Is it time for your next air travel? If yes, then you must be worried about completing the reservation procedure. One of the airlines which offer the most hassle-free method of making a reservation is Icelandair Airlines. Iceland air seat selection process makes it very easy even for the new flyers to make the booking. Any individual who is looking to make a reservation with this airline for their next air travel will find all the information associated with it here. However, before we head to know about the Icelandair seat selection procedure, let us have a look at the seat selection policy. Make the whole process easy by having detailed information on the policy first. Remember you can always use 1-800 223 5500 or 18602008850 and get help for completing the Icelandair booking.

What is Iceland Air Seat Selection Policy?

Seat selection Icelandair procedure can become much simpler if one knows about the policy of seat selection in advance. Go through the points given below and get to know this policy in detail:

  • Firstly, if you choose your seat while making the reservation itself, then there is no Icelandair seat selection cost. This means one does not have to pay any amount if you complete seat selection at the time of reservation itself.
  • Furthermore, go ahead to complete this procedure of seat selection by visiting the official website of this airline. Or one can simply get in touch with the travel expert of this airline by using their customer services.
  • Moreover, if you did not choose your seat at the time of making the reservation itself then you need to bear some Icelandair seat selection fee.
  • In addition to this, keep in mind that passengers have to pay the Iceland air seat selection fees according to their final destination and type of travel class.

In What Way Can One Select a Seat with Iceland Airlines?

Individuals who choose to fly with this airline just don’t have one way to make the seat selection. Keeping in mind the needs of its flyers, this airline provides both online and offline ways to complete the Icelandair booking. Go through the information below and get to know about the online method of completing the seat selection procedure.

Online method:

  • Firstly, open your web browser and then visit the official website of this airline. Once the site opens up, you need to use your credentials to log in successfully.
  • Furthermore, go ahead to search for the flights according to your desired destination.
  • Once you have the options in front of you, choose the perfect flight according to schedule.
  • Now, complete the Iceland air seat selection process and choose the seat of your choice. Keep in mind you don't have to pay any additional Icelandair seat selection fee because you are choosing the seat at the time of booking itself.
  • Once you will follow all these steps, you need to be able to complete the seat selection process with this airline.

Offline method:

In addition to using the online method, one can always rely on the offline method of Iceland air seat selection. Go ahead to dial 1-800 223 5500 or 18602008850 to get in touch with the travel expert of this airline.

  • When you will dial this number, you will hear some computerized commands. Press the keys according to the information asked on the computerized voice.
  • As soon as you will connect with the travel representative, you need to ask them to complete the reservation process for you.
  • Furthermore, make sure to provide the correct information to the travel expert.

How Much Does Icelandair Charge for Seat Selection?

As mentioned above, individuals who do not choose a seat at the time of reservation itself have to pay some charges. However, there is some additional information one must have information associated with the Icelandair seat selection cost.

  • If you did not choose the seat at the time of booking itself, then you need to pay the charges from $10-$30.
  • Furthermore, one must know that the cost of seat selection varies according to the final destination and travel class.
  • Moreover, passengers can always get in touch with travel experts by using the customer service this airline provides to its customers.

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