Getting seats of your choice when flying is the cherry on the cake. That’s why JetBlue allows you to grab seats of your choice. Thanks to the Jetblue Seat Selection approach devised in the best interest of its travelers it helps you pick seats at your convenience.

From selecting seats to getting an upgrade, you have a flawless experience and an enjoyable flight trip with JetBlue. Now, go through the account that follows and grab more information about choosing seats on JetBlue flights, its seat selection policy, methods to choose seats, fees to pick seats, and much more.

What is The JetBlue Seat Selection Policy?

If you are planning to grab seats on JetBlue flights, it is important to know its guidelines. So, go through the JetBlue Airlines seat selection policy highlights mentioned below -

  • The airline allows you to select seats if you are 18 years old or older.
  • Pay an extra charge to select seats on JetBlue in advance.
  • If you can’t pick your seats onboard, JetBlue assigns you free seats randomly.
  • Blue Basic travelers can choose seats 24 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure.

Please note

If you want to know more about the select seat guidelines on JetBlue flights, call its customer service team.

How Can I Select Seats on JetBlue Flights?

Now, let’s see how to choose your favorite seats on JetBlue. You can go for online or offline JetBlue seat selection methods at your convenience -

Online Seat Selection Method

  • Visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Find your booking to select seats.
  • Enter the number of seats to book on the flight.
  • Select seats.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • Choose from the three-seat types -
    • Standard Seats
    • Economy Plus Seats
    • Even More Space Seats
  • Pay for your selected seat.

Offline Seat Selection Method

If you want to book your seats with JetBlue through the offline method, follow the simple steps mentioned below -

  • Call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583).
  • Listen to and follow the IVR prompts.
  • A live executive will get connected with you.
  • Share your seat selection requirements.
  • Provide the required travel details.
  • Make the payment.

What is the JetBlue Seat Selection Fee?

The JetBlue seat selection fee varies as per the seats selected, fare type, and flight.

  • If you are flying with Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, or Mint, the seat selection charges are included in your fares.
  • Only the JetBlue Blue Basic tickets, you have to pay a seat selection fee that ranges from $5 to $25 for each direction.

Please note

The fee is subject to change. For updated JetBlue seat selection costs, get in touch with the airline’s customer service team.

Can I Select Seats with JetBlue Blue Basic?

Yes, JetBlue Airlines allows you to choose seats with the Blue Basic fare type. However, there are certain guidelines that you have to follow, such as -

  • Blue Basic tickets purchased on or after September 24, 2023, facilitate seat selection for a fee.
  • If you don't choose seats, JetBlue assigns before the flight’s departure.
  • Combine a Blue Basic fare with Even More Space (on all legs, if connecting) for early boarding and having a carry-on bag.

When Can I Select Seats on JetBlue?

To know when JetBlue allows you to select seats, scroll down -

  • Within 24 hours of the flight scheduled, Mosaic 1 members (for all fare types) can pick Even More Space or Core (preferred) seats without paying extra.
  • Mosaic 2 members and above may choose Core (preferred) or Even More Space seats at no extra charge during or after booking.

Please note

The selection of seats depends on the availability.

What are the JetBlue Seating Options?

The JetBlue Airlines seat selection offers you options to choose from. So, find the perfect fit for your individual needs.

Now, let’s take a glance at the JetBlue seat types -


  • Maximum legroom
  • No fee for Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Extra
  • Location in the Core Cabin

Core (Preferred)

  • Window and aisle seats close to the Core cabin front
  • Extra fee, depending on flight routes
  • Most legroom

Even More® Space

  • Up to 7" more legroom
  • Additional charges that vary by route
  • Early boarding, premium location in the cabin, complimentary priority security
  • Close to the front of the plane or exit rows


  • Lie-flat seats
  • Front of all cabins on select aircraft
  • Only available only for Mint fares, no fee
  • Early boarding, complimentary alcoholic beverages, priority security, free entertainment options, curated small plates menu, preferred bag claim, and more.

Please note

  • Free Wi-Fi, free snacks with drinks, live TV, and movies are available at every seat type.
  • If you have any questions about seats or want to get more information, contact the airline. On the “Seats” page on the JetBlue website, a message section is available for your assistance.

Do you want more? Upgrade your JetBlue seating and fly with additional features and perks at an extra cost.

Can I Upgrade Seats with JetBlue Airlines?

Yes, JetBlue allows you to go for a seat upgrade to manifold your travel delight.

Here’s how you can request a seat upgrade from the airline -

  • Visit the JetBlue website.
  • Sign in or log in to your account.
  • Select a flight for the upgrade.
  • Find an option to upgrade to preferred seats.
  • Click the upgrade button.
  • Pay for the seat upgrade.

The airline will email you the upgrade confirmation.

For more details, call the JetBlue Airways customer service number 1-800-538-2583.

How to Get a Free Seat Upgrade on JetBlue?

To get a JetBlue Airways free upgrade on seat selection, know that -

  • Mosaic 2, 3, or 4 status holders can select a free Even More Space seat during the booking process (pending availability).
  • Mosaic 1 members get a complimentary Even More Space upgrade. However, they must check in to get this upgrade.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the Jetblue seat selection makes your travel much more comfortable and convenient. Simply follow the guidelines set, and you will be good to go.

So, if you have a JetBlue trip on your cards, don’t overlook the importance of choosing your favorite seats onboard. Thanks to the flexibility that the airline offers, you can also upgrade your seats for an overall enhanced experience.

What are you waiting for? Select your seats on JetBlue flights today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does JetBlue charge fees for seat selection?

No, JetBlue seat selection is free for most of the fares. However, pay a fee to select seats when traveling with Blue Basic fares.

How long does JetBlue hold seats?

JetBlue holds seats for a group at $50 per seat, a nonrefundable fee until 30 days before departure & 60 days on international bookings. Pay $150 per seat for transatlantic reservations.

Does JetBlue sit you together?

Yes, JetBlue wants you to sit together. So, its Blue, Blue Plus, and Blue Extra fares allow an advance seat selection without extra charges.

Is JetBlue seating free?

Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, and Refundable ticket holders get free Economy cabin core seats (non-EMS) and non-core (preferred) seats.

Does JetBlue have seat screens?

Yes, JetBlue is the only U.S. airline with seatback screens at every seat. Enjoy free entertainment onboard with TV, movies, music, & much more.