When you are traveling, be prepared for plan changes. And when you are flying on a Delta Airlines flight, you are worry-free of hassles in changing. Thanks to the Delta Airlines change flight policy and process that facilitate you change your booking. Moreover, you need not pay any charges for changing your flight with Delta.

With the customer-friendly flight change policy of the airline, you can change your destination, time, and date as required. Also, the airline allows you to raise a refund request in different conditions. Now, let’s know more about making flight changes with Delta Air Lines in the account that follows.

What is Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy?

When you need to switch your Delta flight, know the guidelines about it for a  streamlined experience. Here are Delta Airlines change flight policy highlights that include 2023 updates.

  • The airline has waived its flight change fee for domestic and international destinations. Such flights must originate from North America to any destination. This includes -
    • Basic Economy tickets
    • Tickets issued only by Delta
  • All international flights that Delta’s codeshare and joint venture partners operate, However, bookings on these flights must be made by Delta.
  • You have to pay only the flight fare difference.
  • Delta has eliminated its change fees for flights between the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean that include Basic Economy tickets.
  • With Delta Airlines you can change your flight date, location, and time within 24 hours of booking. This risk-free window doesn’t charge you any fee for changing a flight, irrespective of the ticket type.

Please note

  • Basic Economy tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable in a majority of cases.

For detailed information about the Delta change flight policy, contact the airline’s customer service representative.

How Soon Can I Change My Delta Flight?

Delta airlines change flight for the same day is allowed for free. In several instances, you can change your same day domestic flight with Delta within 24 hours. With the airline, you can easily get Same-Day Standby or Same-Day Confirmed change.

Can I Change My Delta Flight 24 Hours Before Departure?

When traveling with Delta Airline, you can change your flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure. You can look for alternative flights and go for a confirmed or standby option with the airline’s Same-Day Change feature via the Fly Delta app.

You have two options to change your bookings within 24 hours of your original flight schedule -

  • Same-day confirmed
  • Same-day standby

You can make Same-day changes during online check-in or through the Fly Delta app. However, it is subject to availability. Contact the airline’s customer service team for more information.

How to Change a Delta Flight?

You can easily complete your Delta Airlines change flight process. Here is the step by step online procedure for the same.

  • Visit the website of Delta Air Lines.
  • Go to the My Trips option.
  • Enter the following details -
  • Your name and confirmation number
  • Credit/debit card number or ticket number
  • Proceed to the Trip Details page.
  • Click the Start Flight Change button.
  • Hit the Find New Flights option to go to a new page.
  • View and select new flight options.
  • Pay any fare difference, if required.

The airline will send you a confirmation email. Alternatively, you can change your flight through the Fly Delta app.

Change Delta Flight through Phone Call

  • Dial Delta airlines change flight phone number - 800-221-1212.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Get connected to a live representative.
  • Request a flight change.
  • Share the details required.
  • Pay the fare difference and/or change fee as required.

Please note

  • Delta issues your ticket balance as a Delta eCredit or refunds as per your ticket type and change/cancellation conditions.
  • Pay the fare difference, if any between your original flight and the new flight along with any change fees.
  • If your new booking is cheaper than the original one, Delta issues an eCredit as the difference.

Does Delta Airlines Allow Award Ticket Flight Changes?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows award ticket holders to go for a flight change easily. The airline provides better flexibility to its SkyMiles Members, who fly with an Award Ticket. They can change their trip whenever they want to.

Here are the Award Tickets policies for flights that originate in the United States and Canada to destinations across the world.

  • Delta has eliminated its reissue fees and Award Ticket redeposit.
  • Membership holders may cancel or change Award Tickets before the flight’s departure.

Please note

  • You can’t change the Basic Economy Award Tickets. However, cancellation at a charge is allowed.
  • The airline deducts the cancellation charge from your ticket and redeposits mileage balance into your SkyMiles account.

What is Delta Airlines Change Flight Fee?

When you are changing your Delta flight, it is good to have an idea about the charges to pay. Here is an overview of Delta airlines change flight fee for your reference -

  • Domestic travel - $200 per ticket
  • International travel - Starts at $200 per ticket
  • Award ticket - $150
  • Refundable tickets - $200 to $500

Please note

Fee varies as per the location, duration, and ticket type. Get in touch with the airline for updated fees.

Can I Cancel/Change My Flight Without Fees?

Yes, you can change/cancel your booking for free with Delta. Here’s how:

  • Simply book tickets for the  Main Cabin or higher travel classes on flights that originate from  the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, India and the Caribbean.
  • Get an eCredit for any balance to use within your ticket’s validity (one year from the booking date).
  • When you go for a Delta Airline change flight, remember that if you don’t cancel or change your ticket before the flight’s departure, your ticket will not have any value remaining.

Please note

  • Basic Economy tickets are mostly non-changeable and non-refundable.
  • Change and cancellation fees apply on all tickets that include Main Cabin and premium for some originating markets.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, your air travel is simplified, thanks to Delta and its customer-friendly approaches. Moreover, the airline provides you flexibility with your travel plans. So, if you need to modify your trip, proceed in a streamlined manner. From making reservations to flying, Delta is dedicated to providing you a hassle-free experience.

So, count on Delta Airlines change flight guidelines and processes to have control over your travel. Moreover, Delta has removed change fees and has made it more convenient to manage your bookings. Why the wait? Do you need to change your Delta flight? You can easily do it today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Delta Flight for free?

Yes, you can change your flight for free with Delta Airlines.

How long before a Delta flight can I change it?

Delta gives you up to 24 hours before the departure to change your flights for free. You can also change within 24 hours of departure that is the same-day flight change.

How many free flight changes does Delta allow?

Delta Airlines allows you to change your tickets as many times as you wish and confirm the new flight tickets. Contact teh airline for more details.