When you are all prepared for the flight and ready to pack bags, sudden trouble arrives, and you need to push back your travel to a few days later. Well, that sounds disappointing, but with JetBlue, you can cope with it just fine. To make any possible changes to your flights, use the JetBlue change Flight option and fly for a later date. You can carry on with your plans and enjoy the initial holiday you planned at a later date. JetBlue offers you a lot of options to shift your flight schedule to a few days or hours later. You can even change the name on the ticket or request a change in destination, if possible, according to the fare terms. JetBlue Airways will make sure that you can still enjoy your holiday plans and have a memorable trip. To know more, stay tuned until the end of this page, and you can clear all your sustaining doubts regarding the JetBlue Change Flight option.

What is The JetBlue Change Flight Policy in 2023?

JetBlue Airways entertains flight change requests from its passengers at any time before the scheduled flight departs. But, you must know the JetBlue flight change policy in order to confirm your flight change with the airline. It has set up some rules that apply when you require to make alterations to your ticket to continue with your plans. Let’s find out how you can easily change flights in the year 2023.

  • Those who want to make changes to their flight can easily do so without a charge on most of the JetBlue fare types.
  • The JetBlue change flight policy states that for tickets booked from 25 August 2021 up to 31 October 2021, as well as any of the flights booked before 7 June 2021, no change fee is required.
  • Flights that you booked from 8 June 2021 onwards until 24 August and any other bookings after November 2021 may impose a change flight fee of $100 each.
  • The 100 Us dollars fee applies to all the routes between the USA, Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. If you are on any other route than this, you need to pay $200 each.
  • Jetblue’s 24-hour flexible flight change policy applies if you request a JetBlue flight change within 24 hours of the booking time.
  • In this case, the passengers only had to pay the difference in fare according to the new ticket.

Jetblue’s flexibility waiver on change flights does not apply to Blue Basic Tickets. If you want to change such flights, the only way is to cancel them and rebook for a later date within the first 24 hours.

How Do I Make Flight Changes on JetBlue?

Flight change is not a huge issue, but you need prior information to make sure there isn’t any problem when you actually do it. The JetBlue change flight process is simple and applies to all the tickets that are eligible for a flight change. There are two major methods to make changes to a ticket; offline and online. Both of the options permit smooth ticket modifications, and you can choose a new date for your flight easily. Continue Reading to know more about the flight change processes:

JetBlue Online Flight Changes

Passengers can use the online website or mobile app of JetBlue Airways to make changes to their tickets. Here are the steps in detail:

  • Log in to the JetBlue official website, and click on the “Manage Trips” option.

You can also log on to the official JetBlue mobile app.

  • After you have logged in, you can go to the “My Trips” section.
  • Here you can add the following:
    • Booking number
    • Last name and first name on the ticket

This will help you to see the flight you want to change.

  • Then, you need to select the “Change or Add Flights” button.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to enter the new information that you want on your flight.
  • Once the new page opens, you can see your new dates with available flights; you can choose one to your liking.
  • Again follow the screen prompts to select a flight and pay for it if necessary.

Finally, JetBlue will send you a ticket confirmation to your registered email ID to confirm your new ticket and notify you about the changes.

JetBlue Offline Flight Changes

Passengers may easily change or cancel their JetBlue flights offline as well. The information they need for this is the same as the online changes, which are the ticket number or confirmation code along with the last name of the passenger. You can request a JetBlue customer service change flight through the official phone number +1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583. You just need to follow the automated voice instructions on the line and request live person assistance. The agent on the call will help you through the rest. Note that the phone call changes may incur a 25 USD per person fee on JetBlue flight changes. On the other hand, flight changes through online channels are free. So, make your decisions wisely. The handy rebooking tool allows you to make easy and pleasant flight changes. Pro-tip: You can also chat with our customer service experts to avoid this change fee.

How Much is The JetBlue Flight Change fee?

On every fare with JetBlue, requesting a change is subject to a certain fee or difference in fares at least. Though the airline has waived the change in flight fees under the waiver, Basic Blue tickets are still not exempt from it. The JetBlue change flight fee of 100 USD applies to some tickets booked under a certain period, whereas the Blue Basic tickets can not be changed. The major fares only ask you to pay a difference in the fares for your itinerary schedule changes. Also, the 200 USD JetBlue flight change fee may apply in certain cases, but for most of them, you won’t be paying a cent. The several options are all contradicting, so it may be better to give a call to the customer team and attain all the knowledge.

Can I Change My JetBlue Flight on The Same Day?

Same-Day Changes, well, typically speaking, a same-day flight change is a situation where you want to change your flight timings for a later or earlier time on the same day as departure. If you are in a situation where you need to hurry and travel on an earlier flight, or you wish to push it a little later use JetBlue same day flight change option. With this, you get two different situations:

  1. Same-day Switch
  2. Same-day Standby

Same-day Switches- In this option, passengers can pay a flat 75 USD fee to change their flight to a new one with available seats without any fare difference. You can only switch your flights on the day of travel which means starting at midnight on the day of departure. Also, same-day switches are only available in cities that have multiple flights a day. Same-day Standby- Standby is always subject to availability with its 75 USD fee and additional fare difference. Also, in this option, you need to have a purchased seat with JetBlue. This allows you to get on the standby list for a sold-out flight on the day of your confirmed flights. You can choose a standby option as per your convenience or select a same-day switch. Remember that if you get a confirmed same day flight change JetBlue, you only need to pay a 75 USD fee. However, you must pay the fare difference for standby if you get a seat on the plane.

Wrapping Up- Change Your JetBlue Flights As You Like

Passengers who wish to make changes can use one of the methods mentioned above and confirm flight changes. The new flight they choose will be under their previous fare preferences at most. Also, the JetBlue change flight service allows you to make name or seat changes, if applicable, under your fare rules. Connect with a JetBlue live person for more details on the service. For those who seek help that matters, the skywayfare team also has the answers(immediate help).



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