Comfort is the most important component of a flight trip. That’s why Brussels Airlines facilitates its travelers to pick seats of their choice. Thanks to the Brussels Airlines seat selection approach that is customer-friendly and provides flexibility to fly on your favorite seats.

With the airline’s smart seat selection policy, you can pick from various seat types, sit with your travel companions, bag seats in advance, and much more. Enjoy extra comfort with more legroom, deplane the flight at the earliest, travel with your pet, get free seats, etc. Overall, Brussels Airlines makes your airtrips comfortable, convenient, and remarkable.

So, go through the following account and grab more information about choosing seats onboard.

How Can I Choose My Brussels Airlines Seat in Advance?

When you have chosen Brussels Airlines, making a seat selection adds to your comfort and convenience. So, you can pick your most preferred seat while booking your trip or up to 24 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure.

Alternatively, you can call its customer service team at +44 800 640 40 04 to request a seat selection. You will get 24/7 assistance on this number.

Please note

  • If you have booked your trip with special assistance, get in touch with the airline to secure your spot onboard.
  • Lufthansa operated flights allow you to secure your seat up to 52 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • For flights operated by Austrian or SWISS, 48 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure, book your seats.

What is Brussels Seat Selection Policy?

While choosing your seats onboard, know its guidelines. So go through Brussels Airlines seat selection policy highlights mentioned below-

  • The airline assigns you seats if you don’t select yours.
  • Change your assigned seat easily at online check-in. Alternatively, you can request another seat booking. Although it depends on seat availability.
  • Sometimes, Brussels suggests to book a vacant neighbor’s seat if you -
    • Want more space for comfort
    • Have physical constraints

Brussels Infant Seat Selection Policy

  • According to the seat selection approach for infants by Brussels Airlines, it is not mandatory for travelers who are up to 2 years of age to have a seat.  They can travel on their parent’s lap.
  • However, you must book a seat for an infant if you are bringing a car seat or a carrier for them. Contact the Service Centre of Brussels Airlines to book an infant seat.

Brussels Seat Policy for Pets

  • If you are traveling with your furry friend in the cabin, usually the airline allocates you a window seat.
  • You must book your trip with the pet through the airline’s Service Centre. Also, trip with an animal is subject to availability.
  • When flying with a service animal, you get a seat where the floor space is enough for the animal to sit.

HON Circle members and Senators Privileges

  • HON Circle members and Senators can book their and their companions’ seats for free on flights operated by Brussels Airlines. However, they must fly on the same PNR.
  • Economy Light on short-haul flights doesn't support this privilege and is subject to availability.

Please note

  • To know more about the Brussels Airlines seat selection and the costs, contact the airline’s Service Centre.
  • An extra seat cost ranges from €59 to €179 per traveler. However, the charges are determined by your selected destination and the flight length.

Does Brussels Airlines Assign Seats?

Yes, if you don’t make a seat selection of your choice, Brussels Airlines assigns you. However, if you want to change the seats allocated, the airline allows you to do it at the online check-in. Remember that you have to pay a fee for changing your seats.

You can ask about booking another seat at the airport. Although it is subject to seat availability.

What are the Brussels Airlines Seat Types?

When traveling with Brussels Airlines, you have various options to select a seat that best meets your pockets and preferences. Here are the different seat types from which you can select for a rewarding experience -

Classic Seats

Book your seat in advance to avoid random seat allocation. Your seat selection is free as per the fare chosen.

Extra Legroom Seats

Enjoy more relaxation with extra space to stretch your legs with extra legroom seats. However, you must fulfill the safety requirements as these seats are located at the emergency exit.

Preferred Zone Seats

Located in the front part of Economy Class, preferred seats allow you to deplane quickly once it lands.

Business Extra Space Seats

Do you want to sit without any neighbors and enjoy the enhanced comfort? Get two broad armrests on both the sides of your seat with this seating type. Pay a fee to grab the Extra space seat in Business Class when you are flying on intercontinental routes. Relax in the reclining seat and work undisturbed in the extra space.

How Much is the Brussels Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

The Brussels Airlines seat selection fee depends on the destination you are traveling to and the length of your flight. Here is an overview of the cost of seat selection with Brussels Airlines -

Seat TypesCost of Seat Selection Per Traveler (Starts from)
Economy Class Classic Seat €14
Premium Economy Class€33
Extra Legroom €29
Preferred Zone€20
Business Extra Space€109 to €229


Please note

For some fares, the seat selection is free.

What if My Brussels Flight is Canceled or Rebooked after Seat Selection?

If you have made a seat selection with a Brussels Airlines flight and you rebooked one, the same seat reservation can be kept. Also, you can be reseated to a lower seat category according to seat availability.

However, go through the following points for a better idea -

  • After rebooking a flight, if you are looking forward to a better seat, the existing seat selection charges are credited to the new seat.
  • Your seat selection fee is not refunded if you rebook on another route. Also, Brussels Airlines won’t credit the amount paid to a new seat reservation.
  • With a Brussels Airlines seat upgrade purchased after booking chosen seats, you will get a refund for the seat reservation amount paid.
  • If an involuntary rebooking on a new Brussels Airlines flight or a cancellation results in unavailability of preferred seating, get a refund. Contact the airline to raise a refund request in such a case.

On Which Brussels Airlines Flights Can I Secure My Seat In Advance?

If a part of your trip is operated by a Brussels Airlines partner, booked along with Lufthansa Group, you can select a seat in advance. Here’s how -

  • Retrieve your trip under ‘My bookings’.
  • Check if you are eligible to book a seat with the partner airline.

Please note

Travelers flying together are seated automatically next to each other.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you can easily make a Brussels Airlines seat selection for a convenient and comfortable trip. Go through the guidelines mentioned above and avoid any hassle.

Follow the Brussels Airlines seat reservation approach, advance seat selection, fees on selecting seats, seat types, and other details mentioned above and have a seamless experience. What are you waiting for?  Book your favorite seats with Brussels Airlines today!

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