Did you know? American Airlines carry almost 500,000 passengers across the continents every day! They are taken in more than 6,800 AA flights. However, tracking all these flights in real-time is challenging. Here comes the American Airlines flight tracker feature. It keeps you updated with the details and information regarding your flights. After all, a whopping number of AA’s flights traverse through the sky daily. So, it is good to be informed about where your flight is coming from and what is its altitude as well as its current speed. AA customer care representatives help passengers know about any sudden changes in their flight schedules. And send them updates within 30 minutes of finding out the same. Are you too looking for the status of your AA flight? And why not? It is important to check your flight status as delays and cancellations occur often. The flight tracker on American Airlines facilitates you with real-time tracking. The updates include even the gate and terminal details. Let’s delve a little deeper into it.

Why Track an American Airlines Flight?

Cancellations and delays are common. Weather, the national aviation system, air carrier delays, or security issues cause unannounced changes in flight schedules. Travelers want to know their flight status, especially on the day of journey. It helps them stay updated with arrivals, any delay or cancellation of their flight. Hence, they can plan and set their travel schedules accordingly. Also, if you have someone coming over to your place in an AA flight, know when they will reach with American Airlines feature to track flight. AA understands how important it is for its passengers. So, it helps you monitor your flight with voicemail and text messages. Thereby, it enables you to reach the airport on time to catch a flight or pick up a loved one soon, who is waiting for you at the airport. All you have to do is to sign up on the official AA website and receive free status alerts.

How to Track a Flight with American Airlines?

To get up-to-date notifications, make sure that you have shared your correct contact information with AA. In addition, you can use a live flight tracker to get the latest updates, just in time. Here are some steps that help you track American Airlines flight -
  • Visit the American Airlines official website (aa.com).
  • Click the "Flight Status” tab.
  • Enter the information required (flight number, date, time, departure, arrival destinations).
  • Click "Go".
  • Review the information.
  • Return to the "Flight Status" page.
  • Click "Create Flight Status Notification".
  • Sign up for free tracking.
  • Add the flight information.
  • Select your contact preference (text, voice mail or e-mail messaging) from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the notification time settings to customize the alerts.
  • Check the boxes to receive updates - departure, arrival, gate changes.
  • Submit.
  • Monitor your messages for new updates.
You can also download AA’s free app, which helps you manage your travel on the go.

Tips to Track an American Airlines Flight

Now you are well-acquainted with the process to track a flight on American Airlines. However, you have to keep certain things in mind while you are tracking your flights.
  • To stay up with flight tracking, you must regularly update the AA app. By doing so, you will have the app’s latest version. It notifies you when boarding actually starts. Furthermore, it also informs you of the time to proceed to the gate from the Admirals Club.
  • You can sign up or change your preferences from the ‘BeNotified’ link in your AAdvantage profile. It sends you text or email as alerts for every flight.
These alerts are helpful when it comes to -
  • Delays and cancellations on the date of travel
  • Departure reminders
  • Gate changes
You can also set a single alert for a specific flight. So, when you are booking American Airlines tickets, take time to sign up to receive regular flight updates. Checking the status of your flight is a breeze. Whether you do so on the official website of AA or its mobile app, you will receive your flight status updates as well as detailed info about the same. The information also includes inbound flight tracking. Hence, you can’t be late to catch an AA flight now, nor be late to receive a loved one from the airport. You have American Airlines flight tracker services. No excuses, only punctuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to an American Airlines flight?

Yes, you can make changes on your American Airlines flights like schedule, minor name changes, same-day flight change, etc. You only need to follow the flight change rules and guidelines to make a significant flight change.

How much does it cost to change a flight with American Airlines?

While there is no change fee on American Airlines for domestic flight change in general, you still have to pay a difference in fares. Also, The airline charges a 75 to 150 USD fee for changing flight tickets on the same day.

Is it free to change the American flight?

Yes, for most of the flight changes, there won’t be an American Airlines flight change fee, but the difference in fares. If you want more details on changing tickets for free, check the AA flight change for free.

How many times can I change my flight with American Airlines?

American Airlines allows you to make changes to your flights once only. You can either change it when it’s still time or later cancel and rebook tickets.