Do you want to complete your journey amidst sheer convenience with Spirit Airlines? Yes, then you should book your desired seats in advance. Choosing your favorite seat in advance ensures that you will have the best time in the air. Moreover, the Spirit Airlines seat selection procedure is simple and allows you to reserve your seats conveniently. So why the wait? Pick your desired seat in advance, and fly like an elite to your destination. For all passengers who are willing to choose a seat and want to know how to choose a seat on my flight, you can check out the detailed information described further in the article and cherish an exciting trip with Spirit.

Spirit Booking Seat Selection Guidelines

You need to know the Spirit airlines seat selection policy to effectively choose a seat on the airline in advance. Before starting to select a seat on your existing Spirit airlines reservations, the following rules need to be observed: Passengers must select seats before the flight’s scheduled time of departure. In addition, in the case of a preferred seat, passengers need to pay a seat selection fee.

What is Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

If passengers want to know what is the entire procedure for reserving a seat on their flight with Spirit seat selection, find the details in this section. The airline provides them with a clear procedure for help. You can view the details given below and ensure a leisurely travel with Spirit airlines.
  • Passengers who confirm their reservation with Spirit Airways at the time of booking can use the advance seat selection service when booking their tickets.
  • After the reservation is confirmed, passengers can use this seat selection option and choose their preferred seat to make a reservation.
  • Passengers can even choose new seats while checking in for their flights using their manage booking service.
  • If you wish to Spirit airlines select seats in business, there will be a specific cost for the same, which you must clear before moving on with your flights.
  • Economy fare customers will randomly get a new seat assigned without any extra charges within 24 hours of the departure.
  • But in that case, you can not sit together with your family and friends.
You can pay a Spirit airlines seat selection charge and select your preferred seats on the plan to enjoy sitting together with your loved ones

How To Choose a Seat After Making Flight Reservations?

To choose a seat on Spirit Airlines, you can directly use the Spirit airlines seat selection service under the manage booking section. In addition, for passengers who have questions about how to choose or reserve seats after booking a Spirit flight, it is recommended that they follow the instructions provided below to use the sane:
  • To start the reserved seat selection process, you need to select Manage reservation service.
  • Here, the passenger needs to mention the booking confirmation code and last name
  • And after finding the reservation, the passenger can choose the seat selection service.
  • In addition, passengers can choose their desired seat on the flight and continue to check the cost.
  • Then, in order to confirm the seat selection, the passenger needs to make an online payment.
You can even contact Spirit en Español Telefono to obtain more information on selecting the seats on the plane.

Can I Call Spirit Airlines to Book My Seats on The Flights?

Yes, you can. Follow the steps below to call and book the Spirit Airlines seats on the plane:
  • Customers of Spirit Airlines can first call +1-855-728-3555.
  • Next, adhere to the IVR instructions.
  • Choose the corresponding choice and wait to be put in touch with a travel professional.
  • Share the information about your flight reservation with the executive after you've been put in touch.
  • They will then decide if you qualify.
  • Allow them to check the seat selection cost you have to pay as well.
  • However, if you let them know your spending limit, they will assign you a seat in accordance with it.
  • Finally, if you have miles, let them know as it can assist you get a better deal on your seat choice.
Passengers can follow these steps and complete the Spirit Airline seat selection process over the phone.

How Many Types of Seat Selection are There?

Spirit Airlines offers the option of choosing one's own seat, allowing customers to do so at any time prior to the flight's departure. Additionally, the following option is available for seat selection for the passengers.

Standard Seat Selection:

Passengers are free to select any seat in this class from those that are available. You can choose between seats with more legroom and seats with less legroom in this category.

Preferred Seat Selection:

You may select from any of the available seats when making a reservation, regardless of whether they have additional or limited legroom.

Preferred Plus Seat Selection:

Travelers may choose from available seats. But only if they are situated close to an exit row and have extra and decreased legroom.

Main Reasons Why You Can’t Select Emergency Exit seats on Spirit Airlines

Here are some of the reasons owing to which you can’t pick Emergency Exit seats.
  • If you are flying with infants.
  • If you are flying with pets.
  • Flying when you are pregnant.
  • If your age is less than 15.
  • Flying while having a disability
  • While you are suffering a medical condition or illness.
If you have selected the seat near the Emergency Exit, then you should be able to assist the crew if there is an emergency. You can make a Spirit airlines booking and then look over the above criteria to book your seats in the exit row.

How Does Spirit Airlines Seat Assignment and Seat Selection Work?

  • If you are familiar with Spirit Airlines seat selection policy and wish to select your own seats, please review the information below.
  • Spirit Airlines chooses your seat placement at random to ensure that you are seated alongside your loved ones.
  • The Seat Assignment option is also available when purchasing a seat on a Spirit Airlines trip. It starts at $5 and varies depending on the course.
  • Additionally, there are Spirit Airlines Big Front seats available with more legroom, and you can select your own seats.

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Costs?

It's true that Spirit Airlines charges for the seat selection process. If you're wondering how much it will cost you to select a seat on Spirit, read on. Keep in mind that only random seat selection is cost-free. The standard fee to reserve your preferred seat on a Spirit flight is $5 USD. This Spirit seat selection cost varies depending on factors such as the routes, plane size, and others. On the telephone or the official website, you may find out the most recent details regarding charges. You could choose your seat on Spirit Airlines easily if you did it in this manner. Additionally, you can choose your preferred seat using the seat selection process for spirit airlines. You can also call Spirit Airlines phone number for additional assistance.


Selecting seats on Spirit Airlines is possible online via the website, during or after the booking, or at check-in. If these methods do not work, you can also connect through a phone call. To make a Spirit Airlines Seat Selection in advance, dial their customer service phone number and speak to an expert round the clock. You May Visit: What is The Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy? Can Spirit Offer me a Rebooking on Missing Flights? What are The Age Requirements for Unaccompanied Minors on Spirit?


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