Spirit Airlines Change Flight- How do I Change a Spirit Airlines Booking?

With the increasing passion for travel, many individuals are constantly updating their travel bucket lists, eager to embark on new adventures. However, unforeseen circumstances can arise, disrupting even the most carefully planned travel itineraries. For frequent flyers with Spirit Airlines, it is essential to be familiar with the airline's policies, particularly regarding flight changes. Understanding Spirit Airlines change flight services is crucial if you are planning to book your next trip with this ultra-low-cost carrier. To help satisfy your curiosity and provide you with all the necessary information about changing a Spirit flight, let's take a closer look at the following sections. These details will help alleviate any questions you may have and provide you with all the information you need about the Spirit Flight change option.

Why Do We Need to Change Our Spirit Flight?

In the modern era, changing or canceling a scheduled flight is not unusual. People from all over the world experience certain moments that must be handled in the true course of life. Our lives are filled with unknowns! Throughout our daily lives, we could come across specific circumstances that further prompt us to revise our goals. Passengers do experience various events of this nature which instigate the need for spirit airlines flight change. No one wants to make unreasonable changes to the itinerary after receiving a confirmed booking. However, we must always accept destiny and choose our paths wisely. As a result, tourists may experience the following circumstances, which could change the schedule suddenly:

  • the tragedy for a member of the family
  • military commands
  • Identity theft
  • a serious illness
  • unfavorable weather conditions
  • Impromptu changing plans

All these situations above can hinder your plans and urge you to make changes to your  These events are not avoidable and have the potential to disturb your travel plans significantly. You proceed to modify or cancel the Spirit Airlines Reservations as a result of the effects since you have no other options.

Can I Change My Spirit Airlines Ticket for Free?

If you wonder if Spirit Airlines will grant you a free change to your flight reservation, take a look at these important points below:

  • Within 24 hours after purchasing a ticket, you make changes for a flight that leaves at least 7 days (168 hours) from that time.
  • You make changes to your reservation at least 60 days before the departure of your flight.
  • You modify your ticket at least 24 hours before departure while holding a Flight Flex option.
  • When you make adjustments to your ticket at least 24 hours before departure, you have a Bundle It ticket that includes Flight Flex.
  • There is a two-hour or longer delay in your flight.

With Spirit Airlines Flight Flex feature, you can once freely change your itinerary. You may buy this online or use the help of a third-party OTA like Skywayfare.

What is Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy? (Updated 2024)

We have been through two years of trauma because of the pandemic and zillions of flight changes because of it. But now, we are way past the experiences and evolved better. Similarly, the spirit airlines flight change policy has also become better for the passengers. Now, customers can easily change their flights and get a new one within a few simple steps. But before that, you should know these important points:

The latest updates on Spirit Airlines flight change policy were as follows:

  • Passengers can change their flights for free within 24 hours of booking, as long as the new flight departs at least 7 days (168 hours) from the time of booking.
  • Spirit Airlines offers a Flight Flex option that allows passengers to change their flights for free one time, as long as the change is made at least 24 hours before departure. Passengers can purchase Flight Flex at the time of booking or add it later.
  • If a passenger needs to change their flight due to an unforeseen event such as a family emergency, illness, or military orders, Spirit Airlines may waive the change fee. The passenger will need to provide documentation to support their request.
  • If a passenger needs to change their flight for any reason other than those listed above, they will need to pay a fee. The fee varies depending on the fare type and the time of the change. Passengers can make changes to their flights online or by contacting Spirit Airlines customer service.

Please note that airline policies are subject to change at any time, so it's always a good idea to check with Spirit Airlines directly for the most up-to-date information on their flight change policy.

How Do I Change a Flight on Spirit Airlines?

Changing a Spirit flight is a piece of cake when you are well aware of how you do that. You can opt for a flight change online or offline as you like, just remember that you should have a direct booking with the airline. You can enter a new Spirit airline, change flight times, and make possible adjustments with ease. However, you need to know the right procedure to accomplish that. Here are the details:

Change Spirit Airlines Tickets Online

  • Head towards the Spirit Airlines official website and log in to your account.
  • Else, continue as a guest to the airline’s My Trips section directly.
  • Here, you need to provide your Spirit Airlines Booking Confirmation and last name to access the flight details for the ticket you’d like to change.
  • Now, you can click on the “Change/Cancel” option to continue.
  • Select a new Flight from the available options and follow the screen prompts to complete that.
  • Next, you can confirm the spirit airlines fee to change flights and recheck your new changes.
  • At last, pay the charges and complete the flight change process.

Make sure to change your flights only when you have the possibility of flying with Spirit in the near future when you again make your plans. However, in case you do not have a new date in mind, check out the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy and cancel your tickets instead. This will allow you to book tickets later when you are ready.

Change Spirit Airlines Flights Offline

Sometimes, you do not want to be that active part of the process but to have it done by an expert. In that case, you can contact someone at the airline to make changes. To complete the process, you can find the spirit airlines change flight phone number to call the experts and make the changes. The call will connect you to an automated voice prompt that guides you to a live person. Ask this person to help you change your spirit flight tickets and ensure your new journey without hassles.

Final Say: How Much Do I Need to Pay for Spirit Flight Change?

You are all set with your Spirit Airlines flight changes when you have the policy and the process at hand. But we have mentioned numerous times that there is a fee. Let us clear your doubts on spirit airlines flight change fee in this final section to let you proceed further.

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Spirit Airlines Flight?

The cost to change a Spirit Airlines flight varies depending on several factors, such as the type of ticket purchased, how far in advance the change is made, and the destination. Spirit Airlines offers two types of fares: "Bare Fare" and "Frill Control". Bare Fare tickets are typically the cheapest option but do not include any additional services or amenities. Frill Control fares are more expensive but include extras like checked bags, seat selection, and flight changes. If you have a Bare Fare ticket and want to change your flight, you will be charged a modification fee plus any difference in fare. The modification fee ranges from $90 to $120 per passenger per flight, depending on the route and time of the change. If you have a Frill Control ticket, you may be able to make changes for free or for a lower fee, depending on the fare rules. It is important to note that Spirit Airlines charges additional fees for many services, including baggage, seat selection, and onboard food and drinks. These fees can add up quickly, so it's important to carefully review the fare rules and any additional fees before booking your flight.

Here are the current Spirit Airlines change flight charges:

Days from DepartureFee Amount
7-59 days$49
60+ daysFree

You can also contact a Spirit Airlines expert through the customer service team or Skywayfare to know more about the flight change details. Let’s be connected and help each other find the way, people!

Can I Change Spirit Flight for Free?

In most cases, Spirit Airlines charges a fee for flight changes. However, if you purchased a Spirit Airlines Flight Flex ticket or are a member of the Spirit $9 Fare Club, you may be able to change your flight for free or at a reduced cost. Additionally, if your flight was canceled by Spirit Airlines or there is a significant schedule change, you may be able to change your flight for free. It's always best to check Spirit Airlines' policies and fees for flight changes before booking your ticket to understand the costs and any available options for free changes.


To summarize, Spirit Airlines' change flight policy allows customers to make changes to their flights for a fee, with the cost varying depending on the fare type and timing of the change. In some cases, customers may be eligible for a fee waiver due to certain circumstances, such as a death in the family or military orders. If you need to change your Spirit Airlines flight, it's important to review the specific details of your fare and understand the associated fees and restrictions. You can make changes to your flight online or by calling Spirit Airlines' customer service. Additionally, if you need assistance with changing your Spirit Airlines flight, don't hesitate to reach out to Skywayfare for help.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much do I need to pay to change a Spirit Airlines flight?

Spirit Airlines asks you to pay nothing if your flight is departing more than 60 days after the booking. However, for particular ticket types, here is the Spirit airlines change flight fee:

  • Standard - 90 USD for online and 100 USD for Airport or offline changes
  • Flex - no charge up to 24 hours before departure
  • Award - 110 USD
  • Same-day - 99 USD change fee


Can you change a Spirit flight you already booked?

Yes, Spirit Airlines will allow you to change a particular flight after booking using the My trips section and your booking details. You can also call Spirit Airlines for requesting a flight change offline.

Does Spirit give refunds?

No, Spirit Airlines has the cheapest fares already, and therefore, it does not offer any refundable fares. You can purchase a Flight Flex to be eligible for free ticket changes, but that’s it.