Are you flying with Delta Airlines but want to up your experience? Count on the Delta seat upgrade that manifolds your travel delight. Select from various seat upgrade options that you can bag while booking, after booking, and at check-in.

The Main Cabin, Premium Select, and Delta One are eligible for upgrades. Moreover, SkyMiles® helps you upgrade, irrespective of your departure or destination. Every SkyMiles Membership holder can use miles to upgrade.

Now, go through the account that follows and learn more about getting Delta seat upgrades for a remarkable experience.

Can I Upgrade My Seat on Delta?

Yes, to add to your overall Delta Airlines trip delight, you can go for a seat upgrade on its flights. Scroll down to learn more.

During Booking

Select upgrade options on the airline’s website or its mobile app.

After Booking

Request upgrades through the My Trips section on the Delta website or call the Delta customer service team at 800-221-1212 or 1-860-200-8850.

Please note
  • Delta-or Delta Connection-operated flights offer upgrades.
  • Main cabin travelers can purchase an upgrade to preferred or Delta Comfort Plus seats.
  • Basic economy passengers aren't eligible for upgrades.

How Can I Request a Delta Seat Upgrade?

Are you looking forward to an upgraded air trip with Delta? But you don’t know how to request a seat upgrade on Delta flights? Don’t worry; you are at the correct place.

Online Delta Seat Upgrade Steps

Here are the quick steps to grab a Delta upgrade -

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Log into your Delta account.
  • Go to My Trips.
  • Find your booking.
  • Alternatively, you can find your reservation in the Fly Delta app.
  • Go to the “Upgrade” link.
  • Select the upgrade type you want (Economy to Comfort, Business to First Class, etc.).
  • After requesting the upgrade, check the “Upgrade Preferences” box.
  • Check both boxes for -
    • Request upgrade
    • Only upgrade if my Seat Preferences are available
  • Select from the seats available for upgrades on a flight.
  • Pay the amount as required.

Contact the airline’s customer service team for details and assistance.

Can I Upgrade a Delta Seat After Purchasing Tickets?

Yes, you can get a Delta upgrade for a seat easily after you have purchased a ticket until:

  • 90 minutes before departure
  • Check-in window closes

In any of the above cases, you can upgrade from -

  • Main Cabin to Delta One®, Delta Premium Select, First Class or Delta Comfort+®, or
  • Delta Comfort+ to Delta One®, Delta Premium Select, or First Class

So, once your check-in is complete for the current Delta airlines booking, you can not upgrade your flight seats at all.

Can I Upgrade from Delta Basic Economy to Comfort Plus?

No, you can’t upgrade your Basic Economy seat to Delta Airlines Comfort+. To know more, scroll down -

  • Basic Economy fares are not eligible for Delta Comfort+, whether paid or complimentary. Even your Medallion or other elite status doesn’t help to get an upgrade from the Basic Economy to a higher class.
  • Travelers can’t select complimentary Delta Comfort+® seats regardless of their status or fare class.

Can I Get Free Seat Upgrades with Delta Airlines?

Well, if you want to get a free Delta seat upgrade, the following points might help you -

  • Delta doesn’t consider Basic Economy (E) fares eligible for Complimentary Upgrades, whether or not they have Medallion or other elite status.
  • After Medallion Members, the airline gives Complimentary Upgrades for Delta One® (within the 50 United States), First Class, and Delta Comfort+® to eligible cardholders.

How Can I Get Complimentary Upgrades on Delta?

To get a complimentary upgrade on Delta, check your Medallion status, as it is the main determinant of your priority on the upgrade list.

  • Medallion Members are eligible for Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades to Delta Comfort+ and First Class on all routes.
  • Platinum Card Members and a travel companion may get a Complimentary Upgrade when traveling on Delta and Delta Connection carriers. However, the companion must be on the same flight in the same booking. Also, the companion must be any of the following-
    • General SkyMiles Member
    • Medallion Member
    • Partner airline elite member

What are the Seating Types on Delta Airlines?

Here comes the million-dollar question! As you go for a Delta seat selection, you must know about the seats to choose from. So, let’s take a glance at each seating option that Delta offers for every pocket and preference.

Basic Economy

  • Delta assigns seats after check-in.
  • Seat selection/ change is not allowed.
  • Can’t get upgrades
  • Last to board the flight

Main Cabin/ Regular Economy

Get a Delta Airlines complimentary seating selection easily. Moreover,

  • Grab upgrades.
  • Sit on selected or Delta Comfort Plus seats.

Premium Select

  • Bigger, reclining seats
  • Best-in-class entertainment 
  • Earlier boarding
  • Complimentary Delta Studio
  • Free seat selection 
  • Two free checked bags

First Class and Delta One

  • Free seat selection
  • Priority boarding
  • Premium snacks and meals
  • Two free checked bags
  • A dedicated flight attendant.

In Conclusion

Therefore, getting a Delta seat upgrade is a breeze. Thanks to its customer-friendly approach that provides you with enough flexibility to upgrade your seat. Thereby, your overall flight trip delight is enhanced.

For assistance at any step of your upgrade process, contact the Delta customer service team. The experts at Skywayfare are also there 24/7 to assist you with efficient services. So, wait no more. Grab your upgrade with Delta now!

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