When we choose air travel with major airlines, there are many factors that prevail. Flying with big names like Aeromexico (a Mexican airline) means we have to be more active and learn everything we can before we actually fly. You can talk to a live person at Aeromexico and ask them questions regarding flight booking, airline policies, new reservations, groups, etc. The airline provides an extensive customer service network that works 24/7 to assist you with your every query. In other words, you can actually talk to a human at the Aeromexico team and get the answers you seek. Aeromexico makes sure you can get all the help you seek through its certified and well-trained agents. So, if you are looking for help with any query related to Aeromexico flights or services, read more!

How to Reach Aeromexico Customer Service Team?

Being stuck is not welcome when your vacation schedule is near, so you can not help it and look for help. To reach the Aeromexico Airlines customer support team, you can call +52 (55) 5133 4000 and follow the customer service menu. An airline agent will connect with you, and you can learn more about your flights with Aeromexico. Aeromexico Airlines offers different phone numbers and other contact options to let you get in touch with their customer service representatives. The below table has all the phone numbers that belong to different departments of the airline.

DepartmentBranchesPhone Numbers
General Customer ServiceWorldwide+52 (55) 5133 4000
Sales Us and Canada

General Number






Flight AssistanceAustralia02 8644 1883 or 1300 659 021
 Mexico(55) 5133 4000 or 0155 5133 4000
 Argentina0 800 888 2276
 Belize00 1800 0162143
Flight BookingColombia01 800 952 0533
 Costa Rica0 800 052 1447
 El Salvador800 61 05
 France0800 916 754
 Ecuador1 800 000 227
 Brazil0800 891 7512
 Chile800 392 674
 China86 21 6466 8099
Club PremierUSA(1) 855 412 2650
Ticket officeAmsterdam 
 Ecuador593 2 2266893 or 593 2 2266894 or 593 2 2266895
 Australia612 9959 3696
 South Africa27 11 781-2111

Note: The table above has referenced from the Aeromexico official website. You can directly call on the numbers above or speak to a live person at Aeromexico through other available options and confirm any details.

How Can Aeromexico Customer Service Team Help Me Out?

Aeromexico’s customer service team helps you solve your every major and minor query and tries to deliver the best air travel service to you. You can talk to a live person at Aeromexico and ask any question you have; the agent tries to resolve your problems right away. By any chance, if these agents are not able to give you a possible solution, they will arrange a callback or give you a time frame for the same. For instance, you can receive help in the following cases from the airline’s customer service:

  • New Bookings or changes to Existing Ones
  • Baggage handling and policies
  • Cancellation or Refunds
  • Managing the additional services on flights
  • Group Booking Requests
  • Special Assistance
  • Seat Selection or Upgrades, etc.

The extensive list of help options is just another perk. There can be many reasons you may need to connect with them, so choose yours and call right away.

How Do I Call Aeromexico Customer Service?

Want to ring up the Aeromexico helpline for assistance? You already have the list of contact numbers to talk to an Aeromexico Airlines customer service representative for help. Now, you just need to follow these steps, To call Aeromexico customer service,

  • Select the dedicated phone number of the department you want to call and hit the dial pad.
  • For any assistance during or before your trip, dial +52 (55) 5133 4000 and follow the IVR menu
  • Now, you have to choose your language.
    • Press 1 for English
    • 2 for Spanish
  •  Then, select an appropriate help option from the sub-menu.
    • If you miss any option, you can repeat it once again.
  • You can also select the option to speak to a live person at Aeromexico.
  • Once the call connects, ask away any questions you may have.

This is how you can call Aeromexico for assistance. The airline experts are also available through alternate options; let’s take a look!

Can I Get Aeromexico Chat Assistance?

Yes, it surely does. Calling is not always a reliable option for customers though it's the best. The only reason is having huge call volumes and long hours of wait. The alternate option that we customers get is Chat Assistance. Aeromexico offers chat help through its online website and Facebook Chatbot. Customers who want to talk to a live person at the Aeromexico Customer service support team can use the live chat. On the other hand, those only looking for basic answers can get help from the chatbot.

Aeromexico Live Chat on the Website

When you need immediate help from Aeromexico, you can use the Live chat option. The Aeromexico live chat is available on their official website and allows you to speak to their advisors from Monday to Sunday between 6:00 to 22:00 hours CST. Here’s how the live chat works:

To begin your chat,

  • Visit the official Aeromexico booking website and look for the “Contact us” section.
  • Now, click on the Sales option to find the Live chat link.
  • You can also scroll to the bottom and click on the Chat Online Link.
  • A chat window will pop up where you can drop your concerns.
  • If an agent is available, you will receive an immediate response.
  • Else, you can get a response within a few minutes.
  • You can also choose to call if you are trying to connect outside the operating hours.

The chat agents will clearly explain the Aeromexico cancellation policy and refund rules to you. You can also request more options if you want from the airline.

Aerobot (Facebook Chatbot)

Aeromexico has also introduced a chatbot, aka Aerobot, for automated chat help to its customers. So, if you spend most of your time hooked to social media websites, you can use this latest technology and get help while you have your fun. To chat, say “Hello” on the Messenger app Facebook and receive the help and assistance you seek. The Aerobot can help you with many things like flight lookups, ticket booking guides, baggage information, cancellation and refund rules, etc. In case, Aerobot is unable to help you, you can request human assistance, and an Aeromexico customer service agent will assist you better.

Does Aeromexico Offer Post-Travel Aid?

Even if you have completed your travel, you can still get assistance from Aeromexico. If you just want to share your experience, you can fill out the feedback form available in the “Contact Us” section. This form helps you make a compensation request, complaint, special service request, premier flight bookings, and luggage compensation. Provide some of your information related to the flight and your personal details, and submit the form after mentioning your language and region. You will receive a response after the Aeromexico agents carefully consider your requests. You can also submit your feedback by clicking on the Feedback link on the Contact Us page of Aeromexico. However, so far, the best way to talk to a person at Aeromexico customer service is via their official phone number. Dial up right away for quick responses.

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