To make changes to an AA flight, use the American Airlines change flight option available on the website or connect to the experts on the customer service team.

You have made all the preparations for your upcoming American Airlines trip. However, an emergency came up, and you have to change your booking. So, count on American Airlines change flight approach that allows you to modify your bookings as per your convenience.

With the flight change service, the airline facilitates you to travel on a date and time as suitable. Thereby, you have the flexibility to change your booking. Moreover, thanks to the customer-friendly flight change policy of American Airlines, that helps you with the changes while providing a streamlined approach.

Now, let’s go through the account that follows and learn more about AA flight change policy, process, and more.

What is American Airlines Change Flight Policy?

To make your flight change process convenient, AA has devised a smart policy. Here are the major points of American Airlines change flight policy for your reference -

  • You need not pay any flight change fee for short and long-haul flights, no matter where in the world these are flying.
  • Pay the fare difference for newly booked flights that are more expensive than the original one.
  • For flights that are cheaper than the original bookings, AA gives you travel credits.
  • Change your booking separately if made with pets. Contact the AA customer service team for this.
  • As per American Airlines policy on modifying travel plans, changing your flights within 24 hours of booking is free, irrespective of the ticket type.
  • After this 24-hour risk-free period, only refundable tickets are exempted from any change fee.
  • Basic economy ticket holders can’t change their bookings.

Please note

If you have made the booking through a travel agent, an additional fee is charged.

How Can I Change My American Airlines Flight?

If you have to change your flight on American Airlines, the airline allows you to do so easily. You can change your reservation online or offline as required.

Now, let’s go through these methods to change flights -

Via official website

  • Open the official website of American Airlines.
  • Go to Your trips/Check-in section.
  • Click on My Trips.
  • Enter your 6-character confirmation code.
  • Alternatively, you can log in to your AAdvantage account.
  • Click ‘Change trip’.
  • Select a new American Airlines flight to change that best meets your requirements.
  • Review the changes and confirm.

American Airlines will email you the flight change confirmation.

Alternatively, use the AA mobile app to change your flight booking.

Please note

Trip changes that begin in Europe are allowed with charges. However, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are exceptions.

On Phone Call

  • Dial 800-433-7300 (English) or 800-633-3711 (Spanish).
  • Listen to and follow the instructions by the IVR menu.
  • Wait for a while.
  • A live customer service representative will get connected with you.
  • Request a flight change.
  • Share your booking details required.
  • The executive will change your booking.

At the airport counter

  • Visit the nearest airport.
  • Contact the AA agent at the desk.
  • Share your existing flight booking details.
  • The agent will assist you with the flight change.

What is American Airlines Same-Day Flight Change?

With the same-day American Airlines change flight, you can get a confirmed seat on a different flight. As the name suggests, ‘same-day’ so it is clear that this change will be on the same day as your scheduled departure day.

This enables you to hop on any American Airlines and/or American Eagle flights where seats are available. So, if your travel plans change, AA facilitates you with the same-day confirmed changes with charges (applicable only on a few select flights). However, exceptions are applicable.

Please note

  • Your flight change can only be confirmed within 24 hours of departure.
  • The alternate flight must be for the same origin and destination as the original booking.
  • Make changes through -
    • The official AA website
    • Calling the call Reservations team of AA
    • At the airport (self-service kiosk or ticket counter)

Things to Remember with Same-Day Flight Change/Travel 

Make sure that your new flight -

  • Takes off on the same day as your originally scheduled flight between the same airports
  • Operates with the same airports and the same stops on the way as the original flight
  • Is operated by American Airlines or American Eagle

Also, remember that -

  • Every passenger can stand by for the next flight. However, as per  American Airlines policy on changing flights, only AAdvantage® status holders can stand for a later flight the same day.
  • Same-day confirmed changes and standby are subject to availability.
  • For an AA flight, if you have purchased tickets with a partner airline, you can go for same-day confirmed change or stand by.

In Conclusion

Therefore, you can easily go ahead with American Airlines change flight, whether on the same day or some other date. To make any other changes, such as name or destination, get in touch with the airline’s customer service team for assistance.

Simply make sure that you abide by the guidelines as well as the terms and conditions mentioned above. This ensures that you have a streamlined experience with your flight booking modifications, and you avoid any hassle.

So, if you need to change your booking with AA, you can do it today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to an American Airlines flight?

Yes, American Airlines allows you to change your flights at your ease. Also, schedule or same-day flight change, etc. are allowed with AA.

How much does it cost to change a flight with American Airlines?

American Airlines flight change is free except for fare difference payment. However, the same day confirmed changes start at $50.

Is it free to change the American flight?

Yes, on American Airlines operated flights, changes are free, but pay the fare difference. Check the applicable same-day flight change fee with the airline.