Are you planning a group trip on Frontier Airlines and need to book a flight? Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or coworkers, Frontier Airlines has you covered with great deals on group travel. With competitive fares and convenient flight schedules, you can easily get your group to their destination without breaking the bank.  But before you book your tickets, here’s what you need to know about booking Frontier Airlines group travel and the associated rules.

What is Frontier Airlines Group Travel Policy?

Frontier airlines do not offer any option to book 10 or more passengers as of now, but you can always plan a vacation for up to 9 people with Frontier and travel as a group. Here are the details:

  • There is no Frontier Airline group travel policy as it does not offer travel for groups of 10 or more passengers to book flight tickets together.
  • You can plan travel for nine passengers and receive discounts on select flights.
  • If you have any queries, speak with a representative and get answers about group travel with Frontier.
  • Finally, Frontier Airlines recommends that you book your flights at least four weeks in advance. This will ensure the best availability and prices for your travel needs.

If you’d like to book your group with Frontier, you can also choose to call the Frontier Airlines group travel phone number at 1 (801) 401-9000. A friendly Frontier Airlines representative will be happy to answer your questions and help you make your group travel plans. Find more information about group travel on the Fly Frontier website.

How does Frontier Airlines Group booking work?

Frontier Airlines offers several options to make your group travel a breeze. With Frontier Airlines booking up to 9 travelers, you can fly together, save together, and earn rewards together. Plus, you can take advantage of special benefits like waived ticket change fees and complimentary checked bags. Group travel is perfect if you’re planning a large group trip. You can save up to 10% on your tickets, plus enjoy the convenience of booking your entire group together. But, currently, Frontier does not have any option for a dedicated group reservations team that will help you coordinate your trip from start to finish. For smaller groups, Frontier Airlines offers the Fly Together Fare. With the Fly Together Fare, you can fly your group together and get a discount of up to 30% off your tickets. You can even book your group tickets with just one phone call.

How to Book my trip for 9 travelers with Frontier?

Are you planning to book a flight for 9 passengers with Frontier Airlines? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s walk you through the steps to book a Frontier Airlines vacation for 9 passengers.

  1. Visit the Frontier Airlines website.
  2. You will find the “Book Now” button on the homepage, which will take you to the flight search page.
  3. Enter more information, such as the origin, destination, number of passengers, and travel dates. Make sure that you enter the number of passengers correctly.
  4. You will be able to view all the available flights with Frontier Airlines.
  5. Now, select the flight that best suits your needs and click the “Book Now” button.
  6. Frontier Airlines offers a variety of ticket types, including Economy, Business, and First Class. Select the one that suits your needs and budget.
  7. Next, enter the passenger details. Also, make sure that you enter the correct information for each passenger.
  8. On the “Review and Pay” page, you will be able to view the details of the flight.
  9. Finally, enter your payment details and click the “Pay Now” button to complete the booking.

After the payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation. This confirmation will contain all the details of the flight, including the flight number, the type of ticket, and the passenger details. Follow these steps, and you will be able to book your flight in no time. Enjoy your flight, and have a safe journey!

Wrapping Up

Frontier Airlines is the perfect option for you, no matter what type of group travel you’re planning. With their convenient online booking system and helpful customer service, you’ll have everything you need to make your group travel easy and stress-free. Plus, you can earn rewards for future group travel with the Frontier Miles program. If you’d like to learn more about Frontier Airlines’ group travel options or have any questions, please call Frontier Airlines en Español Telefono (801) 401-9000 or connect with Skywayfare experts.