Like other airlines, the airlines in the Gulf countries are also observant when it comes to student travel. Student air travel is already a hassle, as they are always on a budget and can’t spend too much. On the other hand, airfares are very high. Qatar Airways student club, however, counters all these problems with their exceptional fares. Now, students can avail of Qatar Airways student discount by enrolling in their program. The student club has many benefits which you can benefit from if you are a student.

So, are you ready to travel for your studies? Well, whether you are going back to school, visiting friends and family, or just vacationing during the holidays, you can join the Student Club, and get unparalleled options for saving more. Read on to find out more about student discounts by Qatar Airways!

How to Get a Student Discount on Qatar Airways?

To Get exclusive discounts, you can enrol in the Qatar Airways student club and then book your flights according to the general booking method. This Student Club is actually a special program offered by the privilege club for students who book flights with the airline for any of their travel needs or destinations. However, you do not need to be a member of the airline’s Privilege Club to be eligible for the special fares. In fact, you also become a member of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club on enrollment in the Student Club.

How do I Enrol in Qatar Airways Student Club?

If you are between the ages of 18 to 30 years and studying for a degree at any University or college, you are eligible to join the student club. Your enrollment process is simple and is possible directly from the Qatar Airways website.

Once you enrol, you can even get Qatar Airways student discount code which is applicable toward your travel booking, given that you qualify as a student. Here are the details to enrol:

  • You can log in to the Qatar Airways website and enter the Student Club page.
  • After that, take a few minutes out of your time to register for a student discount.
  • Under the Student Club page, you need to fill out the form of enrollment.

The form includes the following necessary information:

  • Create an account with Facebook or Google, or write your email address manually and generate a password.
  • You also have to enter your mobile phone and country code.
  • Provide your personal details such as title, first name, middle name, last name, DOB, etc.
  • Enter your region again in the next step.
  • Now, you may provide your College/University information
    • Name of College
    • Location
    • Expected graduation
  • Upload your Joining letter or ID card.
  • Also provide any enrolment promo code if you have one.

You can now check the news alert offers box to revive different deals and ongoing discount information over the phone. Confirm the privacy agreement and create an account with the airline. Now, you can look forward to numerous benefits you can enjoy with your membership.

What are the Benefits of the Qatar Airways Student Club?

Having a student account with Qatar Airways can give you many benefits. You can enjoy special fares, have flexibility in flight change, obtain companion passes for friends' travel, etc. Below, you will find the detailed benefits of booking flights under the student club offered by Delta.

Extra Savings on Each Bookings

Passengers enjoy 10% off on student account flights under the Club membership. Also, after the first trip, the discount is 15%, and after the second one, you can get 20% off. After your third trip, you can enjoy a further 20% off on your travel.

Free Onboard Wi-Fi

If you book on the airline’s website or the Qatar mobile app, you can get free Wi-Fi onboard, which has high speed and lets you stay connected to the outer world while miles above in the sky.

Extra Luggage Allowance

Customers can carry more luggage under their Student Club membership. If you are a Burgundy Student Club member, the airline offers you an extra 10 kg in your luggage, or you can even get an extra piece of luggage. This depends on their flights and routes.

Privilege Club Upgrade on Graduation

Student Club members can enjoy a Privilege Club Tier upgrade if they at least travel once a year with Qatar Airways under their student offers. However, the tier upgrade only happens when they graduate.

More Flexibility

With Qatar Airways Student Club, your flights have flexible booking options. You can also enjoy a complimentary change of date with your membership. For more, check with an airline representative and confirm your flights afterward.

Benefits of Companion Pass

When you book with Student Club benefits, you can even share them with your friends or family. Just invite them to be your companion. You can pre-select three companions from the list of your family members. As a result, you will be eligible for special fare offers, and so will your companions. The complimentary change of date also applies to companion bookings.

What else do you need? You can start by enrolling in the Student Club benefits and be a part of the student community of Qatar Airways. You can also get your first promo code right away while booking.

What are the Rules for Qatar Airways Student Discount Club?

When you wish to book flights as a student under the Student Club Privilege by Qatar Airways, you need to comply with the following benefits.

  • You need to enrol under the Student club to get the benefits of this offer for students.
  • Only students who are studying for a higher degree in a University or College and are under 18 to 30 years of age are eligible for this.
  • Any academic degree offered by colleges falls under this category.
  • You must provide the graduation date while enrolling as when you graduate you can get a tier upgrade under privilege club(conditions apply)
  • The maximum duration for Student Club membership is 7 years from the date of enrolment.
  • For extra baggage allowance, you must present your digital Student Club card while checking in for flights.
  • Once you offer the proof of graduation, you can request the upgrade.
  • Students may provide all the documents required by Qatar for upgrade eligibility.

For more rules and information on terms & conditions, you can get in touch with Qatar Airways customer service team and book your flights.

Final Words

Booking and qualifying as a student on Qatar Airways is simple. Now, you can book Qatar Airways student discount flights without any hassles. For more details, or to know better about the service, you can always connect with experts. So, get ready to fly with the special fares.

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