ticket Date with Turkish Airlines?

With the airline, you have the facility to adjust your travel date when required. By doing so, you can meet the changing requirements of your business conference or a family function.

So, here are the simple steps that guide you on how to change your flight ticket date with Turkish Airlines easily.

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Sign up or Log in to your account.
  • Select the Manage Trips option.
  • Enter the information required in the fields there.
  • Hit the Find Trips button.
  • Once you get your original booking, click on the “Edit” option.
  • Make the adjustments.

Please note

Pay the Turkish Airlines change flight fee in advance. The airline will email you the confirmation after the payment.

How to Change a Turkish Airlines Flight Booking?

When traveling with Turkish Airlines, you can not only book your ticket but also change those online and offline. Here is an outline of both the ways to change your flight booking:

Online Method

  • The official Turkish Airlines website or its mobile app allow you to change your tickets easily.
  • Complete the process of account authentication.
  • Go to the Manage Trips section and follow the prompts to change the booking.
  • Pay the amount as required.

Offline Methods

Via Phone Call
  • Dial 080005 01565.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Once a live executive gets connected, request a flight change.
  • Share the details required.
  • Make the payment.

Alternatively, you can change your booking:

  • At the Airport Counter
  • Through the self-service kiosks

Please note

After you are done with the Turkish Airlines change flight process, pay the balance if your new booking is more expensive than the original one.

What is the Turkish Airlines Flight Date Change Fee?

If you are making changes to your flight booking with Turkish Airlines, you must pay charges for the change. However, the charges differ as per the:

  • Chosen route
  • Travel class/fare type of the flight
  • Timing of change

Here is a quick look at the change fee as per the hours left for the scheduled departure of the flight:

Scheduled flight timeChange fee
Between 1-12 hoursTRY 350
Over 12 hours TRY 225

Here is an overview of Turkish Airlines change fee as per the routes:

International Routes

Long-haul flights - $200 to $400

The same day of departure date change costs you 70% of your ticket fare.

Domestic Routes

Short-haul flights - $60 to $120

Please note

The prices might be subject to change. Please get in touch with the airline for an updated change fee.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, you can make changes to your booking as per your convenience when traveling with Turkish Airlines. If you are in a situation when there is no other option than changing your travel plans, count on the policies mentioned above to make changes to your booking. Thereby, you can have a streamlined experience with Turkish Airlines change flight and avoid paying the change fee. So, if you expect a booking change with the airline, go ahead. The airline’s customer service representatives will assist you at every step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the flight date for free?

If your flight is rescheduled or delayed by more than three hours, you can change the flight date without paying any charges