Among the most important things for a trip booking and preparations is the seat selection. So, when you are flying with United Airlines, you can be relaxed. Thanks to the United Airlines seat selection approach, which allows you to pick seats of your choice and have a clear idea of where you will be seated on the flight.

Although United assigns you seats, you can pick what you find the best. You can pay to get your seats in advance or even grab upgrades. Whether a window seat or an aisle seat, the airline lets you pick your desired seat without any hassle. To know more about the seat selection policy, processes, fee, and other details by United Airlines, go through the following account.

Can I Select Seats on United Airlines?

Yes, United Airlines allows you to pick seats. Travelers of every type can select and change seats except those traveling with Basic Economy. However, you can purchase your preferred seat with Basic Economy when you are booking your tickets.

Elite status holders also have plenty of perks with seat selection as per their level.

What is the United Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Consider the seat selection policy of United Airlines when choosing your favorite seats. Here are the policy highlights for your reference -

  • You can pick a seat or change it with every ticket type except Basic Economy.
  • With a Basic Economy ticket, pick a seat while booking until check-in at a fee.
  • Your fare type and other factors determine the seat selection charges.
  • Pay an additional fee to upgrade your seat.

To know more, get in touch with the customer service executive of the airline.

How to Select a Seat with United Airlines?

To select a seat on a United Airlines flight, go through the following simple steps. You can choose seats online or offline as per your convenience.

Online Seat Selection

Select seats while booking
  • Visit the official United Airlines Website.
  • Enter your travel details required, such as -
    • Departure and destination
    • Travel dates
    • Number of passengers
    • Cabin type
  • Hit the Search button.
  • View the flights available.
  • Select a suitable flight and confirm.
  • In the Account Login section, Mileage Plus members must enter their username and PIN, otherwise leave it.
  • Hit the option of Continue Traveler Information.
  • Enter the passenger details.
  • Click on the Select Seat button.
  • Select seats through the seat map.
  • Click Continue and verify the flight details.
  • Pay through your preferred payment mode.
United Airlines seat selection after booking

After your United Airlines reservations, the airline allows you a seat selection or change it so that you fly on your favorite seats. Here’s how -

  • Open the United Airline’s website.
  • Go to the option of My Trips.
  • Scroll to the Manage My Trips tab.
  • Click on the My Trips link below. MANAGE MY TRIPS, as shown above.
  • You will be redirected to a new page as shown below.
  • Enter your details as required in the form.
  • Hit the Search button. 
  • Once you find your travel details.
  • Select/change your seat from the available options.

Offline Seat Selection

  • Dial 1-800-864-8331.
  • Carefully listen to the IVR instructions.
  • Follow the prompts.
  • A live representative gets connected.
  • Request a seat selection.
  • Share the details required.

Please note

  • Contact the airline or its executives for further assistance.
  • Basic Economy ticket holders can purchase an Economy Plus seat only at check-in.
  • Pay for the seats selected as/if required.
  • Ask a customer service representative at the gate to change your seat.

What is the United Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

If you are wondering, does United Airlines charge for seat selection, the good news is that it doesn’t. So, you can choose your preferred seats for free. However, you have to pay for Basic Economy. These charges depend on your travel route. Moreover, pay an extra fee to upgrade your seats.

With United Airlines you can go for a Preferred seat selection (closer to the front of the economy section) from the fee of $9 each way.

Please note

  • Prices are subject to change.
  • As per your flight, you can also buy discounted bundles at checkout to save on additional services.

Which Seating Options United Offers to Elite Members?

United provides different seating options to travelers as per their status level. Pick your seats according to your membership. Let’s take a quick look at each.

MileagePlus Members

Modify your seat or service class as per your MileagePlus status level. If you have an Economy ticket, United allows you:

  • A seat in Economy Plus
  • Grab premium cabin seating offers
  • Request a MileagePlus Travel Award or MileagePlus Upgrade Award

MileagePlus Premier Members

MileagePlus Premier members get extra benefits. These benefits include:

  • Bonus award miles
  • Complimentary Premier Upgrades
  • Priority travel services
  • Fee waivers
  • Premium cabin seating
  • A MileagePlus Travel Award, MileagePlus Upgrade Award, PlusPoints upgrades, or Star Alliance Upgrade Award

Please note

  • Call United en espanol teléfono, where an executive will help you more with these membership plans.
  • For MileagePlus and MileagePlus Premier members, these options vary when you are booking, have already booked, or are eligible to check-in.
  • MileagePlus Premier members can also get complimentary Economy Plus seating at:
    • Booking for Premier Gold and higher members
    • At check-in for Premier Silver members.


Although you cannot use any of the benefits mentioned above, you can buy a seat in Economy Plus. You can also look for premium cabin seating offers.

Can I Upgrade Seats on United Airlines?

Yes, with a United Airlines booking, you can upgrade your seat in various ways. So, while booking your trip or changing your seats after the reservation, use miles or money to travel in any of the following premium cabins:

  • United Polaris business class
  • United First
  • United Business

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, you can travel worry-free and at ease with United. In addition to booking your tickets, the airline facilitates you to select seats of your choice and add to your travel delight. Moreover, you can pick or change your seat for most United and United Express-operated flights on the United app or through your travel agent. So, you can make a free seat selection when you purchase a standard economy ticket at least. Pay if you want to get the best seats of your choice. However, United Airlines seat selection for the elites is free. So, when are you selecting your seats with United?

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