Do you want to travel abroad with loved ones? Count on JetBlue Airlines group travel for a remarkable trip. With this type of travel, you can enjoy traveling with your group of 10 or more people on the same flight. It is not only convenient but also cost-effective. As a group trip is all about experiences to cherish, JetBlue adds to its delight with its group travel booking option. Avail of other services and exciting flight features on traveling in groups with this airline. So, if you are looking forward to knowing about group travel with JetBlue, you are at the correct place. Here, we bring you an overview of this feature - JetBlue booking for a group that the air carrier has devised for you.

What Types of Groups Does JetBlue Allow?

The group travel policy of JetBlue Airlines allows the following types of groups for group travel:

Leisure Groups

  • A group of 10 travelers or more get this facility. So, be it a church group, family, or sports group. Whichever your group is, you will get a customized group fare quote.
  • For domestic travel, a JetBlue booking should be made 30 days before departure. Payment is due 60 days before departure for international destinations.
  • Fill out the form for JetBlue Airlines group travel on the official website to travel 60 days in advance.

Meeting Travel

JetBlue's meetings program eases corporate meetings with unconditional support and personal attention. You get superior customer service to great flexibility from JetBlue.

Incentive Groups

It’s a great way to reward the best employees or organize an office trip with the numero uno service of JetBlue. And what’s more? You get flexibility and convenience with JetBlue's incentive travel.

How Do I Make A JetBlue Airlines Group Travel Booking?

If a group trip is on your cards, you might be interested to know about the process of booking it. So, take a look at the steps to book a JetBlue Airlines group travel.

Booking Online

This approach is a breeze and highly preferred for quick bookings. Let’s see how to do it:
  • Open the official website of JetBlue Airways.
  • Sign into your account.
  • Click on the Advance Option.
  • Select Group Travel.
  • Enter the name of the destination you and your group want to visit.
  • Click the search icon.
  • Find the JetBlue flight for your group booking.
  • Fill in all the required information about you and your group.
  • Select the payment mode.
  • Complete the payment for the group booking.

Booking Offline

You can book a JetBlue Airlines group booking offline as quickly and conveniently as the online process. Let’s begin.
  • The first step in the offline booking is to dial the official group travel contact number of JetBlue Airways - 1-888-538-2583.
  • Then, you will be connected to a customer care representative.
  • Next, an automated IVR voice menu will command you.
  • Follow the commands the IVR menu gives you and press the keys on your phone accordingly.
  • This will help you connect with a JetBlue representative.
  • Once you are connected to a customer service executive of JetBlue, tell him/her the name of the destination that you want to visit with your group.
  • Now, share all the details with the JetBlue representative that are required to make the booking.
  • Complete the process with the payment for your group tickets.
If you need more information on the booking or other details about the group travel, dial JetBlue group travel phone number (mentioned above). Viola! You are done with your booking for the group you want to travel with. Now you have to plan to enjoy the trip. After all, when you plan an air journey, you want your loved ones to accompany you. Since traveling with a group is something many dream of, JetBlue makes this dream come true.

Does JetBlue Offer Group Travel Discounts?

When you are enjoying traveling with others, you might wonder if you can grab some discounts on your group booking. After all, you are buying 10 tickets at once. However, it is noteworthy that there is no JetBlue group travel discount. The airline doesn’t offer you discounts on your flight fares when you are traveling in a group. And there are no lower flight fares on group reservations. It is suggested that you check the regular transactions and quotes of the airline to stay updated with the group travel ticket fares. But, in case you need real-time assistance for more details and information on group travel with JetBlue airline, you can call on the JetBlue group travel desk phone number at 1-888-538-2583 easily. So, when are you flying to your favorite place with your group?
You need not worry as there are many users who come across different problems during and after a flight ticket booking. But with the JetBlue live chat online, you can get solutions to your queries in a finger snap!
If you are looking for a better and lucrative way to travel to different destinations in one stretch, count on JetBlue multi-city flights.This service facilitates you to fly to various places on the same airline and that too with the convenience of one ticket.
Jetblue Seat Selection is not a necessary process, but it can make your flight experience more enjoyable if you do so. You will get a better seat and more legroom. JetBlue was one of the first major airlines in the United States to offer seat selection, and it’s a game changer for many reasons.
You joyfully booked that flight on JetBlue, and now you have no choice but to cancel your plans. Ever happened? If it did, just be aware of Jetblue Cancellation Policy and Refund process. It will offer you a chance at rebooking/replanning once your boss is pleased with you attending the meeting.