Flying on their favorite seats is every traveler’s desire. That’s why Alaska Airlines facilitates its passengers to pick seats of their choice. With Alaska Airlines Seat Selection approach, you can choose your most preferred seats easily.

The airline is dedicated to providing you a comfortable experience, thanks to its customer-friendly approach. From seat selection policy to process to pick seats, Alaska assures you a smooth experience. Count on its interactive seat map that helps you grab your favorite seats.

So, go through the following account and learn more about Alaska Air seat selection and fly on your most preferred seats.

Can You Select Seats On Alaska Airlines?

Yes, you can pick seats as per your preference when traveling on an Alaska flight. Select from First Class, Premium Class, or Main Cabin and get seats of your choice.

Count on the Alaska Airlines interactive seating chart to choose your favorite seats. Moreover, Elite level Mileage Plan members can select Premium Class seating. However, they must log in to make this selection.

How to Select Seats on Alaska Airlines?

If you are looking forward to traveling with Alaska Airlines while enjoying premium seating, go for its seat selection service. However, getting seats of your choice depends on certain conditions as set by the airline’s seat selection policy.

Select your Alaska flight seats in the following ways -

Through the Official Website or Mobile App

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • Alternatively, install its app on your smart device.
  • Click on Manage Reservations.
  • Mention your booking number and name on the ticket.
  • Get the flight details on which you want to select a seat.
  • Pick a seat.
  • Click the confirmation button.
  • Pay the amount.

Once you are done with Alaska seat selection, the airline will send you the confirmation email.

Via Phone Call

  • Dial 1-800-252-7522.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • You will get connected to a live customer service executive.
  • Convey your seat selection requirement.
  • Share the booking details.
  • Make the payment.

Through a Travel Agency

  • Contact a travel planner.
  • Book your trip.
  • Inform them regarding your seat preferences.

What is Alaska Air Seat Selection Policy?

Being a premium services provider, Alaska airlines allows its passengers to select a seat as per their choice. So, if you are traveling on an Alaska flight, go through the points below to get information to choose a seat.

  • Alaska Airlines assigns your seats for free. However, you can pick seats of your choice as well.
  • Select the seats while booking or during check-in.
  • You have to pay for premium seats.
  • Economy seat selection is free.
  • You can also select seats at the check-in counter or kiosk.

Does Alaska Airlines Charge For Seat Selection?

No, Alaska Airlines usually doesn’t charge you for choosing a seat. However, you have to pay seat selection fees if you are traveling in the main cabin and later upgrade it to premium. An Alaska Airlines seat selection fee is $15. Moreover, the type of cabin class chosen for booking determines the fee.

However, Saver Fare is an exception. If you have booked your seat, you can’t upgrade as this ticket type offers restricted seating choices.

What are the Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Options?

When flying with Alaska Airlines, you can pick your seats from any of the following methods -

Pre-reserve seats

While booking your Alaska Airlines tickets, use its seat map to pick seats of your choice. With seats pre-reserved for your trip, you can be assured of a comfortable journey.

Online Seat Selection

If you can’t book seats while booking, the airline allows you to select those at online check-in. Visit Alaska Airlines official website or its mobile app to grab your spot onboard after making a reservation.

Airport Gate Seat Selection

To choose seats at the airport gate, reach there at least one hour before your flight’s scheduled departure. Request the airline’s representative at the airport gate to arrange a seat for you.

Does Alaska Airlines Offer Family Seating?

Yes, Alaska Airlines ensures that you sit with your family. That’s why Alaska Airlines automatically makes free seat assignments, no matter what your service class is.

To keep the family seating streamlined, Alaska has designed a customer-friendly family seating policy. Here are the major points of the policy -

13-year-old kids and below are seated with at least one accompanying adult without extra charges, including for Saver fares. However, the following conditions must be fulfilled -

  • The kid and the adult must travel on the same booking.
  • Your original flight doesn’t switch to a smaller one.
  • Seats are selected or skipped for the entire booking, and after seat assignment, no changes are made.
  • Adjacent seats are available in the same travel class where your kid has a booking.
  • The number of kids in your booking determines the adjacent seating as per the flight seat map.

For more information, call the customer service team of the airline.

In Conclusion

Many travelers might find flying a challenge. But not anymore with Alaska. If you are not seated comfortably as you want, the trip becomes troublesome. So, the best way is to go for an Alaska Airlines Seat Selection and travel at your comfort and convenience.

So, book your seats now on your chosen Alaska flight and fly worry-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select an Alaska Airlines seat on Flight Pass?

If you are traveling on a Flight Pass, you can pick seats in the Main cabin of the flight.

Can you select your own seating on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, Alaska Airlines allows you to select seats of your choice. Follow the Alaska Airlines seat selection policy & choose a suitable method to pick seats.

Do I have to pay for Premium Class or First Class upgrade?

Yes, you need to pay to get an upgrade. Use the Alaska Airlines interactive seat map to choose seats and pay the upgrade charges.

What if I don't select a seat on Alaska Airlines?

If you can’t select a seat on Alaska Airlines, its automatic seat assignments will help you get one at the gate.