Getting to know your airline is a must before your expedition. Besides, if you run into problems, only a customer service representative will assist you with them. So, are you flying British Airways and need more information? You can talk to a live person at British Airways through call, live chat, social media, or email and get the necessary help. The agents will even assist you with existing bookings, flight changes, seat updation & selection, etc. Eager to get the assistance you seek? Take a look at the subsections below for quick help with your British Airways flights:

How to Contact British Airways For Help?

Wondering how to contact British Airways? Whether you need assistance booking a flight, have a question about baggage allowances, or need to make any other inquiries, you can always get in touch with the airline. British Airways is committed to providing excellent customer service, and there are several ways that you can get in touch with the airline. Here are some of the most common ways to contact British Airways:
  • Telephone: The easiest way to contact British Airways is with a good old-fashioned telephone call. The airline has a dedicated British Airways phone number that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call BA at 0344 493 0787 from the UK and Choose option 2 to connect to them regarding flights. Or dial  1-800-AIRWAYS(247-9297) to connect with BA from the USA
  • Live Chat: If you prefer to communicate with British Airways online, you can do so via live chat. Find the live chat link on the 'Contact Us page on the website and click it to start a new chat.
  • Email: Choose to send an email to British Airways using the contact form in the “Contact Us” section. Expect a response from the airline within 48 hours.
  • Social Media: Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are also great ways to connect with BA experts. The airline is very responsive on social media, so you can expect a prompt reply.
These are the best ways to connect to British Airways Customer service and ask for help. Let’s walk you through the additional details about these options below.

Can I Call British Airways for New Bookings or Change an Existing Booking?

Yes, you can call the British airways reservations phone number to book a new flight or vacation. You can always connect with the airline for any upgrades, flight changes, car hire, etc. If you are flying from the US, dial 1-800-247-9297 (available Mon-Sun 7 am - 1 am EST) and speak with a live person for the same. The airline expert will also assist you with the changes to an existing flight and help you get a new flight on your preferred schedule. The passengers in the UK can dial 0344 493 0787  and fulfill the same purpose. Note that the call first connects to an automated voice menu through which you can contact an airline expert for assistance.

How to Get Through British Airways Customer Service?

Getting through BA is easy. You can call the British Airways customer service phone number 1-800-247-9297 and follow the IVR instructions to connect. The airline experts will reach out and help you with your concerns. For more details, let’s read the steps below and follow the procedure for better answers. (You can find the Contact Us section of British Airways and choose your desired location to call the agents.)
  • To talk to a live person at British Airways, dial 1-800-247-9297 (USA) and choose your language.
  • For English, Press 1, Press 2 for Spanish.
  • After this, an IVR voice menu continues.
  • Select your area of concern from the given options and wait in line.
  • The live person will connect with you soon after.
  • Tell him your flight details and your reason for calling.
  • The agent will ask you for a bit more information about your trip.
  • Once you provide the necessary details, the agent will solve your query for you.
You can ask this agent to help you with your British Airways booking or assist you to change an existing one. Feel free to drop any concerns via email and expect feedback in a while if you do not wish to call.

How to File a Specific Complaint with British Airways?

Though no direct complaints resolutions department exists, British Airways customer service does it all. You can find out the specific British Airways phone number and connect to the dedicated team for assistance. Here are the different phone numbers:
  • For new bookings, fare information, holidays, etc, 1-800-247-9297
  • To enquire about changes to an existing flight booking, 1-800-247-9297
  • For existing hotel, car, or holiday package enquires, 1-877-4282228
  • To request a refund for electronic tickets, 877-767-7970
  • British Airways Customer Relations Contact
    • 1-800-247-9297 for pre-travel and reservations
    • 1-312-843-5794 Post-travel queries
    • Fax: +1-212-251-6753 or +1 212 251 6711
  • Delayed Baggage queries and help- 1-800-828-8144
  • For baggage claims with BA, Fax: +1-212-251-6711
  • Hearing Impaired contact 1-866-393-0961
  • For website help, 1-800-403-0882
Choose any number you like and talk to a live person at British Airways. If you have any more complaints, use various options available to connect to the airline.

Final Words

British Airways is committed to providing the best possible customer service, and you can always get in touch with the airline for any queries or concerns you may have. You can always rely on the airline if you book a flight, ask about baggage allowances, or anything else. Talk to a live person at British Airways and receive customer service help from the comfort of your home.
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