You were waiting to catch your Spirit Airlines flight. But on the day of travel, you couldn’t reach the airport on time and missed your flight. Now what? Look up to the Spirit missed flight policy that helps you in such circumstances.

Missing a flight is common these days. You might sleep through the alarm, get stuck in a traffic jam, or any other reason that might result in you missing your flight. Here, the airline’s missed flight approach guides you on what to expect when you can’t catch your flight.

Now, explore the account that follows and learn more about the missed flight guidelines of Spirit Airlines that help you.

What is The Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

If you have missed your Spirit Airlines flight, don’t panic. With the smartly devised Spirit Airlines missed flight policy, you will have a better understanding of it.

Here are the policy highlights for your reference -

  • If you have missed a flight because of the airline’s error, the next Spirit flight will accommodate you.
  • The airline refunds you in the form of travel credits that you can use for future flight bookings.
  • For flights missed because of weather disruptions, the airline provides you with compensation.

To know more about Spirit Airlines missed flight, contact a customer service representative.

How Much is the Spirit Missed Flight Fee?

The next important factor to know about missing your Spirit flight is the cost that you have to pay. So, be informed that the Spirit missed flight fee is $200.

  • Once you pay the fee, the airline reschedules another flight for you.
  • Count on the airline’s missed flight policy to check if you can be exempted from paying the fee.

Please note

The cost of Spirit flight change is determined by your travel destination and flight ticket fares, and varies accordingly.

What Happens If You Miss Your Flight With Spirit Airlines?

Once you have missed your flight, you must be aware of the next steps to follow. So, if you are curious to know what happens if you miss your flight with Spirit, scroll down -

  • Spirit Airlines allows passengers to stand by if they miss their flight for any reason. The airlines will accommodate you to another flight if you reach the airport within two hours of their missed flight time.
  • When you miss your Spirit Airlines flight, inform the airline immediately. Call Spirit Airlines missed flight phone number at 855-728-3555.
  • File a compensation claim with the airline. Provide your name, address, phone number, and email address as well as the name of the person who made the reservation.

If you have any questions about filing a claim or getting more information about the Spirit missed flight policy, check out the Airlines website or contact its customer support.

Does Spirit Offer Standby Tickets?

Do you want to know about flying on a standby with Spirit? Know that the airline allows you to fly on an earlier flight, on the same day of your scheduled departure.

However, you must pay $99 per person to avail of this option. In case, the next flight chosen is packed with reservations, go for a standby mode without any extra charges.

What is the No-Show by Spirit Airlines?

If you have a flight booking coming up but don’t show up to catch it on time, Spirit considers it a no-show.

  • So, if you are too late to show up for your scheduled flight, connecting flights (if any) will be canceled.
  • If you don’t show up for your flight, Spirit will forfeit your ticket. You can’t use it later on.
  • However, Spirit Airlines has a no-show policy to reschedule for the missed flight within a set timeline.

Get in touch with the airline to know more about the Spirit Airlines no-show policy. You can also count on the Skywayfare experts for immediate assistance at +1-860-200-8850.

What is the Spirit Missed Flight Refund Policy?

After you have missed your Spirit flight, what you have are spoilt travel plans and ticket value lost. But thanks to the Spirit missed flight policy, you still have hope to get a refund.

So without delay, let’s take a glance at the Spirit Airlines refund policy highlights -

  • Get a full refund if an unfortunate situation such as a death in the family, a serious health issue, or a natural disaster causes you to miss your flight.
  • However, support your reason in any of the above-mentioned cases, with valid documents.
  • If premium members or frequent travelers have missed a flight on Spirit Airlines, they are eligible to get a full refund.
  • Non-refundable tickets are not provided with a refund.

Can I Rebook My Missed Spirit Flight?

Are you wondering that after I have missed my flight with Spirit, what do I do? All you have to do is to rebook a flight. Choose an online or offline method to rebook at your ease.

  • To book your flight online, visit the official website of Spirit Airlines, follow the prompts, and rebook your flight tickets.
  • Call a customer service executive to rebook a flight for you.

In Conclusion

Simply put, with Spirit Airlines missed flight policy fly worry-free. Thanks to its customer-friendly approach that makes the process simple and quick for you. For any assistance call 855-728-3555 to talk to live customer service representatives. You can also call 1-860-200-8850 where the experts at Skywayfare will assist you promptly in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if I miss my flight with Spirit?

On missing a Spirit flight, inform the airline about your reason. You might get a new flight booking or a refund.

Does Spirit Airlines charge you if you miss your flight?

Yes, you must pay $200 for missing a Spirit flight. Check if you have to pay fare difference for new bookings.