Who doesn’t like to travel comfortably with a travel companion by their side? And this is ensured when you select your seats yourself. Considering this, you have an Allegiant Air seat selection that facilitates you to pick seats of your choice and travel comfortably. With a seat of your choice, your travel delight manifolds and you look forward to the same airline time and again. To add to your reasons to choose Allegiant Air every time, the airline helps you book your seats on a priority basis. So, it is good to choose and book your preferred seats while making your flight ticket reservation. So, select your seats in time and fly comfortably.

What is Allegiant Air Seat Selection Policy?

The next step after booking your flight tickets is to choose the seats that you prefer. So, when flying with Allegiant, if you are going to select your seats, here are the highlights of the Allegiant seat selection policy -

  • Seat availability determines your seat selection.
  • You can choose seats in the same booking class for which you have purchased tickets.
  • Pay charges to get a seat upgrade.
  • Basic economy booking might require you to pay for your seat selected. However, elite or premium bookings are exempted from such charges.
  • If Allegiant cancels your reservation, it will provide you a refund and charges paid for seat.

Does Allegiant Airline Assign Seats?

You will be assigned seats on Allegiant Air that you should accept. Allegiant allows you to view the seats assigned when you check-in. However, if you don’t like the seats assigned, select a seat and pay for it. The charges vary as per the seats having extra legroom or a window seat. You can’t change the assigned seats at the airport or after the boarding pass is printed. However, you can avoid such a situation. Simply be prepared with your advance booking and select your preferred seats much beforehand.

What is The Allegiant Seat Selection Process?

So, you have decided to select seats while traveling with the airline. To make things convenient for you, here are the quick steps for seat selection on Allegiant Air so that you can travel at ease.

Through the Official Website

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Air.
  • Click on the Manage Trip option.
  • Enter the booking itinerary.
  • Retrieve your booking.
  • Go to the Seat Select option.
  • Once the seat map appears, select your seats.
  • Check the prices.
  • Click on Proceed.
  • Make the payment.

The airline will send you a confirmation email and your boarding pass.

Via Mobile App

Download the Allegiant App from App Store or Play Store on your smartphone. Follow the prompts and select your seats. Print or download your boarding passes.

Should I Purchase Additional Seats on Allegiant Air?

If you are traveling with an infant, a kid, a musical instrument, etc. it is good to go for an additional Allegiant seat selection and ensure comfort throughout the journey.

What is the Seat Selection Fee on Allegiant Air?

The airline assigns you a seat while booking or checking in. If you don’t like the seat assigned, you can pay to get a preferred one. On average, you have to pay a fee for your seat selection that ranges between $7 to $21. However, the Allegiant Air seat selection fee depends on the row in which you choose a seat. Please note Seats in the front rows are more expensive than the back row.

Can I Book a Seat or Add A Baggage to a Travel Itinerary?

If you wish to make a seat reservation or add a bag, simply -

  • Log into Manage Travel or
  • Download the Allegiant App on your smartphone

Now, you can pay Allegiant Air baggage fees with seat selection that gives you priority access or upgrade. The baggage fee system of Allegiant is -

  • Overhead carry-on bags are chargeable. Larger carry-ons cost usually the same as checked bags.
  • At the airport, a carry-on or checked bag usually costs $50 each.

How to Make Sure that My Family Sits Together on Allegiant Air Flights?

If you want to make sure that your family is sitting together on an Allegiant flight, book seats of your choice much in advance. Although the airline tries to keep the  seating of the  family together, it can’t be assaulted with a random seat assignment. In a nutshell, it is a wise step to select your preferred seats while making your booking. By doing so, you can escape the random allotment of seats that you might not like. And end up being uneasy and unhappy with your journey, which Allegiant never wants. That’s why, you have the Allegiant Air seat selection policy. So, choose a seat or seats at your convenience and enjoy your journey to the fullest. Pick seats of your choice and if you are traveling with your loved ones, sit together and have a memorable trip. Thereby, Allegiant Air makes sure that you have a comfortable trip with its flights at a nominal fee for your seat selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to select seats on Allegiant Air??

It is not necessary that you select your seats when traveling with Allegiant Air as the airline assigns you seats. However, if you want to choose a preferred seat and want to sit with your companion, select your seats.

Should I pay for a seat assignment on Allegiant?

No, Allegiant Air assigns you seats for free. However, if you want to change your seat, you have to purchase it.

Does Allegiant charge for seat selection?

Yes, Allegiant charges a nominal amount for seat selection. However, it varies according to the seats chosen.

How much is the Allegiant fee for seat selection?

You have to pay $7 to $21 as an Allegiant seat selection fee to sit on your preferred seat throughout the flight trip.