Ever been to Greece? If you have, you must have heard of Aegean Airlines. The largest Greek Airline carries millions of passengers and has been around since 1999. It got featured as the Best Regional Airline in Europe six times and won many other listings as well. The airline flies to both international and domestic destinations. Passengers from all over the world can make Aegean Airlines booking to fly to their favorite locations. Aegean Airlines operates in and out of Greece to various States around Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and the Middle East. You can book your tickets with the airline and find out the best way to reach your destination is nowhere else than with Aegean.

How Do I Make An Aegean Airlines Booking?

Do you want to fly with Aegean Airlines and don’t have any idea how to proceed? You are at the right place! Aegean Airlines allows its customers to make flight booking online and offline according to their convenience. They can book via the airline's website, log in to the mobile app, call the airline, or connect with their customer service team to confirm the flight booking. Take a closer look at each method for Aegean Airlines book a flight option and choose the one that suits you the most.

Online Booking with Aegean Airlines(Website)

You may easily and quickly book your flight for all AEGEAN and Olympic Air destinations as well as code-share destinations using the user-friendly online booking tool. The Aegeanair.com website and the Aegean app have this option available. All you have to do is:

  • Specify the cities and airports of your departure and arrival.
  • Choose from one-way, roundtrip, and numerous destinations.
  • Pick your preferred trip dates.
  • Set the number of passengers by category (adults, kids, or newborns), and if one is available, provide a discount coupon.
  • Following that, all flights that are available for your chosen route and dates will be shown to you.

To obtain the most affordable rates for your trip, you can also utilize the Low Fare Calendar! Select a location and look for the 11-month period that has the cheapest rates. You can use this method for Aegean Airlines Online Booking and confirm a  seat on the plane. Or, you can open the airline’s mobile app and follow the same process.

Offline Booking Method(phone call)

To book your flights with Aegean Airlines offline, you can call them and confirm the flights. This method is, so far, the most widely used way to book flights with Aegean Airlines. If you wish to know the exact process, look at these steps below and book flights offline:

  • Go to the official website and locate the Aegean Airlines reservations phone number.
  • To connect to an Aegean Airlines agent, call (833) 732-8158 and listen to the IVR voice menu.
  • Follow the commands and choose the number associated with new bookings.
  • After that, the call will connect to a suitable agent.
  • Next, share your preferred booking options with the agent and await their response.
  • These experts will provide the best flight options, and you can confirm the one that suits you the best.

To know more about Aegean Airlines booking offline and other flights, you can even ask an airport agent after you reach there personally. The airport agents can also guide you towards a smoother booking process. Also Read This: Aegean Airlines cancellation & Refund policy

How Do I Manage My Booking with Aegean Airlines?

After you make your flight bookings with Aegean Airlines, you may need to manage your flights. In this case, you can use online options to update or make some desired modifications. The Aegean Airlines manage booking option lets you make the desired changes/alterations to your booking details. Here are the different options that are available under this scheme:

  • To add seats
  • Changing flights
  • Editing Contact information
  • Security FastTrack addition
  • Insurance
  • Special meal
  • Car rentals
  • Airport Parking booking
  • Online check-in
  • Change seats

Steps to manage Aegean Airlines flights online

  1. Access the Aegean Airlines official website on your web browser.
  2. Locate the Aegean Airlines manage my booking section on the homepage.
  3. Log in to your account or provide the asked details in the given sections.
  4. Confirm and continue to the manage travel section.
  5. Choose a change you wish to make with your booking.
  6. Confirm the changes and pay the fee if anything is mentioned.

Soon after, the airline will send you an email confirming your booking with Aegean Airlines. You can always call and check with Aegean airlines customer service live person for more information.

What are The Extra Options That You Get with An Aegean Airlines Booking?

You can choose from a variety of pricing categories giving varied luggage allowances, terms for changing or canceling your flight, discounts for children and babies, priority check-in, lounge access, baggage handling, seat selection, and mileage accrual when you purchase your flight. Furthermore, passengers can make special requests, choose a seat, get a deal on extra luggage, add a fast security track, insure their trip, reserve airport parking, rent a car, book a hotel, and place special food orders. Plan your next flight right away!

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Members of Points+Bonus can use award miles to reserve flights with our Star Alliance partners, including AEGEAN, Olympic Air, and others. To redeem miles for award tickets, just sign in to your Miles+Bonus account and select "Spend miles." This is how you can book Aegean or Olympic air network flight tickets for your anticipated travel destination. Any more details are available on the airline’s website, or you can give a call at the given phone numbers for additional information.