Turkish Airlines Cancellation and Refund policy

Your plans will not always pan out the way you want, and Turkish airlines understand this exceptionally well. So
there is nothing to worry about if you have your tickets with Turkish Airlines. Turkish airlines cancellation
policy is incredibly passenger-friendly, incurring no charges if you cancel your flight on time.

About Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the world’s most famous airlines. Passengers are the airlines top priority; hence
their policies are flexible. Turkish Airlines provides the best services, both on the ground and in flight. It is
also celebrated amongst the best brands for its on-time departures and arrivals.

So if you have a Turkish airlines booking and you want to cancel it, we will help you through the process for a
hassle-free cancellation.

What is The Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy 2022?

Turkish Airlines makes everything easy, from booking to cancellation. For a stress-free cancellation of your Turkish
Flight, go through the policy mentioned below.

  • You will not pay cancellation charges if you cancel your flight 24 hours before takeoff.
  • After 24 hours, a cancellation fee will be applicable.
  • Passengers will have to pay a cancellation fee, depending on their route and travel class.
  • Passengers who buy a refundable ticket will get a flight ticket refund only once the cancellation charges are
    removed from the original fare.
  • A non-refundable ticket will only be eligible for a refund under exceptional circumstances.

Note: For more information on the cancellation policy, Turkish airlines call the airlines customer
service at 000 8000 50 1565.

What is The Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 Hours?

The 24-hour cancellation policy is simply incredible. To know more about this policy, have a look at the points
mentioned below.

  • For flight booking to/from the United States, the Turkish airlines 24 hour cancellation policy will be
    applicable. According to this policy, the airline will hold your booking without any charges.
  • According to the 24-hour policy, if you book your flight ticket through the Turkish airlines official site,
    you will have no obligation for payment.

Note: Call the airlines customer service for any assistance as they are available around the clock for their
valuable passengers.

What are Turkish Airlines Canceled Flight Policy?

Your Turkish flight is canceled, what should you do?

Flights get canceled for various reasons, such as weather, aircraft technical snag, etc. So it is always safer to
know your options. knowing your options will help you plan your trip accordingly.

If your Turkish Airlines flight is canceled, you have the right to do the following and you can also
avail Turkish airlines refund ticket.

  • Take the next flight offered by Turkish airlines, if it suits your travel plans.
  • If your flight waiting time exceeds 8 hours, Turkish Airlines provides you with accommodation and hotel
    transportation for free.
  • If the next flight doesn’t suit your travel plan, you can cancel it and claim a full refund.
  1. You would get a full refund within seven business days if you booked your ticket through a travel voucher,
    cash, miles, and awards.
  2. Turkish Airlines will be provided a return flight to your original departure destination if your onward trip
    is pointless.

Note: If you are at the airport connect with the airline representative there and they will assist you further.

What is The Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fee?

To know about the cancellation fee of Turkish Airlines go through the points given below.

  • The cancellation fee of Turkish airlines depends on the route the passengers intended to fly and the travel
  • Passengers will not pay a fee if either their flight is canceled or rescheduled by the operator.
  • Your flight cancellation will be free if you cancel your flight within 24 of your flight booking.
  • There is no need to pay a fee if your flight is canceled 7 days prior to your scheduled departure.
  • You will get a full refund if Turkish airlines cancel your flight.
  • All the flight refunds will be refunded to the passengers account, which was used for flight booking,
    within 20 business days.
  • Turkish airlines will provide extra facilities such as transportation between the airport and the hotel if
    your flight is canceled.

Note: If you need more information, call Turkish airlines customer service for assistance.

How to Cancel a Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket?

Follow the steps given below for the successful cancellation of your flight ticket.

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.
  • Scroll to the Turkish airlines manage booking option.
  • Enter all the required information.
  • Once you see your itinerary, select the flight you need to cancel and press Cancel.
  • Once your flight is canceled, you can’t undo the action.
  • You will receive a cancellation confirmation email at your registered address.

Note: You can contact the airline by either calling customer service at 1800-874-8875 or by
visiting the airport.

What is The Turkish Airlines Refund Policy?

Passengers can effortlessly cancel their Turkish Airlines Flight and get a refund. Walk through the points mentioned
below to know more about the policy.

  • If your flight scheduled departure is within the next 7 days and you cancel it within 24 hours of booking,
    you will get a full refund on it.
  • If your credit card is used for flight booking, the refund will be credited to your account within 7 working
  • If cash or check is used you will receive the refund within 20 business days.
  • Make sure you give all your details, such as name, address, arrival destination, departure destination, and
    credit card number when you claim a refund.
  • Your refund amount will include all the privileges you couldn’t utilize due to the flight

Note: Turkish Airlines will hold your booking for 24 hours for free if your flights scheduled departure
is at least after 7 days. Please note that passengers to/from the U.S can avail of this facility.

Do You Get a Full Refund From Turkish Airlines?

Only under exceptional circumstances, you will get a full ticket refund. To know about those situations, go through
the points mentioned below.

  • The airline has canceled your flight, and the other flight offered by the airline is unsuitable.
  • The airline rescheduled your flight, because of which you missed your connecting flight.
  • There is a 5-hour delay on your scheduled flight.
  • You already have a refundable flight ticket.
  • You were not allowed to board the flight.

Note: For more information, call the airlines customer service  at 000 8000 50 1565 or +1-860-200-8850.

How to Apply For Turkish airlines Cancel Flight Refund?

You can apply for your Turkish flight refund by :

  • Phone by calling Turkish airlines customer service.
  • Online by visiting Airlines official site.
  • Mobile app
  • Self-service Kiosk
  • Through the airline reservation desk.

Note: Make sure that you cancel your flight first before claiming a refund. If you are meeting all the criteria of
the refund policy, the amount will be credited to your account.

Turkish airlines is a world-class airlines with the best facilities on board and amazing on-ground services. It is
always a privilege to fly with Turkish Airlines as it knows how to take care of its passengers.


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