Do you have some queries regarding your flights with Aer Lingus? We’ve got some of the best ways you can solve all of them in one go. To resolve any queries related to your bookings, talk to a live person in Aer Lingus and get the answers you seek. The airline has an extensive customer service network to solve any problems the customers face. If you have any troubles with new bookings or existing ones, the reservation department can help you out; meanwhile, for changes or cancellations, you can directly get in touch with the concerned team. But before you do that, read below to find different ways to get quick solutions to your problems.

How Do I Speak to a Live Person at Aer Lingus Airlines?

If you need help, you can open the Aer Lingus official website and enter the Contact Us section to find available options. But, to Talk to a Live Person in Aer Lingus, you can directly call them, and the agent will be available 24/7 at your service. You can dial the customer service phone number for the USA(516) 622-4222 or USA/Canada (800) 474-7424 and speak to a live agent at Aer Lingus Airlines. The agent will carefully consider all your concerns and offer you a reliable solution in no time.

Is Aer Lingus a 24-hour Customer Service?

Yes, it is. Aer Lingus customer service number is available 24/7 to assist customers with their queries. Customers can call the general customer service number regardless of the time. However, you must check their operating hours if you need help directly from a specific department. This will help you quickly solve your troubles and get on with your travel plans.

How to Contact Someone at Aer Lingus via Phone?

To contact Aer Lingus for any new or existing reservations, you can call the Aer Lingus reservations phone number (01) 761 7834(for Ireland customers) or another number for your country. You can follow a simple series of steps to contact someone at the airline over the phone. Dial the Aer Lingus Phone Number  (800) 474-7424  and...

  • Choose a preferred language option to connect.
  • The IVR will begin.
  • Press 1 for new booking or changes to an existing one
  • 2 for complaints or other queries
  • 3 for baggage concerns
  • 4 to talk to a live person in Aer Lingus

Press the associated number with your concern, and get reliable solutions in real time without any delay.

Can I Chat with an Aer Lingus Airlines Representative?

Yes, you can chat with them. Though phone call is the most suitable option for connecting to an Aer Lingus representative, you can opt for chat and get quick help. The airline has many options for you to chat with their customer service team. Use whichever you like and get the answers you seek within no time. Note: If you got any payment requests, you can not solve them over chat and have to contact Aer Lingus via phone.

Guest Chat or Chat Via Facebook Messenger

You can chat using your regular Facebook messenger application. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Aer Lingus Flight Booking website.
  • Enter the Contact Us section
  • Find the “Chat With Us” option
  • Click on the change cookie preference if you have disabled any of them.
  • Now head to the bottom of the page and click on the Facebook icon under “Connect With Us.”
  • You can easily start chatting now.

The airline will try to solve any problems you have and provide you with some reliable solutions.

Whatsapp Chat

You can also choose WhatsApp to talk to a live person in Aer Lingus. Take a look at these steps:

  • Go to the Aer Lingus Flight Booking website.
  • Enter the Contact Us section
  • Find the “Chat With Us” option
  • Click on the Start Chatting here link to use “Whatsapp Web”
  • Or send a message to +353 87 1508593.

Here you can find any answers you seek and get the best help from their customer service team.


You can also click on the Twitter Icon to chat with the Aer Lingus Customer Service team online. To solve your major queries, make sure you have a reliable internet connection and an active Twitter account.

How to Contact Aer Lingus For Baggage Tracking?

If your bag hasn’t arrived yet and you need details on the baggage arrival status, you can call the Aer Lingus customer service number (855) 567 8224 or (310) 881-3405(for US and Canada). The agents will tell you complete details about it. However, you need to contact the lost and found team for lost or damaged baggage. If you are outside US and Canada, you can track baggage through the following:

  • Customers in Ireland can call (01) 761 7838
  • UK Customers can connect at +353 1 761 7838
  • For help around Continental Europe, call +353 1 761 7838

The above phone numbers already have all the other details available. You can make a quick call and get the answers you need.

How Do I Get Special Assistance from an Aer Lingus Representative?

Passengers needing special assistance can call an Aer Lingus Representative within three business days of their flight departure to make requests. If the request is for oxygen, this can be done at any time. For all other requests, the Special Assistance Request Form should be completed. The following telephone numbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for  medical queries:

  • Ireland: (01) 761 7839
  • United Kingdom: 0333 006 6921
  • Continental Europe: +353 1 761 7839
  • USA & Canada: (516) 622-4228

If you have a disability and are having difficulty accessing, please call (877) 351-6882 and get in touch with the expert.

How Do I Complaint or Share Feedback with Aer Lingus Customer Service?

You can provide Aer Lingus Customer Service feedback by calling their Customer Service Line or filling out their online feedback form. Here are the details:

  • If you have had a positive experience with Aer Lingus, please take the time to fill out a form on our Customer Service page.
  • In case you have any issues or concerns, submit a complaint through the Contact Us page.
  • Do you have any suggestions for improving the user experience? Feel free to let Aer Lingus know on the Feedback tab on the page's side or bottom.

You can also check alternative options to get in touch with Aer Lingus Customer Service, like a phone call or chat, if you want additional options for help. Skywayfare team will assist you with any additional queries; if you want instant help with no wait times or magically lesser, call on our given phone numbers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of calling a live person at Aer Lingus?

You can simply log on to the official website and fetch the customer service number and dial it. Just follow the IVR instructions and connect with a live person at +1-860-200-8850.

Is Aer Lingus operational 24/7?

Yes, the Aer Lingus help desk number is always working, so it is not a problem if you call at odd hours.

Does Dublin airport have an Aer Lingus help desk?

Before you buckle up for the next journey, an Aer Lingus help desk is present at Dublin airport to save your boarding time for the next flight. So that you can, eat, drink, and relax during the journey.

How Can I Find A Live Person At Aer Lingus?

You can visit the official website and fetch the customer care number and call to connect with a live person. Follow the IVR numerals correctly and talk to a representative on call. If you find this process helpful then it's ok, or anyhow if you are still not satisfied, then you can go for a live chat option that is on the website homepage.

What Is The Aer Lingus Customer Service Number?

Aer Lingus is the best airline in the world that is inexpensive to travel and offers complete customer service to its customers. The customer service number of Aer Lingus is 003531 7617835 and if you want to know more about Aer Lingus policies, visit the official website.

Does Aer Lingus Have A Customer Service Desk At Dublin Airport?

Aer Lingus is an airline that has a huge customer service base around the world, yes the Aer Lingus customer service desk is available at Dublin airport. Apart from that Aer Lingus has customer service desks in multiple countries.

What Is The Time For The Opening Of The Aer Lingus Check-In Window?

Usually, this airline has a fixed time to open its check-in window which is 2 pm, but hours might differ due to some technical or occasional reasons. You can enquire about the customer service number or visit the official website for more.

Who Is The Owner Of Aer Lingus?

The company is not owned by a single person or group of partners, it is owned by the international airlines group. The ownership of IAG is held by 98.2 percent of its stake.

What Is The Free Phone Number Of Aer Lingus?

The airline has a dedicated customer service number on the official website, but if anyone is looking for a free customer care number of Aer Lingus then it is 1 761 7835. Visit the official website to know more about the airlines.

Is Aer Lingus Active For 24 Hours Or Not?

Yes like every other airline, Aer Lingus is also 24 by 7 active for its every valued customer. If you won't find a 24/7 number then you can visit the official website and fetch it from there.