When groups are involved in flight bookings, the process becomes quite difficult to comprehend. Only a few airlines can guarantee a hassle-free process when you try to book for 10 people or more. The British Airways Group booking is not just booking tickets for a large number of people. Except it has much more than just booking flights. With a small deposit, customers can book their group flights on British Airways and enjoy exceptional offers. To know more about the group booking process and policy, check out the subsections below and confirm your air travel with British Airways.

What is British Airways Group Travel?

For every booking class, British Airways has different criteria for group bookings. If you are economy, the group size is distinct; for premium or business class, the definition is separate. Below is some simple information on group booking with BA.

  • Group booking of 10 or more people is considered in Economy class.
  • For any person traveling in World Traveller Plus or Business Club World class, the group size will be 7 or more people.

A British Airways Travel group hooking passenger count does not include infants under 2 years of age. So, if you have 12 people, which includes 3 infants, your group size will be 9 instead of 12 on a BA flight. Besides, there are some advantages to booking a group.

BA Group Booking Benefits

  • Booking Group Flights is not limited to just getting tickets for your whole group together.
  • You get a dedicated team that looks after your travel needs.
  • You can make a small deposit to book flights for each passenger.
  • Name changes, before the airline issues your ticket, do not cost you a cent.

Making a BA Group Booking - Simple Steps

To arrange a group booking with British Airways, follow these steps:

  • Visit the British Airways website.
  • Look for the "Group travel" section.
  • Fill out the group travel request form with your group's details.
  • Submit the form.
  • Alternatively, contact British Airways customer service or the group travel department directly.

British Airways will provide a personalized quote based on your group's requirements. You can find out the proper requirements for BA group bookings in the sections below. Important Point to Note: The quote will include the fare per person and any applicable discounts or promotions. It will also outline the terms and conditions related to the group booking, such as payment deadlines, ticketing requirements.

How Do You Arrange a Booking for a Group with British Airways?

Arranging a Group booking with British Airways depends on your departure location. You need to follow the individual process to request a booking quote from the airline. For instance, if you are a customer in the UK, Ireland, North America, or any country sound the world, you need to know how to request a quote. Let’s find out!

Customers in North America

Any customer from North America can book a group flight for his team, family, etc., with a $100 deposit per passenger for the respective flight. In addition, they have up to 30 days before travel to pay the whole balance after telling who is traveling with them. Here’s what happens:

  • A dedicated team will look after you during the process.
  • After receiving a quote from BA, you can call the airline to complete the booking.
  • You get to secure your booking for two weeks without an additional charge.

You can also contact the airline directly when you do not book through a travel agent. Call British Airways group booking telephone number 1-844-209-1281 (toll-free) or email @@ mybooking@ba-groups.com. The airline even allows you to request a quote online.

BA Group Booking Time Restrictions

Time of BookingWhen to DepositWhen to pay FullProviding Passenger details
Within 30-44 days of takeoffDuring Booking30 days before take-off30 days before take-off
Within 30 days of take-offNo NeedDue While bookingIs Due While booking
44+ Days before take-offIn 2 weeks of Confirming30 days before take-off30 days before take-off

Customers in the UK and Ireland

For Customers in the UK or Ireland, the airline asks 20% deposit to confirm the booking and will give them up to 8 weeks before the departure to pay. Here are the additional details:

  • A dedicated team will look after you during the process.
  • You have up to two weeks before the take-off to inform BA who is traveling in the group.
  • The airline will offer you a quote right away, and you can call them to book.
  • Your flights are secure free of charge for two weeks from confirming the booking.

You can also call British Airways group travel agents or dial their phone number in the UK  0344 493 0765 or Ireland at 015 319 039 (Mon-Fri between 8:30 and 17:00). BA Group Booking Time Restrictions

Time of BookingWhen to DepositWhen to pay FullPassenger details
2 weeks of takeoffIn 2 weeks of confirmationIn 8 weeks of departureIn 2 weeks of departure
2-8 weeks of departureNo NeedIn 8 weeks of departureIn 2 weeks of departure
8-12 weeks of takeoffNot neededAt the time of bookingIn 2  weeks of departure
12+ weeks before departureNo requirementAt the time of bookingDue at the time of booking

Customers from the Rest of the World

Any customers from other parts of the world can contact any local office to request a British Airways group booking. The airline’s group sales department will finalize your bookings and help you confirm tickets. After completing the booking BA will need your names and API(Advanced Passenger information) for every member in your group. This is due at least two weeks before the date of departure. The details the airline may need also depend on the country of departure. You can submit these details online via the group booking form.

Is booking as a group on British Airways cheaper?

Well, it generally depends on the booking type, The airfare usually costs higher for groups than individuals, except for when you get travel agent deals. Making a British Airways group booking can still benefit you in many ways. So, next time you plan to travel with your friends, family, or loved ones, try BA flights. For more information, get in touch with our experts right away.

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