Traveling with Frontier Airlines is a pocket-friendly affair. That’s why you pay only for the tickets and buy services according to your budget. So, when you want to make a Frontier Airlines Seat Selection, you have to pay for chosen seats. Select seats while booking as the airline offers you the best prices at that time.

You have varied options to choose from while choosing seats. Window seat or aisle, extra legroom, or sitting near the flight’s front, whatever is your preference, Frontier provides you. Simply sit and relax on Frontier flights. Fly comfortably on wide seats that are designed ergonomically to give you the best experience.

Moreover, if you don’t buy a seat, Frontier assigns you for free. Now, let’s know more about seat selection on Frontier Airlines.

Can You Select Seats on Frontier Airlines?

Yes, you can make a Frontier seat selection easily. Enjoy traveling on your preferred seats with incredible amenities. You will find the best seats in the front rows, giving ample legroom.

Your seat assignments are not included in the airline’s prices. However, you can pay to choose your favorite seats. However, you get an included seat when you pay for the WORKS or the PERKS bundle of Frontier Airlines.

How To Select Seats On Frontier Airlines?

When traveling on a Frontier Airlines flight, you can make a seat selection at your ease. You can purchase a seat while making your Frontier Airlines Booking or after that using the manage booking service.

The best ways to select your seat on Frontier Airlines are -

  • During booking or prior to check-in
  • At Check-in

Let’s look at how to select seats in both cases one by one.

Select Seats when Booking

  • Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines.
  • Go to the My Trips section.
  • Enter the confirmation number and last name.
  • Hit the Search button.
  • Select seats of your choice.
  • Refer to the Frontier seating chart displayed on the screen.
  • Confirm the seats.
  • Make the payment as required.

Choose Seats At Check-in

  • When completing the check-in process, pick your seat.
  • Hit the Continue button to confirm your selection.
  • Review your selection and make the changes required.
  • After seat selection, print your boarding pass or get it by email.

Please note

If you want to change your seat after completing the check-in process, call Frontier customer service number for assistance.

What is Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

Several factors determine the cost of choosing seats on Frontier Airlines such as the flight duration, route, and the time of booking. On average, the Frontier seat selection cost, each way ranges from $17 to $55 for standard economy seats. So, you have to pay a seat selection cost of almost $36 for a roundtrip.

Now, let’s take a look at the charges of picking a seat on a Frontier flight - 

Seats Selected ThroughStandard Seats (prices start from)Stretch Seats (prices start from)
Booking & up to 24 hours before the flight’s departure $5$16
Call Center $16$56
Kiosk/airport ticket counter
Web Check-in$7$18

Please note

  • Your seat selection fee might be subject to change. Contact a customer service executive of Frontier for an updated fee.
  • To catch a connecting flight, buy a stretch seat.
  • Check your flights for a specific seat selection fee as it varies.

Can I Get Free Seats on the Frontier?

Yes, the airline offers you seats without paying any extra charges. So, let’s see how to get seats on Frontier Airlines for free.

Go with Random Seat Assignment

If you do not select your favorite seats beforehand, the airline randomly assigns you one without any charges. However, you might not sit with your travel companion in this case.

Earn an Elite Status

With an elite status, you can get seats of your choice for free. Here are some examples - 

  1. A Frontier Elite 20K status allows you to select a free -
  • Seat of your choice
  • Stretch seating at check in
  1. With  Elite 50K or Elite 100K status, you can get free stretch seating on ticket purchase.

Moreover, you get family seating and have up to 8 travelers on the same reservation for seat selection. This includes stretch seating.

Use credit card statement credits

You can skip paying Frontier seat selection prices when you use your American Express card credits.

Please note

Call a customer service representative of Frontier Airlines to -

  • Know more about how these cards help you avoid seat selection charges
  • Rules to use these card credits

What are the Frontier Airlines Seating Options?

When you look forward to making a Frontier Airlines Seat Selection, you have different options. However, you have to pay for each seat selection. So, you can pick a seat as per your comfort, convenience, and pocket.

Now, let’s take a look at the options that the airline offers for seats -

Standard seating

  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
  • Are among the industry’s widest seats available currently

Stretch seating

  • Extra Legroom (5 to 7 inches extra space)
  • Earliest inflight services
  • Recline for optimum comfort
  • Allow deboarding the aircraft early
  • Facilitate convenient laptop use

You can also pick the Frontier Elite level seats that offer priority services and access to exclusive lounges.

No matter which seat you select, every Frontier seat gives you - 

  • Pre-reclined seats for personal space
  • Extra cushioning
  • More personal space
  • Environment-friendly

Please note

Frontier has limited flight seats for stretch seating options. So, book at the earliest for extra legroom.

Does Frontier Airlines Seat Children with Parents?

If you are traveling with your family, Frontier Airlines covers you with its family seating policy.  To know it better, let’s take a look at the policy highlights - 

  • When kids below 14 years of age are traveling, Frontier gives free adjacent seats so that every kid sits with an adult. However, they must be on the same booking.
  • You get free adjacent seating one day before the scheduled departure of your flight. However, when a family prefers to pick seats, the airline charges a fee.
  • As per Frontier Airlines child seat policy, infants who are between 7 days to 2 years of age can travel free in an adult’s lap.
  • You can bring the kid’s stroller to the gate and get it checked there.
  • Kids get Frontier's Kids Fly Free program. Under this program, travelers who are 18 years old and above can sign up for a DISCOUNT DEN membership. The membership allows you - 
    • Access to lower fares for up to nine people on the itinerary
    • Select flights with the Kids Fly Free logo

Please note

  • DISCOUNT DEN membership is available at $59.99 annual fee. New members pay $99.99 for the first year.  They must pay $59.99 with a $40 enrollment charge (only once).

In Conclusion

Therefore, with Frontier Airlines Seat Selection, you can travel at your convenience. If you want to select seats, the airline allows you at certain charges. However, there are approaches that help you get free seats of your choice. Moreover, the airline assures that kids sit with at least an adult of their family if seats are not selected beforehand.

So, choose seats with the airline’s quick and simple processes. Keep the guidelines and policies mentioned above and grab the best seats as per your ease on your Frontier Airlines flight.

Wait no more. Book your preferred seats now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Do you have to pay for seats on Frontier?

Yes, Frontier Airlines charges you for seat selection that varies as per the flight route, duration, etc. Check for specific seat selection charges with the airline.

Q.2 Does Frontier have assigned seats?

Yes, Frontier gives you free randomly assigned seats. However, if you want preferred seats and sit with your travel companion, select and pay for the seats.

Q.3 What if I don’t pay for seat selection?

If you don’t select a seat and pay for it, Frontier assigns you random seats. So, if you are fine sitting away from your companion, skip seat selection payment.