Did you sleep through your alarm? Were you stuck in the traffic on the way to the airport? For whatever reason you missed your JetBlue flight, worry not. With JetBlue missed flight policy and related approaches, you can be at ease. The airline facilitates you with back up provisions. Thereby, helping you with rebooking, refund, etc. However, there are reasons on the behalf of the airline that cause you to miss your flight. So, go through this account that takes you through what happens when you miss your flight with JetBlue.

What Happens When You Have Missed a Flight on JetBlue?

You can miss your flight for various reasons. However, you need not panic about it as this is something common and many travelers have experienced it. So, let’s see what to expect if you miss your flight with JetBlue, as per your ticket and trip type.

Charges for Missed Flight

On missing an international flight, your account with the airline will be credited with the ticket price. Use this JetBlue missed flight credit to book your future trip. There might be extra charges as per your chosen travel class.  Premium and JetBlue members are exempted from charges.

Rebook A New Flight

When you inform the airline that you have missed a flight, it rebooks the next flight. However, your reason for missing the flight must be convincing enough. For instance, if you can’t catch your flight because of some legality or medical condition, rebooking is a breeze. However, be prepared to shell out an additional amount, if the new flight ticket costs more than the previous one. If the airline cancels your flight because of weather disruptions, technical glitches, etc., you will get the next flight on the same day.

Refund Money

With JetBlue, you can be assured to get a missed flight refund as your ticket type determines. Simply fill out an online application form, stating a valid reason. The airline will refund you as per its policy for missed flight. The refund period depends on the payment mode chosen. Payment through debit/credit card is refunded within 7-8 working days.

What is JetBlue Missed Flight Policy?

To help you on missing your flight, JetBlue has devised a smart missed flight policy, which is customer-oriented. Here are the highlights of this policy :

  • You will get a travel voucher if your flight is missed because of severe illness.
  • If a JetBlue flight caused you to miss another flight, the airline refunds you the full ticket price of the new flight.
  • Missing a flight before obtaining a boarding pass gives you the chance to get on the next flight and will charge missed flight fees.
  • If you missed your flight after the security check and getting the boarding pass, JetBlue will not refund you.

How Can I Rebook a JetBlue Missed Flight?

After you have missed your flight on JetBlue, the airline allows you to rebook another one. Here’s how :

Online Method

  • Visit the official website of JetBlue.
  • Go to the Book section.
  • Select the option of Flights.
  • Enter the details required like -
    • Travel dates and destinations
    • Number of passengers
    • Round Trip or One-Way Trip
  • Click on the button of Search Flights.
  • Select a suitable flight.
  • If you have a missed connection on the airline, pick a new connecting flight.
  • Pay the amount required.

Once the airline confirms your booking, print your boarding pass.

Offline Method

If the online method couldn’t help you reebok your JetBlue missed flight, count on the offline way as mentioned below :

  • Dial 800-538-2583.
  • Carefully listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Once you are connected to a live representative, share the traveler’s name and the booking ID.
  • Request to rebook a flight.
  • Pay the ticket fare difference and the fee for your missed flight.

Does JetBlue Charge a Missed Flight Fee?

If you can’t catch your flight, the airline incurs some charges on you. However, there is no fixed amount that you have to pay. It varies as per your ticket and the destination. Usually the JetBlue missed flight fee ranges between  $150 and $400.

Please note

If you will be late, inform the airline beforehand. This helps you as JetBlue arranges quick security check arrangements, facilitating you board the flight.

In Conclusion

To wrap it up, it is not uncommon to miss your flight these days. There are several circumstances that come up at the eleventh hour that don’t let you proceed as per your set travel plan. This sometimes results in being unable to catch your flight on time, despite the preparations and plan. However, with the JetBlue missed flight approaches, you are covered. These are to help you book the next flight available, provide you a refund, and bring you everything that imparts you convenience. So, you can stay relaxed if you have missed your flight with the airline.

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