Want some serious help with your Oman Airlines flight, or do you have a simple concern that needs addressing? To solve these queries, you can Talk to a Real Person at Oman Airlines and get the answers you seek. There are several ways you can speak to someone at the airline’s office and receive help. Read more to find out different available options for you.

How Can I Contact Oman Air Representatives?

If you are a passenger at Oman Air and need help, you have ample options to connect to their human representatives. From phone calls to their online website and social media, you can use any available option to get in touch with the experts at Oman Airlines. However, the best option available is via phone. To receive live help, dial Oman Airlines Phone Number 201 205 2115, and follow the customer service menu to choose the right option. Soon an airline representative will be available to answer your major/minor queries. For the rest, you can take these additional options into account:

Oman Airlines 24/7 Phone Line

As already suggested, the right way to receive assistance on Oman Air is through a phone call. Passengers who want help can call Oman air customer service phone number +968-24531111 and wait in line to speak with a live agent. This agent will assist them with any query they may have. Let’s look at the steps below to connect with the experts.

How Do I Connect with Oman Air Customer Service Over The phone?

  • Go to the official website of Oman Air and search the “Contact Us” section.
  • After that, they can choose the 24/7 customer care option and select their location from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, click on the “Get Details” button to view the contact number for the selected region.
  • You can directly call  201 205 2115 and Talk to a Real Person at the Oman Airlines USA office.
  • Soon the customer service voice menu will begin from where you can choose to connect to a live person.
  • Wait in line and get the answers you seek from the expert after the call connects.
This is how you can use the 24/7 phone line. If you want regional contact information, you can click on the Global Contact section and get in touch with the agents in the respective city or country.

Does Oman Air Have a Customer Service Email?

Yes, Oman Air has an email customer service option for you. You can choose email contact for a more systematic and professional approach to solving problems without waiting on hold for a long time. To communicate with an Oman Air Customer Service Representative, send your email with the complete query description to info@omanairusa.com and get a response within a minimum of 48 hours. You can also choose your respective email options below:

What are the different Email Addresses for Oman Air Customer Service?

Purpose Email
For Web bookings rpt@omanair.com
For Sindbad FFP rpt@omanair.com
The Cargo Enquiries email cargosdu.mct@omanair.com
For Training inquiries L&D@omanair.com
For Holidays booking holidays@omanair.com
Technical Training queries Technical.training@omanair.com
You can choose your area of concern and talk to a real person at Oman Air for assistance accordingly. Email responses take longer than phone calls but are an effective option for keeping records of your conversation.

How Can I Make Free Calls to Oman Air?

Oman Air allows customers to call their toll-free phone number and contact their experts for web bookings and more. Customers can dial +968-24531111 and contact the agents for any cancellation or refund questions. You can also use the manage booking page for the same, but calling is a better option. The airline does not charge you anything for calling, but standard call rate charges from your carrier or country may apply. So, check it before you call.

How Do I Get in Touch with Someone at Oman Air Customer Service?

The options above are the most reliable for connecting to an expert. You can talk to a real person at Oman Air and get help with your flights and other queries. Before we walk you through other available options, let’s take a quick look at different phone numbers available to connect to Oman Air:
  • To inquire about web bookings and ticket cancellations or refunds, +968-24531111, available 24./7.
  • For the Sindbad Frequent Flyer Programme queries,  +968 24531111, from 8 AM to 10 PM OST.
  • You can get help related to cargo at +968 - 24356302, available Sun-Thu from 07:00 - 18:00
  • International customers can call +968 - 24356304 24/7 for cargo inquiries.
  • Call +968-24531000 for Holiday bookings with Oman Air.
Now, let’s move forward to the other ways to communicate with an Oman Air representative.

Can I Contact Oman Air by Fax?

If you want help with your Oman Air flight booking, you can always use fax as an option. It is a rather prolongated way of communication as it takes time, but it’s always better to have an alternative. See below the different options to fax and get help.
  • Fax: +968-24153300 for web bookings
  •  Fax: +968-24153300 for holiday bookings
This is best if your query is just related to feedback or simple complaints.

How Do I send Feedback to Oman Air Representatives?

You can send your feedback to Oman Air representatives using the feedback form. The airline usually takes a week to turn things around for you, so it’s better to call, but you can’t rule out this option when you wish to talk to a real person at Oman Air.

Fill up The Feedback Form Online

  • The first step is to visit the Oman Air website.
  • Navigate to the Feedback page under the Contact Us section, where you’ll find a form to fill out.
  • Fill out all the required information, such as your name and contact details, as well as a summary of your feedback.
  • Once you’ve provided all the relevant information, submit your feedback.
You’ll receive an email confirming your submission and a reference number, which you should keep handy in case you need to follow up later. To connect with Oman Air for feedback, visit https://www.omanair.com/in/en/feedback and fill out the details as required according to yo your ticket. After that, click send to confirm.

Is Oman Airlines on Social Media?

In the ever-changing era of the internet, it’s already a lot of competition, and Oman Air is not behind in the race. The airline operates a customer service desk over its social media channels and helps customers reach their favorite destinations without a hassle. You can use the following links and follow Oman Air Social media channels to remain updated on what’s new. The agents on Social media will get in touch with you and help you out as soon as possible. Usually, the Oman Airlines live chat agent responds within a matter of seconds on social media. Besides, the response time is just within a few hours, even if no one is online.

In Conclusion,

You can use plenty of options above and get helpful answers to your concerns. The airline agents are also available around the clock to help you out. So, what are you waiting for? Hit up your dial pad, connect to the experts at Skywayfare, or chat online using an alternate option.
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