Are you planning a trip to Aeromexico and looking to take advantage of their rewards program? If so, you should consider signing up for the Aeromexico Club Premier Awards. Well, these awards are Aeromexico’s loyalty program. They offer a variety of benefits and bonuses that can help you save money and enjoy a more comfortable and convenient travel experience. In this article, we’ll explain the Aeromexico Club Premier Awards and how they work?

What is Club Premier Aeromexico?

It is Aeromexico’s loyalty program. The Club Premier Aeromexico is designed to reward customers for their loyalty and encourage more people to fly with the airline. Program members are entitled to various benefits, including discounts on flights, upgrades, and access to priority check-in and boarding.

How to Connect an Aeromexico Club Premier Card?

To take advantage of the Awards, you’ll need to connect an Aeromexico Premier card to your Aeromexico premier club account. To do this, you’ll need to sign up for the program by visiting the Aeromexico website. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an Aeromexico Club Premier card in the mail. This card is your ticket to earning points and rewards, so keep it with you whenever you’re traveling on Aeromexico.

How to Book Tickets with Club Premier Awards?

Once you have your clubpremier Aeromexico card, you can start using it to earn rewards. These rewards can then wind up and help you book your vacations.
  • To book your flights, visit the Aeromexico website and log into your account.
  • You can access your rewards balance and view available Award flights from there.
  • Select the flight you’d like to book and use your rewards to pay for it.
You can confirm your flight by checking your inbox, as the airline will send you a confirmation email right after booking completion.

How many Points do I need for Booking Club Premier Award Tickets Aeromexico?

Below, you may find a table referencing the award ticket and flights that you can purchase with your premier points.
Low Season High Season Low Season High Season
Mexico 10K 14K 23K 28K
North America 1: EUA (Excluding NY, Seattle, Chicago) 18K 22K 36K 43K
North America 2 Canada + NY, Seattle, and Chicago 30K 38K 52K 72K
Central America & Caribbean 30K 39K 70K 91K
North of South America 30K 39K 70K 91K
South of South America 50K 66K 100K 130K
North East of Asia 80K 230K 230K 326K
South East of Asia 80K 230K 230K 326K
Europe 75K 90K 150K 180K
The above details have been taken from the clubpremier official website and are effective since 14th September 2022. These amounts are for one-way and refer to Economy or Premier fares on Aeromexico.

Will There be Surcharges or Fees on Aeromexico Award Tickets?

If you’re a frequent flyer looking for an economical way to fly, you may have heard of Aeromexico Club Premier. This rewards program allows members to earn points on eligible flights and use them towards award tickets. But one of the most common questions asked is about any surcharges or fees for booking tickets with these options. So, the answer is "No"; it does not add any surcharges or fees to award tickets. However, it is important to note that taxes and airport fees may apply to award tickets, just like with a paid ticket. In most cases, these taxes and fees are nominal and are much less than what you would pay for a paid ticket.

Can I Take One-Way Award Flights Using Club Premier?

Yes, you can book Aeromexico with points for one-way award flights with Club Premier. This is a great option if you’re looking for a more flexible way to redeem your points. Keep in mind that the number of points required for a one-way flight will depend on the destination and flight availability. Always check with the club's premier Aeromexico website, or call their team for better insights. They will even assist you with your final reservations.

Is it Possible to Hold My Club Premier Award Tickets?

Club Premier does not hold award tickets, so you will need to book your flight as soon as you have the necessary points in your account. If you’re unable to travel as planned, you may be able to use the points toward a future flight. This will depend on the terms and conditions of the fare that you originally booked, so it’s best to check with an Aeromexico representative before making any changes.


If you’re looking for ways to save money and enjoy a more comfortable travel experience, consider signing up for the Aeromexico Club Premier Awards. By connecting its card to your account and booking Aeromexico flights, you can enjoy a variety of benefits s, including discounts on flights, upgrades, and priority check-in and boarding. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for the most beneficial travel of your life.