It is common to have your travel plans disturbed by sudden situations. Understanding this, Sun Country has devised a smart flight change approach. That’s why you get great flexibility with Sun Country's change flight policy. Also, the approach imparts you a smooth booking modification experience.

Flying to domestic and international destinations, Sun Country flights are easily affordable. No wonder the airline gets frequent bookings. Since the airline knows that unexpected changes can occur, it covers you with its flight changing feature.

So, go through the following account and know more about changing flight bookings with Sun Country, how to change, fees to pay, and other details.

Does Sun Country Allow a Flight Booking Change?

Yes, you can change your Sun Country flight booking easily. Thanks to its flexible approach to modifying flights.

If there is a sudden change of travel plans or you need to modify your itinerary with the airline, its flight change approach helps you. Also, you can avoid unnecessary hassle and expenses on the same.

What is Sun Country Flight Change Policy?

Before you start changing your booking with Sun Country, it is important to know its guidelines. So, here are the Sun Country flight change policy highlights for your reference -

  • If your new flight booking is more expensive than the original one, you must pay the flight fare difference.
  • For new reservations that are cheaper than your original booking, the airline gives you a credit for the balance amount. You can use this credit for future bookings with the airline.
  • The airline doesn’t allow any booking changes if you have completed your check-in process with your flight.
  • For cancellations or schedule changes by Sun Country, you get a refund or a travel credit.
  • Contact the third-party agency for any changes if you have made bookings through them.

Please note

Different fare types affect the Sun Country change flight policy.

Does Sun Country Have a 24-Hour Change Policy?

Yes, Sun Country Airlines has a 24-hour flight change approach.  It applies to all Sun Country domestic and international bookings.

Here are the major points of the Sun Country 24-hour flight change policy -

  • You can change your tickets within 24 hours of booking without any change fees.
  • The booking to be changed must have a departure date after 168 hours or more.
  • There must be a maximum of 9 passengers in the itinerary to change.
  • The booking must not be made with a discount or through miles.

How to Change a Flight on Sun Country?

When traveling with Sun Country Airlines, if you want to change a flight, select from the methods mentioned below.

Flight Change Through Website

  • Visit the official website of Sun Country.
  • Choose the “Manage Booking option.”
  • Enter the following details -
  • Your booking reference number
  • The name of the passenger
  • Select the “Search” option.
  • Retrieve your booking.
  • Select the “Flight change” option.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed.

After changing your booking successfully, the airline emails you the change confirmation.

Change Flight by Calling the Customer Service Team

When flying with Sun Country, if you want to know how to change your flight by getting in touch with the customer service team, here you go -

  • Dial 651.681.4810.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR menu instructions.
  • Wait for a while.
  • A live customer service executive will get in touch with you.
  • Request a flight change.
  • Share the details required.
  • Pay the amount as/ if required.
  • The agent will change your flight.

Change Flight At the Airport

  • Visit the Sun Country ticket counter at the airport.
  • Talk to the agent there regarding your booking change.
  • Provide your current booking details.
  • The executive will help you with the changes.

Does Sun Country Charge to Change Flight?

To change your flight with Sun Country, check the charges that you have to pay. Usually, the airline flight change costs are determined by your fare type.

Moreover, the fees for changing your booking with the airline vary by the time when you raise a change request.

To help you with the Sun Country Airlines flight change fee, go through the prices mentioned below with the respective timeline -

Flight change timeFlight change fee
Within 24 hours of booking when the scheduled flight is after 7 days or moreFree
60 days before departureFree
59 – 14 days before departure$36
13 – 0 days before departure  $79

Please note

The flight change fee is subject to change. Contact the airline’s customer service team for updated prices.

What Flight Changes Can You Make with Sun Country Airlines?

Switch Sun Country; you can make various changes to your booking. So, take a quick look at the following points to know about the modifications you can make with this airline -

Flight date change

As per your ticket fares, Sun Country allows you to change your flight date at your convenience.

Same-day flight change

To change a flight on the same day, raise a request online or call the airline’s customer support team. If you want to fly on a flight later in the day, be present at the airport before the scheduled departure time of the later flight.

Destination change

Your ticket fare rules determine the change of your flight’s destination. But you can modify the destination of your booking with Sun Country.

Flight route change

Changing the route of your flight can also be done with Sun Country. However, your ticket fares determine the change.

Travelers name change

As a bonus in changes that the airline allows you, names can also be modified on tickets as per the Sun Country name change policy and fees.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the Sun Country change flight is a breeze. Thanks to its customer-friendly approach that facilitates you to change your bookings at your convenience.

Also, the flight change comes with certain guidelines and fees. Make sure to check the associated ticket fare rules before requesting any change. What are you waiting for? Do you have to change your Sun Country flight booking? Change it to fly when convenient for you.

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