How to Make a Group Travel Booking on Southwest Airlines?

Traveling with your group with a count of more than ten people? If you want to fly with your friends, family, or business team, you can not book a direct flight for more than ten passengers in a single itinerary. We suggest you should book Southwest group travel instead. Southwest airlines like any other industry only allow a large group of people under their group travel policy.

If you are planning to fly out with a big group, it’s better to opt for the Southwest airlines group travel program. The only reason for it is that they are flexible and offer low-cost fares for group travel in your budget. Moreover, when your groups are large in number, you can easily avail of discounts with no blackout dates.

What is The Southwest’s Group Travel Program?

A group of ten or more people traveling together in a single itinerary generally book Southwest airlines flights under this group travel program. The general group types eligible for this benefit are:

  • Large families
  • School groups
  • Weddings
  • Music groups
  • Sports teams
  • Religious groups

The main perk is that like other bookings, Southwest offers two free checked bags and one of them can be your music equipment or sports gear, Let us know more about the Southwest airlines group travel program and its benefits

How Does The Southwest Group Travel Program Work?

Customers who wish to make a Southwest Airlines group booking get two different ways to book their tickets:

  • Book all at once
  • Pay a deposit and hold the booking for a while before confirming

But, this all depends on the travel preferences and the number of passengers in the group. Let’s see how you can book your group flights.

Step 1: Submit Your Group Booking Deposit

In order to avail of southwest airlines group travel service, if you use the latter method, you need to make a deposit. Southwest charges you a 50 USD fee as token money to hold the initial group fare. However, make sure you have your credit cards with you to use this option. You can directly call Southwest airlines and speak to an agent if you do not have a credit card available and still need this benefit.

Step 2: Confirm Your Booking

After you decide on the group travel and it’s confirmed, you can make the final payments. The airline will require complete details of each traveler in your group. Now, you can pay the charges to get your Southwest airlines group tickets. The airline will also allow you to call +1-800-433-5368(group booking phone) to confirm the payment details.

Note that if you cancel your booking after you have made the deposit, this fee will not be refundable at all. You can still get travel funds in case you’ve done the full payments.

Can I Book Group Travel Through Southwest Customer Service?

Yes, Southwest rather allows you to book your group flights through customer service.. This is a benefit where you have to go through the self-booking hassle, it’s better you book via customer service. Customers can dial the Southwest group travel phone number +1(800)433-5368 to request a booking. The airline experts on the phone will assist you and offer you all the possible help.

This number is only available between 5 AM to 12 AM central standard time and wait times are long. So, make sure to have enough time at hand to make a group booking through customer service at Southwest Airlines.

Is It Necessary to Fill Out The Groups Travel Management Form On The Southwest Website?

Yes, it is definitely! You need to fill out this excel form to confirm the names of each passenger for the Southwest group travel itinerary. Available on the Southwest Airlines Group Travel Management page, the Excel form allows you to input all of the passenger names. After you call Southwest, you should receive an email with this spreadsheet template.

You must fill out each field, which includes the following:

  • Group Leader Name
  • Registered Email
  • Date of Departure
  • Confirmation Number
  • Passport details

For travelers, you will require:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Redress number (if applicable)

We’d suggest adding the right names that match the person’s government-issued ID. Although it’s not always necessary, it helps if the middle name matches exactly. Following this form, your Southwest Airlines Booking is complete and you can wait for the check-in process.

How to Check-in For Groups on Southwest?

Even if your group is only traveling domestically (within the country), you can still check-in online. The entire group can check in together, or each member can do so separately. However, in order to obtain your boarding cards, you must first stop at a kiosk or a counter.

Your usual boarding position will be shown on the pass. One person may only check in at a time for international flights. Group check-in is not permitted during early bird hours.

Wrapping Up: Board Your Group flights With Southwest

We hope everything necessary for your Southwest group travel has already been covered in this topic. If you still want to know more about boarding Southwest group flights, you can call their customer service team. The airline experts will respond to you with all the details and offer you the best help possible. Call Skywayfare in any case the official website or team is not helpful at all.

With this Southwest Airlines Change Flight process, you can enjoy flexible changes to your flights and make sure you do not have to worry about your plans failing.

Póngase en contacto con los asesores de viajes de la aerolínea a través de Southwest Airlines en Español Telefono para garantizar un viaje sin problemas a su destino.

The first question that arises regarding Southwest airlines callback is whether a passenger can request it or not. In this section, we will completely cover all the details of getting a callback from your favorite budget airline–Southwest.

The Southwest Airlines cancellation policy acts in a way that each passenger looking for cancellations of any of his flights can get its benefit and ask for refunds.

How to Make a Group Travel Booking on Southwest Airlines?

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