Getting stressed out because of some minor glitches is what every individual does in case their air travel plans are online. You can, however, be less worried if you are a bit aware of the airline policies, whichever you are flying with. Well, we recommend flying Southwest! Not only do they offer good deals, but they even have some exceptional services that are out of the box. With this Southwest Airlines Change Flight process, you can enjoy flexible changes to your flights and make sure you do not have to worry about your plans failing. Forget all the stress and enjoy your travel plans as you’d like because Southwest does it all for you. You can change your flights, plan your travel on a new date, or simply alter the time schedule on the same day for an earlier or later flight. Now, let us take you to the change flight policy and other details related to the process. So, be with us until this article ends.

No Change Fees- Enjoy Free Flight Changes with Southwest Airlines

Southwest never charges a fee for changing your flights, as it is understandable that plans may change. So, you can use Southwest Airlines change flight service to make possible changes to your flights as and when you require. The airline may ask you to pay a difference in fare to complete your new itinerary(if it costs more). On the other hand, when the new flight costs less, Southwest promises to refund the fare difference to the original payment form. In some cases, they also keep it on hold to help you use this in the future in the form of a reusable flight credit meant for the travel of originally ticketed passengers. Important Note- These flight credits do not expire stated as of July 28, 2022. (Source-Southwest Airlines Official website)

What is Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Southwest has imposed a separate set of policies for each of their fares and flights. You need to follow Southwest Airlines change flight policy each time you plan to modify your flight schedule in any manner. So, if you want to change, let’s say, a Southwest Wanna Get Away ticket, there will be different rules as it's the fare with the lowest price. However, changing Business select flights will have some other set of rules. So, do not be alarmed and make plans to change or alter your flights according to the fare rules, terms, and conditions.

Wanna Get Away Fares- Southwest Flight Change

If you have purchased a Wanna Get Away fare with Southwest Airlines and you wish to change your schedule, the rules may be stricter, but it is possible.

  • You can change your Wanna Get Away fares up to 10 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure, and there won’t be a penalty.
  • For better options, choose to change flights within 24 hours of the booking, and every hidden charge or fee will be avoided. Besides, you can handle early decisions well.
  • But you can not get a refund for the fare difference if a new flight costs less than the original one.
  • You only have the chance to receive the refund in the form of travel funds which are only applicable towards future travel.

You can not change a Wanna Get Away fare to a Business Select or Anytime fare because it falls under the seat upgrades category. So make sure you check with the airline before you proceed

Changing Southwest Anytime or Business Select Tickets

Do you wish to use the Southwest Airlines change flight time option to make changes to your flights and do not have any idea how? If you purchased a Southwest Business Select or Anytime fare, I hope these points below help you out.

  • Fare difference is applicable even when you use Southwest Airlines flight change service for any time or business select fares.
  • If you change your fares or flights 10 minutes before the departure of your original flight, you have to take a new flight within the next 24 hours. (the whole policy is explained below)

Suppose you did not change your flight ticket on time and are a no-show. In that case, you won’t receive any travel points.

How to Change a Southwest Airlines Flight? (Flight Change Methods)

Passengers willing to alter their plans to a new one because they can not take the originally-scheduled flight can use Southwest Airlines change flight date option via many means. The airline permits you to modify your schedule online and offline both ways. You just have to select the right process for you and make the possible changes.

What is The Process to Change My Southwest Airlines Booking Online?

Use the Southwest mobile app or official website to change your flights online. Below you will see the clear process to make changes to your flights:

  • Access the Southwest Airlines official website or mobile application on any device of your choice.
  • Then, you have to log in using the correct credentials like Username and Password.
  • Proceed to the homepage and click on the Change/Cancel tab to initiate the changes to your flights.
  • Next, you need to provide some of your flight booking details which include
    • Confirmation number
    • First name
    • Last name
  • After that, select the Change flight option and click on the “Search” button.
  • Once the results page displays your flight details, choose what you’d like to do with your flights, i.e., change the schedule.
  • Follow the screen prompts to process your changes and review the changes you just made.
  • After that, agree to the fare difference to clear it in the next step.
  • Complete all the formalities as they are and confirm the changes.

Lastly, Southwest will notify you about the said changes and send your updated flight details after the Southwest Airlines flight change process to your registered email ID.

How to Change Southwest Flights Over The Phone?

Southwest even allows customers to make flight changes by calling. All you have to do is to opt for Southwest Airlines change via phone number. It is considered the best offline way to confirm flight changes when the online method doesn’t work. Besides, if there happens to be a network issue or technical glitch on your computer, you can opt for this method.

Step-by-Step Process for Changing Flights over the phone

  • Customers can find the Southwest Airlines phone number to Change Flight from the official website.
  • Then, they need to make a call and follow the IVR instructions to select an appropriate option.
  • Choose the area of concern by selecting the right number associated with your concern.
  • You can also select to speak with a Southwest representative and connect with the experts.
  • Once the call connects, explain your query to the airline agent and answer his simple questions:
    • What is your name and the purpose of the call?
    • Your booked flight details
    • Confirmation number
    • Registered email, etc.
  • He will offer you an alternate flight accordingly.

You can easily connect to the best of experts at Southwest and enjoy exceptional flight booking deals and offers for flights. The same happens with the flight change. Besides, there is no Southwest Airlines flight change fee for making changes in any of the ways.

Southwest Same-Day Changes -Changes Upto 10 Minutes Before Departures

Your plans do not always change with notice. Sometimes, you have to change your Southwest flights abruptly on the same day. In that case, the Southwest Airlines Same Day flight change policy applies. With the Same-day changes, your flights get higher flexibility as you can alter your schedule to a new flight on the same day as the departure. Here are the rules:

  • You can make changes for Southwest Airlines Business Select, Anytime, or Wanna Get Away fares on the same day.
  • There is no fee for making same-day changes or same-day standby purposes.
  • You can make changes online via the website or Southwest mobile app as well as through Southwest Customer service agents.
  • There should be at least 10 minutes in the flight departure to be eligible for same-day changes.

Remember that if you want to make website changes for a mobile booking, it is not possible. However, the only good thing is that you can make changes as many times for free. Connect to a Southwest Airlines customer service representative for better details about a Southwest flight change method.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change your Southwest flight free of charge?

Southwest does not charge the customers anything when it comes to flight changes. Even if you make changes for “n” number of times up until 10 minutes before the flight’s departure. So, you can freely change your flight details with Southwest.

How late can you change a Southwest flight?

Southwest Airlines allows you up until 10 minutes before the departure time for changes. If the change is initiated by the airline, you get the new details shortly. But, in case you aren’t comfortable with that, you get a Travel notice to change your flight up to 14 days before or after the original date of travel.

How do I change a flight on the Southwest app?

You can log in to the Southwest app and under the flight tab, you may see a dropdown menu. Here, you can click Manage trips and enter the Change/Cancel option. You can also directly click the Change Flight option under the menu to skip every other steps.