You have a confirmed booking with EasyJet. But what about your seats? Do you want to make an EasyJet Seat Selection for a more comfortable journey? You are at the correct place. Here, you will get an insight into seats that the airline offers, guidelines and policy for selecting seats, processes to choose seats, and fees to pay, if any.

So without further ado, let’s look into selecting seats of your choice on EasyJet flights.

Can You Select Seats on an EasyJet Flight?

Yes, when traveling on an EasyJet flight, you can go for a seat selection as per your convenience. Whether you pick seats while making a reservation or before check-in, the airline facilitates you with a seat selection. You can choose your preferred seats through the Manage Booking feature on the airline’s website or its mobile app.

When you are picking seats for a booking that has more than one traveler, choose seats for everyone. In other case, EasyJet doesn’t allow you to purchase allocated seats.

What is the EasyJet Seat Selection Policy?

To select seats of your choice, you should know the guidelines that EasyJet has set. Here are the EasyJet seat selection policy highlights:

  • You can select your seat up to 2 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure.
  • The seat selection is available for a fee.
  • If you don't choose a seat, the airline assigns you a random one at check-in.

To know more about the seat selection rules, grab a preferred seat, or change your seat after the check-in, contact the customer service team of EasyJet.

How Can I Select Seats on EasyJet?

On EasyJet flights, you have the flexibility to choose where you want to sit. To help you pick seats as per your preference, here is the step by step procedure. Let’s go though it.

Online Seat Selection

  • Open the official website of EasyJet.
  • Click the Manage Booking tab.
  • Enter your reservation details in the fields provided:
    • Reservation/booking reference number
    • Passenger’s last name
  • Check your booking details.
  • Now, EasyJet prompts you to check the seat selection map and pick available seats.
  • Select your favorite seats.
  • Pay any fees to choose seats, if required.

Offline Seat Selection

  • Dial the EasyJet seat selection phone number +44 (0) 330 5515151.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions and follow each.
  • Once connected, request to make a seat selection.
  • Share your details as required.
  • Choose seats.
  • Pay the amount to pick seats, as/if required.

Does EasyJet Allocate Seats Together?

No, it is not sure that you will get seats with your travel companions when EasyJet allocates you seats. Although the airline tries to give seats to families or companions together, it is not guaranteed.

The airline assigns seats on a first come first served basis. Check-in earlier to increase the chances of being seated together.

What happens if I Don't Select Seats on EasyJet?

If you don't make an EasyJet Seat Selection, the airline automatically assigns you random seats at check-in without any charges. This might result in sitting anywhere in the flight and even far from your family or friends with whom you are flying.

So, pick your seat in advance and ensure that you travel on your chosen seat and with your travel companion.

Do You Have to Select Seats on EasyJet?

If you have a seat preference, EasyJet facilitates you to pick your seat. However, it is important to keep the seat selection guidelines and rules in mind when choosing.

Check the fee that you might have to pay for your favorite seats onboard. Call EasyJet airline customer service number to know more about the charges.

However, if you don’t have any specific seat preference or don’t have to sit together with a travel companion, you can leave it up to the airline. EasyJet allocates you seats onboard.

Can You Select Seats After Check in on EasyJet?

To know if you can choose seats after you have completed check-in, call the airline’s customer service team. Raise a request with the airline to help you select or even change seats. Count on the airline’s customer service efficient representatives to find available seats and select or change yours.

What is the EasyJet Seat Selection Fee?

While choosing your much preferred seat on an EasyJet flight, it is good to know how much it will cost you. However, EasyJet seat selection cost varies as per your seat type route, time, and flight duration.

Here, let’s take a look at the airline’s charges according to the types of seats -

Seat TypesInformationSeat Selection Costs (start from)
Allocated Seating - First row (Extra Legroom)You also get a small cabin bag, up to 45 x 36 x 20 cm.£12.99
Allocated Seating - Up Front / Overwing (Extra Legroom)Fee varies as per the route, flight and booking time. £7.99
Allocated Seating - Other seatsSelect the seat in the rest of the aircraft.£0.99


Can I Get A Free Seat Selection with EasyJet?

Yes, EasyJet allows you a free advance seat selection while booking your tickets. Simply follow the seat selection guidelines and follow any of the processes to book your preferred seats. However, if you don’t select your preferred seat beforehand the airline allocates you a random one for free as per the availability.

If you are flying with travel companions, Easyjet doesn’t ensure that you will get seats together in case of random seat allocation, especially when your departure date gets closer.

What are the EasyJet Seat Types?

When you are looking forward to selecting seats on EasyJet, it is good to know about the types of seats that the airline has. Here, take a look at the three types of seats for EasyJet flight seat selection as per your convenience -

Standard seats

  • Select from window, middle or aisle seats.
  • Free for FLEXI fare ticket holders and those having EasyJet Plus card.

Up Front seats

  • A seat in 2-6 rows, some planes have rows 2-5
  • Take a small cabin bag that fits under seat
  • EasyJet Plus cardholders and FLEXI fare travelers get it for free.

Extra Legroom seats

  • EasyJet Plus cardholders get it free and passengers with FLEXI fare get it at discounted fare.
  • Extra legroom and benefits of Up Front seat type

Bottom Line

Therefore, EasyJet treats you to the best of comfort and convenience. Thanks to its approach of allowing travelers to pick their preferred seats. So when you are planning to travel with this airline, go for an EasyJet Seat Selection in a few clicks.

However, keep the seat selection policy of EasyJet in mind for a streamline experience. Select seats from the types that best meet your travel requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Do you have a trip on your bucket list? Check it off with EasyJet and don’t forget to book your favorite seats in advance.

Grab your seats before they are gone!

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