No one likes when you are prepared to catch your flight but the unexpected happens. You worry about your booking and if you can get it as per your requirements again. But not anymore with Frontier. Thanks to Frontier Airlines change flight approach. You can easily change your booking and even get a new one as per your convenience.

With Frontier Airlines flexible approach and customer-friendly policy for the flight change, you can modify your flight date or time. Now, go through the account that follows and learn more about the flight change policy, process, fees, and more.

Can I Change My Flight On Frontier Airlines?

Yes, Frontier Airlines allows you to change your flight booking. Since the airline understands how unpredictable life is, it offers you peace of mind with its flight change feature.

You can also get connected to the Frontier Airlines customer service team for prompt and efficient assistance. So, when the unexpected occurs, change your booking easily with Frontier.

What is Frontier Airlines Change Flight Policy?

To change your travel plans with Frontier, make sure that you know its policy about the same. For your reference, here are the Frontier Airlines change flight policy highlights -

  • You can change your booking for free within 24 hours of making it. However, you must have a flight scheduled after at least 7 days for free change.
  • If your flight is scheduled before 7 days, the airline doesn’t allow you free changes.
  • Only the bookings made directly with Frontier are eligible for free changes. If you have purchased your ticket from a travel agency, contact the same to know about any charges.

How to Change a Frontier Airlines Flight?

You can easily change your booking online. Go through the Frontier airlines flight change process below -

Through the Official Website

  • Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines.
  • Go to the section of My Trips/Check-In.
  • Enter the last name of the passenger and the booking confirmation code.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • You will be on the Trip Confirmation screen.
  • Click on the Change Flights button.
  • Follow the prompts to make the required changes to your flight booking.

Via the Mobile App

Alternatively, you can download the mobile application of Frontier Airlines on your smartphone from the App Store or Play Store. Now, proceed with the Frontier change flight process through the app -

  • Locate the 3 bars on the top left side of the screen.
  • Tap on those.
  • Click on My Flights.
  • Mention the following -
    • The last name of the passenger
    • Booking confirmation code
  • Tap on the Retrieve button.
  • Your booking will be displayed.
  • Select the option of Change Flight.
  • Proceed with the prompts on the screens for your changes.

Please note

As of now, Frontier Airlines change flight assistance is not available on its phone number.

How Much is The Frontier Airlines Change Flight Fee?

You have to change your Frontier flight. So, you want to know about the fee you have to pay for it.  Well, the fee to change flights with Frontier Airlines depends on the number of days left for the scheduled arrival of the original flight. 

Take a look at the Frontier Airlines change flight fee here -

Bookings Made (Per passenger, per direction)More than 60 days59 to 7 days6 days or less
6/2/22 - BeyondNo fee$49$99
7/27/21 – 6/1/22No fee$49$79
4/1/21-7/26/21No fee$39$59


For detailed information, get in touch with the Frontier Airlines customer service representative.

Please note

  • The flight change fee increases as the travel date gets closer.
  • Frontier change flight fee depends on the fare type.
  • If your new flight costs more than the original booking, pay the fare difference.

Can Change a Frontier Flight for Free?

Yes, you can change your flight with Frontier Airlines without paying any fees. Here are the approaches through which you can avoid paying the flight change charges -

Be an Early Bird

Early birds can skip the change flight fee. Simply make your flight ticket booking early and change your flight for free.

Purchase the WORKS and Flight Flexibility

While booking your trip, buy the WORKS bundle and Flight Flexibility. This saves you from paying the flight change fee. Moreover, WORKS helps you:

  • Make your entire booking easily refundable
  • Get the best flight seat
  • Have one free checked bag and one free carry-on bag onboard

Please note

Flight Flexibility is included with The WORKS but you can also purchase it separately.

Does Frontier Airlines Allow Same-Day Flight Changes?

Yes, Frontier Airlines facilitates you with the flight change on the same date of your travel. You have the following options when changing your booking on the same day -


  • Frontier Miles Elite-level members can travel on a flight departing earlier or later on the travel date for no additional charges.
  • The airline doesn’t allow you to add a connecting flight to your new itinerary and vice versa, if originally your itinerary had direct flight.
  • Itinerary change can be done at the gate or ticket counter of the departing airport.
  • Frontier Airlines decides the boarding order for standby flights.

Please note

  • Check your eligibility for standby.
  • The standby is subject to seat availability.
  • To know more about Frontier Airlines standby feature, contact its customer service team.

Same-day confirmed flight changes

You can change to a flight that is taking off earlier or later on your same travel date. Frontier Miles Elite members and the WORKS ticket holders get it for free.

In Conclusion

So, don’t worry when your travel plans change after you have made your flight booking. With Frontier airlines change flight approach, you can modify your flight ticket hassle-free. And book your ticket on the next flight at your convenience.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you have to change your flight booking? Count on the flight change feature of Frontier Airlines and modify your booking and travel plans easily. Change your Frontier flight today!

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Can I change my Frontier flight for free?

Yes, you can change your flight on Frontier Airlines for free. For this, either change your booking 60 days before the scheduled flight departure or buy the WORKS or Flight Flexibility bundle.

What if Frontier changes my flight?

If Frontier changes your flight, it will send a link via a text message or an email to claim a refund or select another flight.