Does Turkish Airline Offer Flight Delay Compensation?

Flight disruptions are also a part of travel in today’s generation. The increased demand has led to multiple flights in the sky at the same time, which sometimes results in delays. Whether you are flying Turkish Airlines or any other airline, the same can or may happen to you. But, lucky for you, Turkish Airlines Flight Delay compensation saves you from the hassle of delayed flights. The airline always tries to help you make the most of your trip. So, if there are times when the flight timings change to a considerable number of hours, you can take benefit of the delay compensation. To know whether you are eligible for the compensation or not, you can check the below subsections and be prepared before the actual situation.

Are There Delays on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, there are. Turkish Airline is a larger-scale air carrier, and therefore, any extraordinary delay that is more than 3 hours can be possible. However, the airline tries to make the impact of any internal or external delay as less as possible. But there are times you may have to wait for more than a few hours and even the next day.. That’s why you can enjoy Turkish Airlines delay flight compensation when and where required, if allowed by the airline.

Is Turkish Airlines usually on time?

For most of the flights, Turkish Airlines does try to maintain the timings and be right on time for the customers. The past records say that the airline’s results have been far better than the average by EMEA. However, times aren’t always the same. You may face delays at times in some situations, but the airline will make sure to compensate you well.

When Does a Schedule Change Usually Occur, and how to Deal with it?

A Turkish Airlines Schedule change can be the change in date, time, or flight number of your reserved flight as a result of operational circumstances. In any case, when these changes occur due to the airline’s responsibility & the time of your flight is changed significantly, you can follow the following details to deal with it:

  • When the airline changes your flight, you can easily request a new flight without any extra charges under Turkish Airlines manage booking option.
  • The airline also gives you the option to approve the flight change proposal from their side using the same option.
  • Suppose the new route or date of flight is unsuitable. In that case, you can change to another flight free of cost.
  • You can also cancel your tickets and request compensation if necessary under sudden rules.
  • Check the Turkish Airlines passenger rights page for more details on the delays or schedule changes

Turkish Airlines will offer you flight delay compensation if they do not change your flight and keep going as per the delay.

What to do in case of a Turkish Airlines Flight Delay?

If you are experiencing a flight delay, you should know of your rights in this situation and act upon them as soon as possible to get the maximum benefits. Here are the details of different situations you are in when there is a flight delay.

If you are at Home

When you have not left the home/hotel yet, you can check your flight status for the delay and how long the delay is for. This will help you reach the airport right about on time. For those with connecting flights, Turkish Airlines offers full protection and will take care of it.

When you are already at the airport

When you are already at the airport, check whether your flight has been postponed or not. After that, if your check-in has started, check in. Then wait through the airport security and keep checking the screens. If the delay shows 3 hours+, you can submit the Turkish Airlines compensation form and get the best options from the airline.

How do You ask for Compensation in case of Delays over 3 hours or more?

Turkish Airlines is not an airline in the EU, but for any flights departing from European locations, you can still receive the benefits of Turkish Airlines delay flight policy, like compensation. When you have to wait at the airport for over 3 hours, you can get up to 700 Euros for compensation. For an overnight flight delay, which means a delay that is more than 8 hours long, you will get a place to stay, i.e., hotel accommodations. There shall be no price for transportation between the place of lodging and the airport. If the passenger's entry into the country is denied due to border restrictions, they must wait in the transit area or receive service in accordance with the airline's hotel opportunities.

What happens if you miss connecting flight due to delay on Turkish Airlines?

If you miss a connection due to a delay on Turkish Airlines, the airline is typically responsible for rebooking you on the next available flight to your final destination. They may also provide assistance such as meal vouchers, accommodation, and transportation if needed. It's recommended to contact Turkish Airlines directly or consult their official website for specific information and instructions regarding missed connections due to delays.

How Much Compensation will I Get For Canceled Flights?

The compensation for canceled flights, including those operated by Turkish Airlines, can vary depending on several factors, such as the reason for cancellation, the distance of the flight, and the regulations governing the airline. In many cases, when an airline cancels a flight, they are obligated to provide passengers with certain rights and compensation options. These rights and compensation may be outlined in the airline's terms and conditions or governed by national or international regulations, such as the European Union's Regulation (EC) No 261/2004.

Asking for Compensation or other options

Typically, if a flight cancellation occurs due to factors within the airline's control, such as mechanical issues or crew problems, the airline may offer passengers options such as:


The airline may provide an alternative flight to the same destination, either on their own airline or with another carrier.


Passengers can request the airline for a full or partial refund of the ticket price, depending on the circumstances.


In some cases, passengers may be eligible for compensation for the inconvenience of cancellation. The amount of compensation can vary and usually depends on the distance of the flight. The passengers may follow all the regulations in place. It's important to note that specific airline policies and regulations can change over time, so it's best to consult Turkish Airlines' official website or contact their customer service directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding compensation for canceled flights. You May Visit: